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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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100 Men!

"Who said that stealing isn't fulfilling?! That person was totally right! I have an entire vault to empty out and yet all I fill is empty, why did I have to travel on this crooked path?! Why do I have to be a thief?!!" Nick questioned his life and actions, but in the meantime, his hands didn't seem to be facing the same moral dilemma as they stored treasure after treasure!

"Hey brat, why don't you stop stealing then? If it bothers you so much why don't you just complete the missions given to you by the system and leave the Emperor's treasure alone?!" The Old geezer despised hypocrites the most!

"What do you know Old stump?! If I stole the Emperor's throne, the Emperor's walls, and then slept with one of his women without even touching his treasure vault wouldn't he feel dejected?! He would think that I was looking down on the prized treasures that he had arduously collected?!!" Nick spoke every word as if they were the most absolute truths that resided in his heart.

But if the Emperor had heard this he would swear that he wouldn't think this way! Who in this world would be dejected because they didn't get robbed to the fullest?!

"Ummm...that makes sense..." The Old geezer felt like what Nick said made a little sense.

"Uhh, really?!" Nick was unable to believe his ears, how gullible was the old fool to believe such an obvious excuse!

It took hours to clean up the place completely, Nick had cleaned up the place until it was spotless! In fact, he had even stored the specks of dust he found around the place into his storage space because he felt like that it was pleasing to the eye...

Nick was about to leave the place when he noticed he had nearly something, the chains that had bound up the Elder from before!

Earlier he had found that storage ring hidden in the ashes of the Old man and had already kept it in his storage space for a thorough search later, but he had almost neglected the awesome treasure able to bind and suppress such a powerhouse?!

Nick then unhooked the chains and stored them into his storage space before leaping out of the vault, and just in time to greet the groggy Empress that had just woken up too!



Amitabha, so satisfying!

After lowering the bed to hide the vault, Nick then lifted the Empress up using his Origin energy and placed her on the bed, before wrapping her up in bedsheets. Then he briefly left the bed-chamber and called Peter, who was ready to depart with the kids over and had him take the wrapped up Empress with him.

The Empress didn't have a high cultivation base, her cultivation being even lower than Peter's. Which was why he believed Peter should be able to handle her until he reunited with them.

Nick then produced a clone that would keep up appearances in the Palace before he changed his looks directly into the three-legged Empress, but it was weird, he didn't know if he should also have three legs in this situation or...

Then, following the schedule, a group of maids came to dress up Nick with earings, some light makeup, and heavy jewelry before a handheld carriage showed up and he was asked to enter.

But today due to Nick's orders the next Empress won't be coming to the palace, he did this because he didn't want anyone to notice that the vault inside the Emperor's bedroom was empty, and because he needed all the Empresses gathered in one place.

As for using this woman to accomplish the mission...please let's be considerate.

Nick felt awkward, the dress was somewhat comfortable, he could feel the breath...after a few seconds, Nick fell asleep in the most unwomanly pose, with his legs spread to each side of the carriage walls.

"Empress, we have arrived, please alight from the carriage!" The carriage was soon placed to the ground and the doors were opened, but when they saw how unsightly the Empress's sleeping position was some of the men blushed, and some even feel movement from their little brothers!

"Don't even think about it!!!" Nick woke up and realized what the men were thinking immediately which frightened him to tears. He was currently a weak and defenseless woman...what if these brutes...?!

"Forgive us Empress for our impure thoughts!! We will go and accept our punishment!" The men all knelt down with their heads low.

"Ask for double, it's on me!" Nick said generously before he hopped off the carriage and began walking into a large residence that stood in front of him!

Women, here I come!!! Nick was in such a happy mood.

"Empress Shila! Empress Shila! Empress Shila! Empress Shila!"

Suddenly from behind some stupid woman began calling another person nonstop! Nick was annoyed, why didn't the person give up, and why didn't the other person just answer, the person not answering must be an asshole, Nick figured before he turned around and saw that the person calling out was staring directly at him as she screamed the name.

"Empress Shila, why didn't you answer when I called you?!" The Woman seemed to be furious.

Of course, he didn't answer, he didn't know the three-legged Empress's name after all!

"Huh, are you sure you don't know?!" Nick asked back, and just as he figured, the woman grew flustered. In a place like this where women are left all alone everyone would gossip about everyone, so no one was innocent here!

"Ahhh, Empress Shila, I swear that it wasn't me that spread the rumors of you actually being male! It was that bitch Diana! That bitch like to spread lies about Everyone, remember what she said about Molly's nose being fake?! She is just the kind of person that spreads these kinds of rumors!" The woman wouldn't stop talking.

Nick finally experienced first hand how horrifying women can be, with just their words they can make anyone a hero or a villain!

"Empress Shila, you've got to believe me! I have always told people that we bathed together and that I hadn't seen anything to indicate you are a man!" The Woman continued.

"Fine I believe you, cough, can I ask, what's the gossip on the sluttiest girl in this place?!" Nick put on the same expression that most of the deva's in teen drama had as he spoke in whispers.

"This..." The woman hadn't expected this and froze, Shila had always been as proud as a peacock, never mixing into their rumor mill, but now she sounded like one of them, the woman couldn't be more proud!

"What, you don't know?! Hashtag disappointed, hashtag no info, hashtag ugly! Snap, snap, snap!" Nick snapped his fingers in a sassy manner before he left.

He already had a plan on how to accomplish the mission, he didn't even need to find a slutty woman, all he needed was a woman and his plan would succeed, according to the system he didn't even need to have sex, just sleeping in the same bed would do!

Nick then walked all over the place trying to find the Patrol guard that was with the Gangster Empress that night, he had ordered the Empress to hire him here for a reason after all, and after looking around for a while he found the fool ogling one of the Empresses from afar.

"Nice view huh?" Nick walked beside him and asked.

"Yes, look at her tiny butt, swaying side to side to side to side...Kiaaaaaaa! Empress Shila, forgive me!!! I was talking about...about..." The Patrol guard began to sweat, the way the Empress spoke earlier had convinced him it was a dude, but when he turned around he found an Empress standing there with her hand on her waist staring at him in scorn.

"Hmph! Men! Always so perverted! But what can be expected from a group of mammals only created for reproduction?!" Nick was amazed at his acting ability, was he perhaps a woman in his previous life?! Oh wait, he wasn't...

"Sorry, Empress, please forgive me just this once!" The Guard nearly lost it.

"Hmph, fine, let's go to my sleeping quarters, I need to ask you some questions first!" Nick ordered, then stood rooted to where he was, without any intention on moving.

"Ummm?" The Patrol guard was confused, why did she want him to follow her to her bed-chamber?! Also, why wasn't she moving?!

"Typical of a man! So tactless! When a woman tells you to escort her to her bed-chamber, it is customary to lead her there!" Nick of course couldn't move, he didn't know where his bedroom was!

"Ohhh!" Seemingly understanding, the patrol guard led Nick to his bedroom.

And on the way there Nick also learned the gathering spots of all the women in the residence, the first place was the lake, the second was the cafeteria, and the last was the showers!


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