The Emperor's System
97 Weapon Spirits!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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97 Weapon Spirits!

At the palace, inside the main hall, Nick had already shut the doors tight and began approaching the throne excited beyond belief! After he finished the main mission he was going to become a powerhouse at the transcendence realm directly! And he could even level up further if he used energy stones or killed beasts!

Bang! Clutter, clutter!

But Nick was just a meter away from the throne when a sudden force erupted from the throne, knocking Nick flying away onto the large table in the hall!

"Huh?..." Nick felt like his insides were jumbled up as he spat out some blood, he didn't even see the attack coming!

But as he was about to shakily get up he saw a piece of paper resting on the table he was currently lying on.

'Hello there, congratulations on being left in charge of the palace while I'm away! It is your honor and privilege, so do it well! The throne is my immortal grade weapon and also carries a weapon spirit which I've ordered to protect the palace, hope this makes thing easier on you! Oh yes, on a side note, don't get too close to the throne, it is quite cranky and hates strangers!'

The Emperor was obviously lying, Nick had gotten close to the throne countless times, and never has he faced such an attack! It was quite obvious that the Emperor had ordered the weapon spirit specifically to attack anyone that gets close to it for fear of having someone steal it or tamper with it!

"That little bastard, that fucking perverted bastard! After all, I did for him is this how he repays me?!" Nick was furious, if he couldn't deal with the throne first then the spirit inside would protect the palace and the vault preventing him from touching anything else!

"Cough! Hey, weapon spirit! It's me, the Emperor's most trusted aid, why did you attack me?!" Nick asked, but he still didn't dare to get close, he was still severely injured and he needed some food if wanted to use the body tempering skill to heal him up quickly!


That was it, the throne just snorted and remained silent. Nick was about to lose his mind, he was actually attacked then mocked by someone's butt warmer?!

But just as Nick was getting more and more depressed he felt a violent tremor and a small feeling of anger from the Guantlet tattoos on his hands.

Curious at what was going on with them Nick put them on with a mere thought. The Gauntlets were truly beautiful with their jet black color and slick design and the two dragons on the shoulder blades just added to its wild beauty.

"Hmph! Insolence! You dare to bring another weapon in my presence?! Are you seeking death?!" Suddenly an angry roar sounded throughout the hall as a large shadow of a beast rose from the throne. The shadow was weirdly shaped like a guerilla and it stared down Nick in rage!

"Ahhh, a misunderstanding! It's all a misunderstanding! I just put this on because my hands got cold, how would I dare challenge you like that, go back to your throne and rest, I'll call you once it's mealtime." Nick slowly backed away as he talked, he didn't want to fight an immortal rank weapon because that was basically suicide!


Suddenly as Nick was backing away he noticed his left gauntlet shaking and shining in grey luster as a shadow of a beast manifested on top of it as well!

"Pffft! What the fuck is this?!" Nick was ready to see which awesome creature would appear from the gauntlet dubbed as the Godly Emperor gauntlet but he was stunned when he found the beast had swallowed every drop of energy he had in him!

And after taking it all, what had manifested was a sickly looking beast, with unknown origins! The beast that manifested was incredibly blurry, but one could still see it using its right arm to clean the snot dripping from its nose while using its left hand to scratch the countless warts on its body!

Ding! Congratulations on awakening the weapon spirit of the Left gauntlet, Awakened spirit-Plague!

Nick had never expected that the Weapon spirit to be so disgusting! But what was weird was as it scratched its body it still had time to give the throne shadow a mocking smirk, as if it was a king looking down on a homeless peasant.

"What a disgusting weapon spirit, I will be doing a heavenly task today by eradicating it from existence!" The throne weapon spirit roared out and lunged at the beast as the throne began to shake and shine brightly.

Hatchu! Sniff!

Seeing the throne spirit lunging at him Nick got into a fighting stance and prepared to flee or attack at any time, he knew that it would be pointless since his energy was all sucked dry by the Plague spirit and he would probably leave this place half dead but he had no other alternatives.

But then he saw the Plague weapon spirit that manifested from his left gauntlet sneeze at the lunging throne spirit and sprayed some of its snot on it as well as the throne behind it!

After which the Plague weapon spirit sucked some of its hanging snot back in and returned to the gauntlet! Nick was so angry right now that he could bite the disgusting thing! All the fucker did was come out irritate the throne spirit and go back, its goal was to simply cause trouble for him!

"Ahhh, you filthy! Filthy! Filthy little thing! I swear I will destroy you, even if I have to sacrifice my origin, even if it is the last thing I do! Human, since you have been left in charge by the Emperor I will give you a chance, quickly take that thing off and throw it over! If I attack full force I'm afraid I might harm you unwittingly!" The Throne spirit's shadow had grown a shade darker and sounded enraged.

Nick couldn't agree more, he also wanted that thing dead! But there was just one problem, he couldn't take off the gauntlets even if he wanted too! They were attached to him for life!

"I agree completely mighty throne spirit! Such a bastard deserves death! Wait for me here, I will go get a chainsaw and try taking this thing off before coming back and helping you beat the crap out of it!" Nick spoke while running towards the shut door.

"Hmph! It seems you have made your choice, then die with your filthy weapon, human!" The throne wasn't going to fall for such lies as it roared out and chased after Nick with the throne hovering and following it from behind!

"Aggghhh! What is this?! What is going on?! My body, what is happening to my body?!" Nick was running like crazy when he heard the throne painfully wailing from behind him.

Startled Nick still didn't stop as he turned his head to take a look instead, but what he saw made him come to a screeching halt and stare at the throne in horror!

The majestic throne spirit that was awe-inspiring just a moment ago was now melting as pus and warts spread all over its body! And it was easy to see that pretty soon the weapon spirit would be no more!

Nick was stunned, did the Plague spirit's sneeze cause this, this monstrous and inhumane attack?!!

"Please! Forgive me! Forgive me human! I was wrong, please lift this curse! I beg you in the name of your dear friend the Emperor, I am his weapon after all!" Suddenly the prideful weapon spirit began pleading with Nick as it fell to its knees and beat its chest in sorrow.

"Hahaha, now can you see, even if I don't attack you are still not my match! Even when I'm running I can still make you beg for me to return! And even my cute little weapon spirit can defeat a disgusting looking one like you!" Nick walked back with his hands behind his back as if everything was all under his control.

As for that Plague spirit that he called cute just now, he really thought it was cute, so what if it had acne and the flu, didn't all teenagers go through that, Nick wasn't the kind of person to bully another person becasue of their appearance!

"Yes yes, your right, please just make this stop! I can't take it anymore!" The Throne Spirit felt like it would die if this went on any longer!

"Damn it, why do I have to be so loyal?! Even when the spirit tried to kill me I'm still choosing to help it because of my deep devotion to the Emperor!"

Nick grumbled in response as he simply walked over to the throne which now lacked its previous luster and touched it, and the weapon spirit didn't stop him either because it thought Nick was doing this to cure it.

Ding! Material tasked for the main mission found, Star confining space stone, fifty Kilograms out of thirty kilograms! Do you wish to extract?

Nick refused and stored the throne forcefully into his storage space! If he chose to extract now, he would kill the weapon spirit which would alert the Emperor instantly, so he would keep it in his storage space where time never moved to keep the poison from the Plague spirit from spreading, then extract it later.

Yes, he had found that the storage space lacked a sense of time and things usually put in there wouldn't age unless he was inside, only when he was inside did the storage space count time.

Thankfully the weapon spirit had its guards down so it was easily stored, otherwise, it wouldn't have been so easy.

Nick then quickly hurried to the kitchen and ate everything left over in the medieval fidge before using his Gloutonious body tempering technique to heal up his wounds, his internal organs were severely injured and he needed to be in his tip-top shape if he was going to finish what he started here!

Nick then walked over to the Back end of the palace, this was where the palace well was situated, this well was the water source for the entire palace, and the water it produced wasn't ordinary either since it held healing and rejuvenating properties, and due to all of these reasons there were only a couple of people in the palace allowed to go near it, and Nick just happened to be one of them.

Nick then bought three bottles of the same laxative he bought last time and poured it all into the well. Since this was the well that served the palace then this could help him take care of the royals that the Emperor might have missed last time.

Then he proceeded to the Emperor's bed chamber and knocked lightly.

"Who is it?" A stunning feminine voice was heard from the other side.

But Nick knew what that woman had between her legs so he didn't really find her voice appealing, instead, he felt like it was kind of ominous and eerie!

"It's me Empress, Head chef, and stand in Emperor until his return, Jack Sparrow!" Nick introduced himself.

"Oh, the one that has a crush on me? Please come in." The Empress called Nick inside.

"Cough, cough, no thank you, I just wanted to inform you that you should return to the Empress residence and stay with the other Empresses, since the Emperor isn't here it doesn't make sense for you to stay here, right?" Nick wouldn't enter that room if he was beaten to death!

"Hmmm, why don't you come in so we can talk better?!" The Empress sounded displeased with Nick refusing to enter.

"No madam, I will stay here, I find this door fascinating and enjoy observing it!" Nick swore to the heavens that if he entered that room today with that woman still inside, he would turn into a dog!

"Hmph! Open it! Hey! Are you holding the door shut?! Why can't I open it?! Let go I want to speak to you face to face!" The Empress began to wrestle with the door trying hard to open it.

"No! Definitely not! Why would I hold the door closed, I want to see you even more than you could imagine! But it seems fate has closed this door so tightly to let us know we are not meant to be!!" Nick's sad voice was heard by the Empress but on the other side, he was sweating heavily holding the door shut with dear life!

"Sigh, I guess so. Then, please remember me, please think of me every time you take a bath, every time you blink I hope that the beautiful memory of my body gives you peace and happiness!" The Empress held her palm to the door as she spoke with a kind smile.


Nick was always a peaceful person, but this bitch had crossed the line! How dare she wish something so terrible on him! So he barged through the door and punched her in the face! Then before she could even understand what was going on he took out a cooking pan from his storage space and kept on wacking the bitch!


"That is for dancing in your room naked! Why don't you do it outside like a normal crazy person?!"


"This is for thinking I like you! Aren't you to full of yourself, look at me, such a handsome lad, how can I possibly like a married woman when there are so many girls lining the streets just to catch a whiff of my fart?!"


"This is for all the terrible things you wished on me! Think of you any time I take a bath?!"


"Think of you every time I blink?!"


"Beautiful memory of your body?!




"Is this what yoga feels like, so relaxing!" Nick felt like all the bad mood he had built up fade away! But he also felt slightly bad, he had ruined such a good cooking pan...


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