The Emperor's System
95 Did he fall for me?
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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95 Did he fall for me?

"Insolence!!! Guards!!! Arrest this Pervert!!!" The Empress had had enough of the bickering and being insulted at every turn, now all she wanted was to simply make sure the man in front of her went to prison and died before he told her secret to someone else!

Nick was stunned, why did the woman have to involve the authorities, couldn't they just solve this in a civilized manner?

"Your highness, where is the pervert you speak of?!" A group of guards came running and surrounded both Nick and the Empress valiantly while looking around in search of this so-called Pervert. They all knew Nick's identity as the Head chef, so they didn't really suspect him.

Of course, the Empress had no idea that Nick was the new head chef, and that he was especially favored by the Emperor too, Nick had run away previously before announcing his identity! The Emperor had already announced Nick's arrival to the guards a day ago, and he had even commanded them to show him special attention and protect him with their lives!

"What the hell are all of you looking around for?! The man standing over there is the pervert I mentioned! He dares to intrude in the palace?! I personally know all the nobles and military personnel of this palace and I've never seen this man before!!" The Empress had first wanted to tell them he had seen her naked but she didn't want Nick to accidentally mention what he had seen.

"Ahhh, that makes sense I didn't yet introduce myself, I'm Jack Sparrow, Head chef of the palace, close friend and advisor to the Emperor, and a part-time movie producer! Nick to meet you!" Nick shot the Nick shot the three-legged Empress a sunny smile as he introduced himself.

He can not let this thing get any bigger, if the Emperor heard about how he went in and saw his weird selection of women then Nick wouldn't have the freedom or trust he needed to pull off his plan later.

"What?!! Head chef?!! You?!!" The Empress asked in horror.

"Yes!! Head chef!! Me!! Why are you yelling so much?! And is it right to call me a pervert when I just came into your room to ask what you will be having for lunch?!" Nick asked in a composed manner.

"But...but...i was..." The Empress grew flustered, Nick spoke so fast and made sense at every turn knocking her off balance.

"Yes, you were dancing, but dancing is not a crime, and to tell you the truth...I...liked your dancing..." Nick wanted to chop off his lips and boil them in piping hot water right now. In order for this melodrama to end, he had sacrificed his conscience!

But as soon as Nick said this the Empress's thoughts went wild!

'What?! What does he mean I was just dancing?! Did he not see that thing?! Or maybe, did he mean he didn't care about that?! Also, he said he likes my dancing...could it be...did he fall for me?!!' The Empress's thoughts could no longer be tamed as they galloped around.

"Cough...sorry guards, I thought that I saw an intruder and didn't know he was from the palace, you can go back to work now!" The Empress regained her bearings as she ordered the guards to go back to their posts.

The guards were confused, but they didn't dare to dally as they returned to their assigned location while scratching their heads.

"Uhhh, sorry, I didn't know that you felt that way about me! But...sorry, my body and soul belong to the Emperor! So I hope that you can find someone that suits your taste, hey, do you want me to introduce you to my friend?! She almost as beautiful as I am!" The Empress sounded a little friendlier but when she spoke she spoke coyly.

Vomit! Nick couldn't handle it, who asked for this woman's body or soul?!

"Ahhh, why are you throwing up?!" The Empress saw Nick vomiting for no reason and had to ask.

"'s the vomit of heartbreak." Nick who finally stopped vomiting spoke with a wretched smile on his face. Even for someone like him, who has trained his body to adapt to lying so as to not show any signs or proof that he was lying, he found it incredibly difficult this time.

"Ohhh! You poor thing, what should I do?! Should I give you a hug?!"


"Ahhh it happened again! What should I do?! Am I really that beautiful?!"


"Fine! Please stop it! I can...i can see you in private if you want..." The Empress could only sacrifice herself to make Nick's heartache less.


"Wait! Why is it blood this time?! You vomited blood!!" The Empress was shocked.

"Please, I beg you, go. Are you trying to kill me?!" Nick wanted to cry right now. This lady must be his arch-nemesis! Her every word made him vomit, and she could even make him spit blood?!

"Sigh, you're right. If we're caught then the Emperor would behead you!" The Empress thought Nick was scared of being caught.

"Exactly!! I don't want to be beheaded!! That's why I don't want to see from now on! Please never call for me, mention me, or even think about me! Oh yes, also, just curious but, when you are with the Emperor which one of you does the...never mind!" Nick felt like it was better for his innocent brain not to know as he ran off.

Dean and Peter returned from their stroll in the city and were surprised to find Maggi standing around staring at Nick's room in a troubled manner.

"What's the matter, Maggi?" Dean asked while whispering.

"Uhhh, your both back, this...Big brother Nick returned, but it's weird, he's been in the room for hours now, and I could have sworn I heard him crying earlier! He kept on screaming, 'Why didn't I listen to that sign?! Why?!' but it's weird, Big bro Nick is not the kind of person that cries!" Maggi sounded a little uncertain after saying it out loud.

"Oh, you've returned, that's good then, pack up your stuff all of you! And make sure it's all ready for a quick getaway!" Nick stepped out of his room all of a sudden and found that Dean and Peter had returned.

"Why do we need to pack, didn't we just arrive...wait! What happened to your eyes, big bro?!" Dean was in the middle of complaining when to his horror he saw both of Nick's eyes were blood red with veins sticking out around them!

"Ah this, it alright it will go back to normal in a bit. I just scrubbed my eyes with soup for thirty minutes that's all." Nick waved his hand like it was not a big problem. The most important issue wasn't that he saw that thing, but it was because he usually kept his dragon eyes on since it didn't use up any energy unless he used it to attack.

So, earlier he had seen that thing so clearly as if he was watching something in the high definition 3D! And now that image was burned into his head, for eternity!

"Alright big bro if you say so, oh yeah, today Uncle Peter took me somewhere cool! It's a place filled with women, and you don't even need to show women poems to make them serve you! All we needed was to spend some energy stones and the women just stood there serving us!!!" Dean was so excited that he couldn't read the room.

Nick just nodded the whole time while staring dumbly at Peter! Did this asshole take the little boy to a brothel?! But as he stared at Peter he was surprised to find Peter nodding at him proudly.

"Oh, you seem proud don't you?" Nick asked calmly as he walked over to Peter.

"Of course Master, everything I do is to help you!" Peter spoke humbly.

"So, it was all for me? Did you take the boy to that kind of place to help me?" Nick was still walking closer as he spoke.

And even though Peter got the feeling something was off he still replied, "Of course, one can never be too young to learn!"

"You fucker! You are poisoning the mind of a child and you still dare to act so righteous?! I swear that if I don't make you a eunuch by the end of the day then my name isn't Jack sparrow!" Nick abruptly became furious.

"Poison?! Fucker?! Eunuch?! Wuuuu, master you are too much! I took the boy to a cooking class so we can both learn some skill and lighten your burden, then I even took him to a fancy diner for a meal but you not only didn't thank me but you even want to cripple me?!" Peter felt terribly wronged, as he sobbed by the side while hugging Dean.

"Huh? Wait, cooking class? Diner? Didn't you take the boy to a brothel?" Nick got confused.

"Brothel?! Big bro Nick what's a brothel?!" Dean asked curiously, and for some reason felt like he and that name had a fated relationship in the future.

"Yes, I want to know too!" Maggi suddenly said because the moment she heard that name she felt like her twin brother and that name were somehow fated...

"Huh, you don't need to know, here's a chocolate bar, now go to your rooms and pack!" The kids didn't even put up a fight as they immediately took their share of chocolate and left happily.

"Master, why did you think I think I took him to a brothel?!" Peter was confused.

"A place filled with women, a place where you pay and women serve you, what kind of place is that if it isn't a brothel?!" Nick was still angry, he felt like Peter might be trying to play dumb.

"Master, the boy was talking about the restaurant! I took him to a fancy diner where each table has five waiters! That was what he was talking about! Why would I even go to that place at this time, I usually go there at night..." Peter explained.

Nick still wasn't too convinced with the story but before he could continue with the interrogation the Gauntlet he put in the tub of blood seemed to be resonating and calling to him so he left Peter there and ran back to his bathroom in anticipation.

In the bathtub, the blood seemed to have all vanished and all that was left was the shimmering Gauntlet!

Seeming to have sensed Nick's arrival the Guanlet suddenly rose into the air and slowly opened up the latches allowing Nick to wear it. And Nick wasn't the kind to hesitate when grabbing a treasure so he quickly stuck his hand in place.

Kacha! Kacha! Shwaaaa!!!

The gloves seemed to have eyes because as soon as Nick placed his hands in the latches they closed on their own and began to dissolve into the gauntlet, this meant that Nick couldn't take them off in the future if he wanted!

Nick stared in horror as his hands were stolen from him! With the latches gone then he can never take this gauntlet of in the future!

But then the gauntlet began to shimmer again and turned into a shadow streak that got branded to Nick's arms like a tattoo.

'Huh? What is this? Did the Gauntlet just turn into a tattoo?!' Nick was even more horrified, it was fine if it was stuck on his arm at most he just would have to find someone to help him play with his friend down there, but if it just became a tattoo like that then didn't that mean he lost a heavenly treasure!


But as soon as Nick thought about the Gauntlets they magically appeared on his arm! This seemed to be one of their abilities, this also made it more convenient, he won't have to wear it around, or keep it in his storage, all he needed was to think and he can equip it!


"The Emperor is departing on his expedition!!! All Palace personnel please see him off at the main gate!!!" Suddenly a loud trumpet sounded out followed with an announcement that made Nick shiver in happiness!

"Time to poison, steal, and sleep with an emperor's wife! And they said that palace life would be boring hehe."


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