The Emperor's System
99 Blue life flame, Evolution!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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99 Blue life flame, Evolution!

Nick just kept staring at the opened treasure vault hatch without the slightest intention of entering. This was because deep inside the vault he could sense a terrifying existence with a cultivation base much higher than his own, even higher than Silver's!

Nick then approached a little closer to the vault, to see if he could gain any hints on what was giving off this frightening sensation, but that's when a frail elderly voice suddenly sprang from the vault!

"How long has it been? A year, two years, three years, four years, five years, six years, seven years, eight years..." The thing didn't seem like it was going to stop counting anytime soon so Nick pulled up a chair from the side and sat there waiting for the stupid thing to finish whatever it needed to say.

"A hundred years, a hundred and one years, a hundred and two years..."

"Senior, I would love to keep on hearing you count, honestly I'm amazed at your ability to count so well! You are such a genius, but since time is of the essence here, please get to the important part senior." Nick had requested humbly, but only he knew how much effort it took to say these words, deep down he wanted to curse the fellow out!

"Hmmm, sigh, so impatient, so rash, is this what this generation has come to? Is this what is left of our legacy?! Sigh, it has been so many years since I last saw someone aside from that evil Emperor, so all I wanted was to have a short chat, but you can't even let me have that?! Cough, cough!"

The owner of the elderly voice suddenly got worked up and abruptly broke into a fit of violent coughs!

"Calm down there sir, no need to get worked up...wait, evil Emperor? So you aren't serving the Emperor?!" Nick found something interesting.

"Why would I serve that brat?! That annoying fellow has locked me up in here for all these years never bothering to feed me or give me water, such inhumane treatment, and for what, because I once accidentally pleasured one of his wives in his own bed-chamber?!" The Elderly voice owner seemed to really believe that he did nothing wrong.

"Elder, do you also have a system?"

"System? What's that?"

Nick had to ask, he was also given a mission to do the same thing so he wanted to know if the Elder also faced the same situation.

"Nevermind that, consider it just me spouting nonsense. So, why did you sleep with his wife?"

"What do you mean why, because she was a woman, and I am a man! Why are you asking such stupid questions?!" The Elder felt like this should be common sense, or did the young people nowadays prefer playing with their hands?

Nick was speechless, he had indeed asked such a stupid question. Then, after a short moment of consideration, Nick slowly popped his head inside the vault and then quickly retracted it. But that short moment was enough for him to see the insides of the vault!

Inside the vault, there were large mountains of weapons and Energy stones of different rank, but what he really wanted to confirm was also present there, there was indeed an Elderly man bound up with chains in the vault, and it seemed like the terrifying presence he felt was exactly coming from this man!

So, now that he didn't have anything to be scared off, Nick jumped into the vault and began plundering!

"Oh, young man, I don't sense the Emperor's bloodline in you, why is that?!" The Elder for the first time sounded excited.

But Nick simply ignored the man and began sucking the treasures in the vault into the storage space directly!

One mountain after the other disappeared, much to the astonishment of the old man! But Nick wasn't worried, he could see the old man's cultivation base had been restricted and suppressed to the Profound realm level by those chains, which also meant his current disguise wouldn't be seen through by the Old fellow!

"Thief! You are a thief! hahaha, finally, the day has come, when I, the Torturer of Sin will be set free!!! Hahahaha!"The Old man was filled with happiness.

The reason he dared to do such a thing in the Emperor's chamber was because he had been confident in his Soul bewitching technique, but who would have guessed that the Emperor always carried a soul defensive treasure on him for just such an occasion, and so he was beaten like a dog and then tied up like one!!!

But, since this man didn't work for the Emperor then he probably won't have the soul defensive treasure that the Emperor used to keep himself safe, which also meant he could use his technique to control the boy into setting him free!

Soul Controlling Demon eyes!

Suddenly in the pupil's of the Old man hellish flames began to burn and a mysterious force lunged out aimed directly at Nick's back!

The Old man stared fearfully, this young man could possibly be his last hope, so even though he didn't think it was possible he was frightened that the young man might also be carrying a soul defensive treasure!


The soul attack didn't face any interference and managed to hit its target, slowly seeping into Nick's body.

"Huh?..." Nick was surprised, why was the Blue life flame begging him to eat something, what did it want to eat.

"Hahahaha! Young man, you will now be under my control! There is no use fighting it, you have already been hit by my attack and slowly but surely you will become my puppet!!" The Old man roared in laughter.

Nick stared at the man in a funny manner, why did supervillains always have to tell others what they are doing?! It was as if it was a curse put on all of them, they just wouldn't feel happy unless they told someone what they were doing! But Nick also learned he should be wary in the future, this world held many secrets and mysteries, so he should always be on his guard!

As for the attack the old man was talking about Nick wasn't worried, he could sense the Blue life flame begging him to eat that attack. So he just let it enjoy.

Ding! A sliver of a Demon God soul has been devoured by the Blue Life flame! Needs more to evolve!

Nick who was in the middle of stashing the piles of treasures into his storage space happily nearly cried when he heard the system prompt. Why did the system seem to enjoy watching him act, it just wouldn't let him rob others honestly!

"Ahhhh! Old man! You despicable, mean, ugly..."

"Hey, there's no need to call an old man ugly now is there?! Even if I am evil I do have feelings you know, let's keep things civil, young man!" The Old man was displeased.

"Uhhh...sorry then...oh, where was I?! Yes, you thought that I would be caught with just one attack?!! Think again! Even though you almost broke my soul this time and it can't handle another attack I still survived Old bastard!" Nick had nearly forgotten his lines but thankfully he still remembered them in the end.

"What?!! Impossible!! How is it possible that someone can take a direct hit from the attack and survive?!! But it doesn't matter, you will still fall under my next attack!!!"

The Old man although surprised didn't believe the young man could survive the next one, besides he also thought the reason the young man survived was all because his cultivation base was currently restricted, making him unable to implement the technique to the fullest!

Soul Controlling Demon eyes!

This time the hellish flames in the Old man's eyes were much larger and scarier, but one could also see the Old man's body deteriorating at a visible degree!

Ding! A sliver of a Demon God soul has been devoured by the Blue Life flame! Needs more to evolve!

"Awwwwwww! That one almost did it! Damn you old man, how can you be so powerful, I should just go and tell everyone how awesome you are! But sadly, it fell slightly short, and you couldn't control me!! Hehehe!" Nick then did an annoying dance as he shook his butt in front of the old man's face.

"AHhhhhhh! I will kill you brat!!" The Old man lost his mind.

Soul Controlling Demon eyes!

Ding! A sliver of a Demon God soul has been devoured by the Blue Life flame! Needs more to evolve!

"Hey old man, I think, I'm your father! Look at the resemblance! You know how opposites attract right?! That was how I met your mother, she was the ugliest thing on the planet, and I was the most handsome thing on it, yin and yang! And from yin and yang, you were born, a large ugly Asshole!"

"You bastard I will kill you, how dare you speak about my saint mother like that!?!! She was an angel on this earth! A beautiful and loving angel!"

The Old man had never been so angry, why did the young man bring his innocent mother into this? His mother was a kind soul that taught him to Only rob the blind, to only kill the weak, and to only love what is not his, so, how could he let this young man talk about her this way?!

Soul Controlling Demon eyes!

But this time the old man's eyes didn't catch fire, instead, his two legs were burnt off by the hellish fire as a sacrifice to power the attack to an unimaginable degree!

Ding! A sliver of a Demon God soul has been devoured by the Blue Life flame! Needs more to evolve!

Nick felt bad for the Old man that loved his mother so much. Maybe he should leave the man alone, maybe let the man be, and forget about the evolution of the Blue life flame...Naaaaaaaa, it wouldn't be fair to the Old man if he just left the man like this, without a way to vent his rage...right?

So, Nick began to scream miserably as he rolled around the ground, just like those people in horror movies did when they were possessed!

"Ahhhh, it burns, I'm about to be defeated, I'm about to die! Wait, why don't I use that, the talisman that can protect my soul from one attack!" Nick made sure the Old man heard him before he jumped up panting.

"Give up old man! Look at you, you have already lost your legs, let's be friends from now on." Nick said this deliberately to sound like he was scared.

"Hehehe, I have already heard you, you used a one-time talisman to protect yourself! And you can't do it a second time, so get ready to die asshole!!!" The old man laughed maniacally as he launched another attack.

Soul Controlling Demon eyes!

But this time, it was completely different than before, because the hellish flame seemed to possess a mind of their own, and didn't seem to enjoy the fact that Nick had survived so long under their attack.

So instead of using the old man's arms as a sacrifice for the attack like the Old man intended, they devoured the Old man completely turning him to ash instead and launched an attack so powerful that even the Emperor with his soul defensive treasure wouldn't be able to escape from!

Ding! Blue life flame in the middle of Evolution! Can't be used for the next two days!

Success! Nick was happy that he had finally succeeded, but also sad to see the old man turning to ash in front of him. Such a friendly old man shouldn't have passed this way! This was all the Blue life flame's fault, he would be sure to reprimand it later.

But just as Nick was about to turn around and continue plundering he saw something amidst the ashes that caught his eye, it appeared to be a storage ring! The Old man must have hidden it inside his body!

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