The Emperor's System
98 How could you be so heartless?!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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98 How could you be so heartless?!

"Is this what yoga feels like, so relaxing!" Nick felt like all the bad mood he had built up had faded away! But he also felt slightly bad, he had ruined such a good cooking pan...

Nick then turned to look at his second victim, the three-legged Empress, luckily for her, the cooking pan was a piece of ordinary equipment, not even equalling to a Spirit rank weapon! So even though there were some bumps here and there, all it really did was knock her unconscious.

"Shit! I got a little carried away! Is this because this body is hitting puberty?! How come I keep losing my incredible demeanor repeatedly? Sigh, it doesn't matter now, let's see if the vault the Gangster Empress talked about is still here!" Nick couldn't undo what he already did, so all he could do now was push forward and improvise!

Nick then followed the Gangster Empress's instructions, as he walked over to the bed and lifted it up, and there it was, a golden hatch with a sign hanging on it that read, 'Nothing to see here!'...

This had to be the most obvious sign ever! Whenever someone says there's nothing to see then there's definitely something that is worth seeing!

The hatch was silver in color with slight tinges of gold on its hinges. But what really stood out was there being no visible keyholes, yet the hatch was obviously locked!

Nick could only try touching the door to see if there were any hidden spots he could press to unlock it, but then as soon as his hands touched the door...

Ding! Found material for the Main mission, Holly spirit jade five kilograms out of the needed five hundred tons! Do you wish to extract?

Nick slowly turned his head to the cooking pan laying by his side, then to the unconscious three-legged Empress, did wacking someone in the face with a pan increase one's luck?! Here he was troubled on how he could unlock it and the door just happens to contain a small quantity of the material that could be extracted by the system?!



As soon as Nick gave the command the door began to crack and squirm and finally a few seconds later vanished from his sight!

Ding! Extracted five kilograms of Holy spirit jade, two kilograms of formation powder, and eight kilograms of Temporal steel!

This was how the system operated, if the hatch door didn't have the Holy spirit jade then it wouldn't even extract a fly from the door, but since it had the Holy spirit jade it also extracted the other materials that were with it in the process!


In the middle of the Metal Forest, a majestic figure floated in the air looking at the collapsed mine in front of him in rage! This figure was the Nova Emperor himself! Due to the slow movement speed of the marching army, he had decided to head by himself in advance to see if he could still catch the culprit.

"Whoever you are, where ever you are, I will find you, and I will slap you silly! Lion Empire?! Good, do you really think that you are the only one that can play dirty?! Do you really think that I can't destroy one of your mines by sending a subordinate as well?!!" The more he looked at the mine the angrier the Emperor got.

"General Toby!" The Emperor called out, this was the general he personally carried over here to take care of the logistics and make preparations for the arrival of the large army.

"Yes, your highness?!" General Toby hurriedly flew to the Emperor's side. General Toby was a tall man with broad shoulders, in fact, he could be considered a hunk! But this General was known throughout the Empire for being reasonable, and even sometimes a little too reasonable!

"Go! Go now and destroy one of the Mines belonging to the Lion Empire!" The Emperor ordered furiously!

"Yes, your majesty! But...I don't know where their mines are located..." The General felt awkward all of a sudden, should he just choose a direction and run towards it roaring?

"Hmmm...then go gather information from the Radiance Pavillion, I want to hear of their mine's destruction my noon tomorrow!!!" The Emperor hollered out righteously, causing all the soldiers that were currently at the mine to gasp in admiration, such charisma, such will, such determination, this is what an Emperor should look like!

"Yes your majesty! But...a journey back to Imperial city would take me a day, and then to travel to the Lion Empire it would take about a week with the best Mount in the city, then to locate and destroy the mine and return...I think to have it done in a day is just a little..."

The General was proud, he was so reasonable. Who else in this world can be as reasonable as he is?!

"Ahhh...that sounds reasonable!!!" The Emperor said the words with so much anger you could see some smoke escaping from his nose, or was it snot...whatever it was, it was released due to anger!

"Fine then, take as long as you need, but get it done! Go now!" The Emperor was like a deflated balloon, he had been so full of spirit just a moment ago but this bastard sure could ruin the mood and embarrass him at the same time!

"Yes your majesty! But...I hear that the Lion Empire is one of the medium grade Empire, which means that they have a few immortal realm Experts, and those experts would usually be left in charge of the mines so I don't think I alone could destroy a mine there..."

Now even the General was shocked, was he really this awesome?! To think that he could be so much more reasonable than the Emperor!!

"Huh...good, make sure you choose a mine controlled by an Immortal realm Expert, The higher the better!! Young men such as you should aim higher in life!" The Emperor wanted nothing more than to have this reasonable bastard die in the Lion Empire! The asshole was deliberately trying to make an ass out of him?!

"Yes your majesty! But...I'm not actually young, we are the same age..." The General had said this believing what he said was the most reasonable thing in the world but soon saw a hair raising smile on the Emperor's face, the smile seemed to say, 'I got you, little bastard!'.

"Oh, you said you aren't young, then that must mean you're old. Then you said that you and I are the same age, are you indirectly calling me old?!!"

"No your majesty!! No!! Not at all!!" The General realized that he had fucked up, but sadly it was too late!

"Hmph! Seal your cultivation and receive a thousand Public lashings to atone for your sins!" The Emperor said cheerfully, nothing could bring his mood down now!

Or at least that's what he thought, because suddenly from behind him he heard some miners speaking to each other.

"Are you sure Ted?! Did that man really steal the Mine heart?! But how is that possible?! Every heart can guard itself with the Dark heavenly gold making it nearly invulnerable, how could that man still manage to take the heart away?!"

"That's what surprises me as well! We have dug inside the previous location of the heart to see if it was there but nothing, it seemed like it had vanished into thin air! Sigh, but what can you expect from a medium grade Empire like the Lion Empire?!"

The Emperor suddenly shook in horror, what did they say, the heart was missing?! The reason he was so composed through all this, was because he had thought the intruder had only stolen the ores they already mined and then collapsed the mine making it a bit more difficult to Excavate more in the future!

But if the man stole the heart it was a totally different story altogether! A mine without a heart was a temporary treasure because without the heart the Empire can never get more Dark heavenly gold in the future! He wasn't too worried earlier because he believed that they could recuperate the amount stolen within a few years but now...

Unable to restrain himself any longer the Emperor released his cultivation base and flew over the mine! His cultivation was also seen in public for the first time, revealing that he was at the peak of the Immortal Core realm!

Then with a violent jerk of his hand, a large mass of soil and rock debris was removed and thrown into the Metal forest, but then he discovered something even scarier, there was no sign of Dark heavenly gold in the mine at all!

No matter how he dug or dug he could find neither the Mine heart nor a single Dark heavenly gold ore!

"No!No!No!No!No! How can you be so heartless?! How could you be so heartless?!!!" The Emperor cried to the skies as tears streamed violently down his cheek.

The General had already sealed his cultivation and was about to be taken away by two soldiers when he heard the Emperor's cry.

"Your majesty! It sounds vague, when you say, how could you be so heartless, we don't know if you are referring to the intruder who stole from you as heartless, or if you are asking the mine on how it could be heartless, referring to the missing Mine heart!"

The reasonable General said his last reasonable words as the Emperor casually launched a palm strick and struck him directly in the head-turning the man into a complete idiot!

The Emperor's tears fell even heavier, he had lost another general after all!


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