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The Enslaver sex slaves collector
Author :Rx101
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, The next morning I passed by her room and found her still tied to it with the mangoes in her holes, I headed towards her slowly without making a sound then removed the mango which blocked the hole that had the grapes inside, I insirted my hand in her and took the grapes out, of course she felt what I was doing but she didn't know who was it because she was blindfolded, she thought that I was a maid helping her so she asked me for food and to untie her, I changed my voice tune and replied

:"Sorry ma'am I can't untie you but I can feed you"

She noded and opened her mouth "so I took all the grapes that I had removed from her ass in one hand then a scarf that I found on the door, I stuffed all the grapes in her mouth all at once then gagged her mouth, she realized what I had done but it was too late for her, I placed the mango back in her again then went outside, I headed toward the Granny's room, she was sitting on her desk sighing, I told her

:"why didn't you order the maids to clean snow?"

She said :"I wanted to teach her a lesson so I left her as she was

Please don't be angry, ill train her probably next time"

I said :"no need, I'll train her by myself"

Granny:"Do as you please your highness"

I left the room and went to the rooftop, I was sitting on the ground looking at the sky, what did I do yesterday or this morning, why am I turning into a maniac all of a sudden!

I was blaming my self for half an hour while hitting my head for how stupid I am, I heard someone coming so I hid behind the big fan and listened, it was Snow, she stood there in the middle and hit the ground with her feet multiple times while saying

:"that psychopath ungrateful unworthy little retarded maniac, I wanna smash his head into a wall then hit him on his ass so that he couldn't stand up any more."

I was about to and face her with what she said but then I heard someone else coming,it was a woman, a maid to be specific, i started peeking and saw that these two people were both bueatifull but the maid was more beautiful than the lady herself, the maid had a smooth sling with a lovely black hair that could strike someone's heart with a touch, and a pair of silver eyes that seemed to be piercing through me and looking at my true soul, I was looking and watching what they are doing and then they started kissing out of no where,I saw them both, their tongues were united with each other while the saliva was bieng exchanged, the kiss lasted for 3 minutes and the both of them took a break to breath,then the touching started, I got out of my hiding place then walked toward them, they noticed me and stopped immediately, I looked at them with disgust even though I was kinda turned on then left, I asked Granny to prepare a special slave room for the slave training by tonight and she did, I told the maid to do some specific steps and left.

Later on that night I went to the specially designed room and found what I wanted, two lovely holes in the walls with the two whores which were kissing on the rooftop this morning,i had prepared a whip and both of them weren't fed since this morning so I started hitting each ass with all what I've got once, twice, thrice and many more,both of them started crying and screaming their asses turned red like a tomato 🍅 so I got them out of the holes then brought some dog food plates and started peeing and jerking off in the plates and told them to eat, they ignored what I said repeatedly so I continued hitting them u till they obeyed and ate it all, I placed them back in the holes then stabilized them and left to my room after locking both there holes with dildos and the door with the key then left.... To be continued

Well I changed my mind after this I'm going to stop for a while, but if you like the story please favor it and comment also vote that is if you like it and if you don't I'm not forcing to, thanks for your honest opinions and bye 👋 👋 😘
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