The Emperor's System
92 Do you want to be a hero?
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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92 Do you want to be a hero?

Nick was in the middle of this stressful situation where the Emperor in front of him kept on telling him the ways that he would be tortured if he was found. But then, Nick's night in shining armor arrived and saved the day.

"Your majesty! Grave news from the Dark heavenly gold mine!" Luke arrived just in time to stop the Emperor's vicious threats.


"What?!! What grave news?!"The Emperor banged on the table and got up from his seat furiously.


"What?!! What grave news?!" Nick also followed the Emperor's lead as he also banged the table and got up as well.

"We have received word that an intruder has invaded the Dark heavenly gold mine and leveled it into a plane field! But the intruder didn't stop there since the Dark heavenly gold stored secretly underneath General Kane's tent has also been reported missing!" Luke quickly briefed the Emperor.

"Damn it!!! Since when was our Empire such a place that any random intruder barges in and commits robbery?!!! Even though I don't really know what this Dark heavenly gold thingy is, it is still not right for someone to come into our territory and steal it from us!!!" Nick was howling out everywhere even startling the Emperor and Luke.

Why was he so upset, it wasn't like the mine belonged to him anyway.

"What the hell was General Kane doing while all this was happening?!! Was he stabbing the butts of his men that disgusting pervert?!!!" The Emperor soon woke up from his daze and began questioning Luke angrily.

"Ahhhhhhh! Your majesty, please don't say that about the heroic General! From the reports we received the General has passed away at the mine attempting to defend the honor of the Empire by using a dark art to blow himself up while taking his enemy with him, but alas....sigh." Luke was really emotional as his eyes turned red and tears fell out unconsciously.

But you can't blame him, the stories he heard were just too touching! The General's last words and actions were just too heroic and suave!!! Especially about how the General feared as the most ruthless man, shed a tear in front of his men as he departed. Damn, one had to give props to the author of such an amazing plot...

"What?!! No!! General Kane is dead?!! I will skin them alive!! Wait...why did you say alas at the end there?!" The Emperor was having a very bad premonition!

"Your majesty, according to what we've heard the intruder was heavily injured by the General's life blast but he still managed to escape deeper into the metal forest!" Luke finished reporting all he had to say and at last, began cursing out the intruder.

"That intruder must be a man with no balls seeing as how he fled immediately after getting injured!" Luke cursed.

"Let's not jump into conclusions here Luke, if we went by assumption one could say the intruder has big balls judging by the fact that he dared to enter the camp alone and face such a large army!" Nick could swear to the heavens that he was blessed under there! In fact, he usually found it troublesome dragging those to around everywhere!

"Head Chef are you defending the intruder?!!" Luke seemed to really be angry over this incident since he even dared to snap at Nick! But what he asked sounded a little bit reasonable as it also attracted the attention of the Emperor who also turned his head waiting for an answer.

"Of course not!! Are you stupid or just enjoy acting like one?! If we made assumptions like that doesn't that mean that all people with big balls would avoid suspicion! When locating a criminal one has to have an accurate physical description of the criminal to proceed with the investigation!" Nick reasoned.

The Emperor and Luke couldn't argue with logic. But Like kept grumbling that he wasn't describing the man just insulting him and that there wasn't a reason to take it seriously.

"Now stop all your nonsense and call over the man who came to report from the mine! With his help, we can find out who we are dealing with!" Nick systematically took charge of the situation as he sent out orders.

Luke bowed and ran out to call the man, while Nick walked over to the Emperor and patted him on the shoulder.

"Don't panic, this might just be the opportunity you've been searching for!" Nick gave the Emperor a sly smile.

"What do you mean by that Head chef?!" The Emperor honestly didn't know what Nick was talking about.

"Hehehe, remember what we were talking about earlier, when you told me that your women have lost their respect for you and that they have begun cheating on you in broad daylight?!" Nick reminded and rubbed the salt harshly onto the Emperor's wounds.

"Uhhhh, let's not talk about that anymore, I told you that in private so that you can see how much I am hurting deep down and how much Chococlate consolation I need! But, what does the mine have to do with that?!"

"Of course it has something to do with it! Listen, how does this sound to you, the Emperor, angered by the loss of his General transcended miles just to chase after the intruder! The Emperor knew that the chances were slim but he was unwilling to let the heroic General die in vain!!!" Nick closed his eyes and told him of a scenario.

"Wait, you don't mean that I should go personally to deal with the matter right?!" The Emperor asked with a frown. But deep inside he wanted it, he wanted that heroic Emperor to be him! He wanted his people to stop mentioning him every time they went in and out of the bathroom!

Damn it, there was even a new phrase the people now used to describe a satisfying shit, they would say, the Shit Emperor has blessed me today!

"Why not?! Think about it, the mine should be in bad shape and the heart might be damaged so you need to personally inspect it anyway right?! And while you're at it if you manage to catch the intruder and avenge the General the people will write songs about your heroic deeds!!!" Nick's words sounded poisonous right now as they seeped into the Emperor's head and refused to leave!

"Your highness, he's here!" Luke brought in a haggard-looking soldier with him.

"Your majesty please avenge our General! He died righteously for this Empire!" The soldier who was already haggard fell to his knees as he pleaded with the Emperor much to Nick's satisfaction. This was exactly why he had put on that show, he wanted the soldiers to request the Emperor to move personally!

"Shut up! Is that something you have to say?!! The Emperor of course wouldn't let his trusted General's killer go free!! Now speak, what do you remember about the intruder?!!" NIck sealed the coffin while he was at it.

"Of course, how could our honorable Emperor do such a thing?! Forgive me, your majesty!! Forgive me for questioning your noble and righteous heart!" The soldier realized that he had messed up so he quickly apologized!

But to the ears of the Emperor, the words sounded like rain to a drought! He had been scorned not only by his women but also by the other officials as well but now, hearing the soldier speak about his righteous and noble heart he felt like he had finally regained the pride of an Emperor!

"Don't worry loyal soldier! This Emperor will go personally and show them the wrath of Nova!!!" Blood boiling in heroism the Emperor roared out passionately.

"Thank you, your majesty! Thank you! Ahhh, I almost forgot, the General seemed to recognize the skill the intruder was using and was really surprised! The skill created a black lion manifestation behind the intruder and unleashed an attack that weakened us greatly!" The soldier remembered something.

"Wait! Did you say a black lion appeared behind the intruder?!" The Emperor seemed to have become even angrier as he asked.

Bingo! This was what Nick wanted the Emperor to hear! That time the man from the Lion Empire had given him a space stone and the incomplete lion's roar skill! But after he spent domineering points to complete it, it was now the technique uniquely cultivated by the royal bloodline of the Lion Empire!

"Yes..." The soldier didn't know what that signified but he knew that it couldn't be anything good.

"Lion Empire!!! They dare launch an attack on one of our mines?! Hmph! Go, tell the other Generals to be ready, we will be leaving by nightfall!! As for you, Head chef..." The Emperor was about to order Nick to follow him so that he can be fed delicacies on the way, but Nick had interrupted him,

"Don't worry Emperor! I will say here and guard the palace! I swear that I will treat your palace and your women as if they were my own!" Nick placed his hand on his chest as he swore.

And even though something didn't feel right, the Emperor couldn't exactly put his finger on it. But he did feel touched, the Chef sure was dependable! He had helped him greatly today!


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