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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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18 Ladros City

Battle Worlds Online was the most played game in world.

There, there's a legendary player called Blood. The players and NPC called him in many titles. The "Solo Player", "Mysterious Gamer", "One Man Guild", "Perfect Armory", "Commander of Mechanic Country", "Athena's most love Hero", "Demon Annihilator", "Pioneer Player of the Mars Archipelago", and "Master of Nine Headed Hydra" were the nicknames that players and NPC gave him.

"Solo Player" as he prefers to raid a dungeon alone. He doesn't join a party nor join a guild, even the guilds of his friends. He even created his own guild with him the only member.

"Mysterious Gamer" as no one knew his true identity except his friends. Even the various game clubs tried to recruit but to no avail they failed.

"One Man Guild" because he's the only member of the guild that he created. He even won a guild war with just him alone.

"Perfect Armory" was because all of his equipments were Universal Treasure. All his equipments were skill holder.

"Commander Mechanic Country" was because he became a commander of the most powerful country in the continent. No other player managed to raised in rank in this country.

"Athena's most love Hero" was because he's the first one that maxed a goddess affection rate. He received the most gentle affection from a goddess of greek mythology that caused many players to hung their jaw.

"Demon Annihilator" was because in the war against the demons, he once fought a single army on his own and annihilated the demons.

"Pioneer Player of the Mars Archipelago" was because he's the first player that stepped foot in the unknown lands. He explored the unknown lands as the Commander of Mechanic Country.

The "Master of Nine Headed Hydra" was because he managed to make the famous hydra to become his pet.

His deeds was something that no other players could do. He was the player that stood on the top of the rankings. He was recognized as the number one player in the Battle Worlds Online.

And now the legendary player transmigrated into the real world of Battle Worlds Online. He somewhat became a goblin much to his dismay.

Even then, the legendary player was like the other players. He suffered getting killed in high difficult quest. He even failed some of those.

Now that he came to this world, he would his best to survive this brutal world full of danger.

"We're here!"

Souta opened his eyes at Jimmy's voice. He took a peek outside and saw the thirty meter walls of Ladros city. It was just a border city but the looks of it could be compare to the capital.

"Don't worry about it, I will handle the procedure." Jimmy said to him with a wink.

"Thanks for the trouble." Souta smiled wryly. He was thankful to Jimmy for this. He then glanced at the line and sighed.

The line was long and it will take a long time before they could enter the city. Many people enter and exit the city everyday. Different races coming from different places.

After half an hour, Souta, Jimmy, and the rest managed to enter the city.

"We will part ways here!" Jimmy said to him.

"Yeah, I'm very thankful for your help!" Souta thanked Jimmy as he slightly bowed his head.

"No need to mind it, I also received something good from you. Don't forget to come to me if you've got something good, I'm always in the Lanny Group! Don't forget that!" Jimmy said with a laughed. It's true that he received goods from Souta. Souta gave him something that he found in the Deep Woods. It was pretty valuable.

"I know, I'll go now." Souta said to the Gale Group. He then give back the communicator to Brianna, which she lend him back then.


"Yeah, good luck!" Brianna, the leader of the Gale Group, said.

Tidor and the rest of the Gale Group also bid farewell to him. They got closer to each other in their two weeks of journey. Then, they parted ways just as planned.


"Yuko, we will find a shop and buy a communicator first." Souta said to Yuko who was following behind him.

Yuko as a Red Fur Bear gathered some attention to the folks here. It's rare for someone to be a tamer so some people payed attention to him, the tamer of a Red Fur Bear.

Souta ignored those eyes as he looked around the city.

The Ladros city was the same back in the game. It was a bustling city that looks like it came out of medieval perios. Houses made of bricks were built side by side. People of different race were walking around the city.

This city was divided in five district. The district 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. He was currently in the district 1 and this place were full of different kinds of shops. The weapon, armor, potion, clothes, foods, etc. were all around the place.

Soon, Souta found a shop. He turned to looked at Yuko and patted her head.

"Stay here for a while, I'll just buy something inside."

Souta turned around and entered the shop. He quickly go to the counter and asked, "Do you have a communicator here?"

The salesman couldn't understand him. He tapped his neck to activate the communicator.

"I'm sorry sir, what is it again?"

Souta pointed on the communicator that was attached on the neck of the salesman and asked, "Do you have communicator here?"

"Ah, yes sir, we have a two types of communicator here. The non-magical and magical one." The salesman said with a smile.

"Okay, give me one of magical." Souta nodded and took out a silver coin from his pocket. He sell some of his items to Jimmy before so his wallet was filled with coins.

"Please wait for a moment sir!" Saying that, the salesman went to get the product.

After a few moments, he came back with a palm sized box in his hand.

"Here, sir!"

Souta opened the box and saw a black palm size object with white button, attached to it was a black circular wire. It was different from Jimmy's communicator that had an earphone. This communicator was using a magic to send the information in his head. He just need to insert his own mana and it will activate on its own.

"Good, I will take it!"

"Thanks for buying, sir!"


"Sorry for the wait, Yuko!"

Souta came out of the shop and looked at Yuko.


Yuko lowered her head and looked at him. Souta looked back at her with a questioning gaze. It took him a while to understand her.

"Ah, you really like it when I pat your head."

Souta patted her head and Yuko released a blissful sound.


"Well, let's go. I'll let you eat anything you want."

The two continued their tour around the city. Souta went to the inn that have a ranch so Yuko could stay with him. He checked in for 200 copper coins for one night. He paid for a whole month of stay using the coins he got from Jimmy.

Leaving Yuko in the ranch, Souta went to the Adventurers Guild to register as an adventurer. He needs to have a way to get an income for enrollment in the Ladro Institute.

Arriving in front the the wooden door of a large building. This was the Ladros' city Adventurers Guild branch. As a continental faction, Adventurers Guild had many branches in different city throughout the whole continent.

From the door, Souta could here the noises inside the building. Stepping forward, he entered the building. The first thing he saw was a wide hall that were full of different people laughing and chatting in a round table, there were also in the corner who seemed to be waiting for their party members. Some people looked at him and some didn't bother looking at him as they know that different kinds of people always enter the guild everyday.

Souta looked around and didn't saw the Gale Group. It seemed that they were not here in the guild. After confirming that, he went in front of the receptionist.

The receptionist was a beautiful middle age woman. She have a porcelain skin, brown eyes, and her brown hair was tied in a bun.

"Hello sir, what can I do for you?" The receptionist asked him in a polite tone.

"Hmm... I want to register as an adventurer." Souta replied to her question.

"...wait for a moment, sir." The receptionist said before she opened up the drawer below and took out a piece of paper. She placed it in front of him and said, "Please fill up this first."

Souta glanced at the paper and frowned. He couldn't understand what's written on it. He looked at the receptionist and embarrassedly said, "Umm... I couldn't understand it."

With the help of the receptionist, Souta managed to fill the paper. He already planned before what he should write in his information.

The receptionist patiently told him every rules of the adventurers. She explained every important part of being an adventurer to him. Souta listened to her as he know that it was her job to explain that to every newly joined adventurer.


It was late at night when he came back to the inn.

He was in the ranch feeding Yuko some meat that she likes. While doing that, he arranged the information that he gathered in his head.

He was sure that it was the version 1. There's nothing huge that happened in the world base on the information that he gathered.

Version 1 was a version that every player would explore the continent. They would do anything they want and do some quest on their way. It was also called "Free to Explore". Nothing big happen in this version.

The beginning of chaos was the opening of version 2. It will start with the "Demon Invasion", "Rise of the Mechanic Country", "Age of Exploration", "War of Titans and Giants", "The Death Plague" etc. All of these were big event that shook the entire continent. The power balance will shift many times and war will spread. Even the three great countries were forced to move.

It will start with small scale war and then it will gradually spread and before anyone become aware of it, the whole continent were already in war.

Souta was only familiar to the quest that he did. He didn't know the full details of the other events as he was busy gathering his equipments at that time.

"Hmm... After this, should I try to find the pair of [Soul Blood Earring] so that I could unlocked its other skill."

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》