The Emperor's System
94 The sign from the heavens!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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94 The sign from the heavens!

"Sigh, what can I possibly do about it, Maggi? I am but a poor head chef, how can I possibly confront an Emperor over something as silly as Chocolate?!" Seeing the pleading look in Maggi's eyes Nick tried his best to explain it to her in a way she could understand.

"But, you have the huge Silver!!! If you just ask that beast to attack then you can definitely win!" Maggi obviously didn't believe Nick. As a Cultivator herself, Maggi of course knew that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, but she didn't know the cultivation levels of either Silver or the Emperor, so she just assumed Silver was stronger.

"No, even though Silver is bigger he is just a larger target to the Emperor. Just give it up, this was why I told you to leave your chocolate under my care! If it was with me then the Emperor wouldn't have found it!" Nick advised the little girl.

"No!!! Definitely not! Do I look stupid to you, I won't be fooled like that again! Last time you said the same thing and I gave you all my hidden chocolate for safekeeping, but what did you do?! What did you do?! You handed it to the weird women on that bald eagle! I had first thought that you had given out your share but who knew that you had used mine instead!!"

Maggi sounded furious, as she kept pointing her liitle finger at Nick's face and yelled every word! She was deeply regretful back then and swore never to leave her precious chocolate in the hands of someone as slippery as Nick.

"Anyway I can't help you, I will be going back to rest now." As soon as that incident was mentioned Nick ran away to his room. Back then those Extreme feminists had asked him for chocolate and he had given them Maggi's deposit because he didn't want to waste his domineering points.

Back in his room, Nick spent a few minutes to try and gather his thoughts, he needed to make sure he had everything ready for a quick getaway. After spending hours thinking about different scenarios that might crop up Nick finally got up and headed to the bathroom, or more specifically the bathtub.

But the bathtub wasn't empty, in fact, it was filled to the brim, not with water, but with blood! However, Nick wasn't bothered by this since it was him that spent his few days in the palace filling the tub with his blood! Nick then calmly placed the Godly Emperor Gauntlet into the tub and waited in anticipation.


The blood in the tub was steadily decreasing, and a sound was heard as if the Gauntlet was drinking the blood. But Nick knew this was part of the process and that it would probably take hours to finish so he locked the bathroom from the outside and left.

In the past few days, he has seen the awesome power of the Gluttonous dragon body tempering technique, every time he felt like he had lost too much blood all he needed to do was eat some beast meat and the technique would assimilate it and replenish the blood he lost in a few minutes! It was truly a monstrous skill!

"Head chef we have almost finished preparing, please come and inspect our work!" A haggard chef was walking up to Nick's residence when he ran into Nick, so he called him over.

Nick didn't reply or make any noise though as he simply nodded as a reply before following the chef to the kitchen. On his way to the kitchen, Nick realized that he hadn't yet seen which weird Empress the palace was accommodating today. So, Nick decided to take a look after he was done in the kitchen.

"Please inspect our work Head chef!" As soon as Nick entered the kitchen he was saluted and greeted by the other chefs whose eyes were now blood red from stress.

Cooking for the Emperor's expedition was too tiring on them, they had to dump many meals because they felt it wasn't satisfactory enough. But they also hoped that Nick would praise and give them some helpful advice after taking a closer look at their dishes.

Blue Life flame!

Nick didn't even glance at the meals the others cooked as he simply unleashed the flame and filled the entire room in an instant.

"Ahhhh..." The chefs who saw the flames enveloping them screamed in panic but soon realized that the flames didn't harm them, even when they were swimming in it like they were now they only felt slightly warm nothing more. But they didn't doubt the heating ability of the flames since the area around the meals they cooked had a higher degree of heat.

This was why Nick really liked the Blue Life flame, it not only had had the incredible nullifying ability but Nick can also manipulate the amount of heat the flame can have. So right now the flame wasn't harming the chefs but it was cooking the meals perfectly, but not even a minute had passed when Nick retracted the flames and left without a word.

The chefs just looked at each other in awe, what kind of amazing chef was the man to be able to manipulate flames to such a degree?! The Chefs didn't have time to marvel though since they still had to wrap and pack these meals for the Emperor's expedition.

At this time Nick was standing in front of the Emperor's chamber looking at a sign hanging on the door.

'The Empress is changing her clothes, you shall not enter!'

But no matter how hard Nick tried he just couldn't read the sign! What was going on here?! Unwilling to give up Nick stared harder but he could only see blurry figures, sigh, unable to do anything about it Nick simply stored the sign into the system storage space to decipher later and went inside expectantly.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" A girlish scream sounded out startling Nick, why was she screaming, he was just here for a little chat. The woman was gorgeous, to say the least, eyes like sapphire, nose like macaroni, and lips so seductive that they made one fantasies about them after just a look. But this woman was currently dancing around naked!

But then Nick noticed something out of place in this situation, the naked woman was so perfect in every way, even in terms of figure, but there was something between her legs swinging back and forth! And it was not a tail!!!

"Ahhhhhhh!" It was Nick's turn to scream now, as he slammed the door shut and ran away as fast as he can.

In the main hall, the Emperor was talking with his Generals about how they could strike back against the Lion Empire when he saw Nick running inside, he looked extremely pale as if he had just seen a ghost!

"Is there something wrong Head chef Jack?!" The Emperor asked with concern, after all, Nick was the one preparing his meals.

Nick was hiding behind the Emperor's throne shivering when he heard the Emperor and slowly peaked his head take a look at the monster with such extreme tastes.

The Emperor was confused because Nick looked like he was judging him, what happened?!

"Your highness, can I ask?! What is the criteria needed to be your wife?!" Nick was really curious, how come the Emperor was surrounded with all these women with nothing in common.

"Well, that is simple! In fact, this is a well-known fact in the Empire, any woman that wants to marry me has to provide a dowry of unimaginable value, or I have to choose them personally!" The Emperor announced proudly.

Most of the women he married had paid a hefty sum just to get the honor of being his wives!

But Nick didn't feel like it was that grand, to Nick, this sounded like the Emperor would marry anything for a price! Which just made him a higher class of prostitute!

"Do you check to see what they look like or if they have anything that might stick out before you decide to marry them?!" Nick really wanted to know.

"No! A man must be decisive, after taking the dowry I would marry them regardless of what they look like!" The Emperor still sounded proud, Nick really wanted to crack open the man's head open to see how it functioned.

"The meals have all been prepared so when can you set off?!" Nick now wanted to finish up here quickly so he can leave this godforsaken place. His poor mind has been subjected to too many different versions of women that he felt worried that he might really become as weird as the Emperor if he stayed.

"Good! We will be departing a few hours later! Generals ready your men!! Today we march to the Dark heavenly gold mine, but after catching the thief, we will get our payback from the Lion Empire!" The Emperor roared out as he led his generals out of the main hall to make future preparations.

Nick just sat there for a few minutes to calm his fragile heart, and after minutes of getting trying to get that image out of his mind, Nick left the main hall as well and walked lifelessly around the corridor.

"You!!! Stop right there!" Nick slowly raised his head and found a woman rushing over to him, it was the Empress he saw earlier, the one with the third leg!

"What do you want?" Unlike what the Empress expected Nick didn't run or hide as he waited for her instead, and he spoke so lifelessly that she even began to wonder if it was him that saw her earlier.

"What do I want, bastard! Listen, you didn't see anything earlier understand!"

"Oh how I wish that were true."

"No, you don't understand, you saw nothing, you remember nothing!"

"That is the problem, I saw and remember everything." Nick sounded so dejected.

"Pervert! Why did you enter the room anyway, I put a sign there that said I was changing my clothes!"

"But you weren't changing your clothes, you were dancing around naked, and besides, I think that sign was a warning from the heavens, not you, and I have already been punished for not listening to it."

"Lister...that...thing you saw, it wasn't really mine...okay?" The woman was blushing furiously as she said.

"Oh, was it transplanted, or did you sow it on there?"


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