The Emperor's System
101 Don“t forget to run!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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101 Don“t forget to run!

"Now, you will have to do something for me, Mr.Night Life!" Nick was finally led to his room by the Patrol guard, so he sat on the bed elegantly with his legs crossed and began speaking.

"Empress, my name isn't Night Life, its..."

"Do I look like I care about your name?! The head chef has already told me everything! He has told me about your extracurricular activities with that nasty Empress!!" Nick didn't have time to learn the names of side characters!

"Ahhh, Empress, you know?!" The Patrol guard was frightened.

"Hmph! Yes, the handsome head chef who was born ahead of his time has told me everything. Now, if you want me to keep quiet there are a couple of things you can do for me." Nick went on.

"Anything! Anything Empress, your wish is my command!" The Patrol guard finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Take this wine, and make sure you dump it in the main well of this residence! I want the water in this residence to carry the rich aroma of wine from now on!" Nick handed the guard a bottle of laxatives.

"This..." The Patrol guard hesitated, he didn't want to poison a well that Empresses drank from.

"Ignorant! Do you think that I would be stupid enough to actually poison my own water supply?! Are you going to do it or not?!!" Nick snapped haughtily, he was imitating the speaking manner of those evil queens from movies.

"Hey brat, aren't you too good at this?!" The Old geezer was speechless time and time again.

'What do you know old man?! I can even impersonate animals let alone the other gender!' Nick said scornfully.

It was true, in his previous life, he had disguised himself into countless ridiculous things just to collect a little evidence!

"Of course not Empress, how could you do such a thing! I will do it right away!" The Patrol guard was about to leave when Nick called him again.

"Did I say I was done?! In addition to that, call any five Empresses you may find on your way and tell them that I, Empress Shila would like to talk to them! Tell them that my heart is broken and that I would like some sisterly support!" Nick calmy instructed.

And although confused the guard didn't dally as he nodded and ran away.

Ten or so minutes later, a group of girls came into the room Nick was in.

"Shela, did you call us..." The group of women had come in leisurely but were stunned when they saw 'Shila' sitting in a corner hugging her legs and crying miserably!

"What's wrong, did something happen to you?!" The group consisted of a way more than five women, as it seemed that they had called on each other, there were nearly nine women in the room now!

The ladies were now surrounding Nick and asking with concern or at least feigning concern.

"Wuuuuu...sisters, beautiful sisters!" Shila then kept on sobbing.

As soon as the women heard the words beautiful and sister they all let their guard down and sat down beside Nick to consol him.

"What happened Shela?! Tell us so we can understand?!" The women sounded concerned but in reality, they were like this because their curiosity was killing them.

"Sob..sob, sisters, yesterday you know how the Emperor departed right?!"

"Yes, we all came out to send him off, why?!" The women were confused.

"Well, because of what happened to the mines on that day, he said that I was a jinx and that I was just the root of all his bad luck, and then...sob....and then...he said I was ugly...waaaaaaa!" Nick wailed even louder.

"What?! It's okay, you know he didn't mean it, he was probably angry that he lost all that ore, that's all." The women consoled her, although deep down they were cheering for the Emperor, hoping that he could kick out this woman lessening their competition.

"I don't know anymore! Wuuuuuuuu, please just embrace me sisters, embrace and tell me everything will be alright! Hug me, caress me, and show me, sisterly love!" As soon as Nick said this the Old geezer was unable to take it anymore.

"Shameless! You are too shameless! How can you take advantage of these sweet women like that?!!" The Old geezer was roaring furiously, he was truly angry! Why was it always Nick that got to have all the fun?! Old people need hugs, and sisterly too you know!

Suddenly Nick felt several bodies embracing him at the same time, and immediately his hands took a life of their own as they grabbed squeezed, pressed, and rubbed several body parts belonging to several people!

"Tighter sisters! Sufficate me with your love!" Nick was still speaking in a frail voice but his eyes were shifting about calculating.

'One large breast coming in hot at six o clock, how to attack?! Tiger claw!'

'One b-cup coming in from the back, counter attack protocol, face rub of doom!'

"Ahhh, Shela, what are you doing?!" One of the women soon felt Shela's hand on her and asked.

"Admiring, just admiring! What great breasts, they are definitely ten times better than mine!" Nick complemented, and as soon as the woman heard his praise she felt so flattered that she shoved it in his face so he could take it in some more.

But it didn't end there, the other women also got competitive and also began shoving their melons in front of Nick's face!

'Error, error! Too many targets approaching, no countermeasures that can be taken, the only option, ENJOY!'

The next day, at the crack of dawn, Nick woke up in bed, and surrounding him were the large group of women from yesterday, but the only difference this time was that none of them had any clothes on!

"Hey, geezer, what is wrong with you?! Why aren't you showing the mission completion yet?!" Nick asked annoyed.

"Hmph, because you still didn't finish the mission brat!" The old geezer sounded terribly grumpy.

Nick was stunned, did he miss something? Quicky opening up the system interface he hurriedly checked the Mission description.

[Sudden mission:-Sleep with one of the Emperor's wives, and run!

Mission reward-Five thousand Domineering points!]

Huh? He really did sleep with the women, as for what happened at night, it was better to leave it to the imagination.

But then as he read it again the last words glared at him, is this because he didn't run?!

"Fucking geezer?! You can't even let a man take responsibility for his actions?! You even want me to dine and dash?! Perverted Old virgin bastard!" But even though Nick's words were saying righteous things, his body moved as an expert, betraying him, and letting everybody know that he had done this too many times before!

After Nick expertly left the room, he walked into a hidden corner, but nothing, he still didn't get the system prompt saying he completed the mission!

Garnishing his teeth Nick said, " You just won't be satisfied unless I literally run would you?!"

Then, although unwilling, Nick ran around pointlessly and just as he guessed.

Ding! Sudden mission Sleep and run, complete! Reward-Five thousand Domineering points!

Nick was then walking around the place when he heard violent screams and echoing sounds of violent farts! And following it, the system prompt!

Ding! Sudden mission from the System's guide, poison the entire royal family with laxatives! Completed amount (78%)

Ding! Sudden mission from the System's guide, poison the entire royal family with laxatives! Completed amount (80%)

Ding! Sudden mission from the System's guide, poison the entire royal family with laxatives! Completed amount (88%)

Ding! Sudden mission from the System's guide, poison the entire royal family with laxatives! Completed amount (95%)

And it stopped there, it seemed that he had gotten this completion rate from both the laxative in this well and the one he poisoned in the royal palace.

But then as Nick was checking on the sats of the mission completion rate, out of the corner of his eye he saw something that destroyed his fragile mind.

In front of him, right in front of him, not even meter away, there sat a woman, whose face was crumpled up tightly as she took off her dress and began shitting!!!

And what made Nick terrified was that the woman didn't break eye contact at all during her shit, in fact, her stare turned into a glare at some point as she roared out!

"Come out!!!"


"Ahhhhhh" The woman then moaned, Nick turned around the corned and walked away, today, a little part of him died.

Now all that was left was the group of Empresses he spent the night with and that three-legged Empress!

But sadly he had forgotten to feed the woman the laxative earlier, and could only feed it to her later when he reunited with Peter. The direction Nick was walking to right now was exactly where he had left the sleeping women.

"Shela what is going on around here?!" The women walked out fearfully out of the room, they were frightened by the weird sound of chaos, and the horrid smell that spread to the room.

"Ahh. go back quickly! It seems to be some kind of disease, everyone out there is getting sick and defecating publicly! Here, take some water to calm yourselves down, and go back to the room, I will come back once I get a better understanding o what is going on!" Nick gave the women some well water he found on the yard table outside and hurried them inside.

He didn't want to see what they were going to do a little while later.

Nick then rushed out of the residence disguised as the Patrol guard and hurried back to the Palace. The Emperor would hurry over once he knew about happened to his women, so he needed to be at the palace to set up the final act of this long drama!

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