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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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Souta woke up and he slowly opened his eyes. He found himself being covered by red fluffy fur. It was none other than Yuko.

"Hmm... Good morning, Yuko." Souta said and he stretched his body. Yuko lifted up her head and licked his cheek. Lately, she came to like licking him on his cheek.

"Ah, stop that." Souta said as he patted her head to make her stop. Yuko stopped as soon as he patted her head. She closed her eyes and enjoy his patting.

He looked around and found himself in the ranch. In one of the room of the supposedly pet. It seems that he fell asleep here yesterday while thinking about what will happened in the future. He didn't even went to his room inside the inn.

"I will feed you later just stay here for a while." Souta said to Yuko. He already had a plan for today. He need to go to library and get some books about the languages of this world. He need to learn to write so that he wouldn't failed in the entrance exam of the academy.

"Uu." Yuko looked at him with teary eyes. It seemed that she didn't want to stay here where she couldn't even move her huge body. After all, this place was too small for her.

"Okay, okay, I won't forget to bring you the meat that you like." Souta said as he force himself to smile. He then stood up and went inside the inn.

The middle age woman wearing a simple clothes looked at him with weird eyes. She was the owner of the inn.

Souta looked at her and smile wryly. He could guess what she was thinking. He, after all, slept in the ranch with his pet.

He sat down and ordered a breakfast. While waiting for the breakfast to arrive, he took out a card from his pocket. This was his Adventurer's ID. A simple identification card that confirmed him being an adventurer.

A picture of him was in the upper left part of the card. Beside it was his information and his rank. He was a Rank F adventurer as he just joined the guild yesterday. He needs to complete various quest to accumulate merits and raised his rank.

After a while the waitress brought his order, he placed his card back and focused his attention on the food.

"Here's your order, sir." The waitress said as she placed down the meals that he order on the table.

"Thank you." Souta thanked the waitress and turned his attention to the meals before him.

"It's really good compared to those things that I've eaten in the Undead Sanctuary." Souta muttered as he recalled that he needed to eat the raw meat of a goblin before just to survive. The first few days were a nightmare for him.

"Ah~ I'm really glad that I've survived."


Souta left Yuko in the ranch and he went in the library.

He paid the entrance fee and entered inside the library. In this place, a person needs money to get an access to information. Only in country like this have a library. Among all the countries in the continent only the three great countries and Mechanic Country were advance enough that they don't need a library. All the information were digitalized.

Souta looked around the countless books inside this huge library. All sort of information were in this place. The books were arranged neatly. It seems the owner always took care of the books in the library. He then found the book that he wanted.

Raising his hand and picking up the book. He opened the book and read the first few pages of it.

Suddenly, a familiar sound ringed in his mind.


[Do you want to learn Nurman Language for 1 skill point? Yes/No?]

"....ehhh?!" Souta was surprised when he saw the words written in the interface.

Learning a language for a skill point? This... This wasn't in the function. In the game, all the languages were automatically translated by the system so the players could used their system points for something like this.

It's really different now. He doesn't what other function the system hide. At first, he couldn't see the level of other creatures and also the inventory. He couldn't use the most convenient inventory. Then, he could earn exp by practicing or training. It's really a wonder how the system changed after he came here.

Souta calmed down and he rubbed his chin. He pondered the pros and cons of using skill points to learn the Nurman Language. Nurman Language was the universal language of this world. A lot of races knew how to speak Nurman Language. Learning this, he could quickly go to the Ladro Institute and take the entrance examination.

The examination consist of two types of exam. The written exam and practical exam. He doesn't need to worry about practical exam as he already knew how to cast a spell. The only problem was the written exam. He doesn't know how any language of this world except the language of the goblin.

He doubted that those people would understand him if he use the goblin's language. The humans and demi only killed the monsters they wouldn't try to communicate to them. Only those strong monsters have the right to do so. Otherwise, they would kill any monsters. Luckily, he looked like a demi so there's nothing to worry. There's hundreds of humanoid races here in the continent and there's also those halfling so people guessed that he was a halfling of some unusual race.

'Yes.' Souta mentally said and he used 1 skill point to learn the Nurman Language. Knowledge about the Nurman Language was poured in his mind.

After a few seconds, Souta opened his eyes. He really wonder how can he learn something just by using a skill point.

Souta smirked and said, "I'm out here." He will speed up his plan now that he learned the Nurman Language.

Since he doesn't have any business here, he left the library. The librarian looked at him with suspicious eyes. Well, he just entered the place and quickly leave. Who wouldn't find it weird?


Souta exited the library and went straight to the Adventurers Guild. He would take a quest now to earn some money before taking the entrance examination of the Ladro Institute.

He walked to the quest board and looked at the quest that he could take. He was a Rank F adventurer so he could only take the Rank F quest. The guild wouldn't permit it if he took a quest beyond his rank.

Souta saw a lot of quest in the board. Monster Subjugation, Escort, Herb Picking, Finding the Missing Person, Investigation, etc.

"For now, I'm still a Rank F adventurer so I couldn't take some good quest." Souta took the Herb Gathering quest. He placed it in the counter and the receptionist registered the quest he took in an object that looks like a computer.

"Okay, good luck in your first quest, sir." The receptionist said with a smile on her face.

Souta nodded and heard a sound in his mind.


[Quest triggered!]

[Herb Gathering]: Pick up 5 Green Silk Grass. Rewards: 100 exp

"Hmm...?" Souta looked at the system with a surprise expression. To think that he would received a quest like this. It must be triggered because he accepted the quest from the guild. Other than that he couldn't think of any reason.

Getting the rewards from the guild and the system was a happy thing for him. He would earn money and exp at the same time.

"What is it, sir?" The receptionist asked as she slightly tilted her head.

Souta came back to his senses when he heard her voice. He shook his head and turned to looked at her. When he turned to looked at her, he saw the deep valley between her chest. He unconsciously gulped because of this. His instinct was once again rising.


"Ah, nothing." Souta quickly turned around. This body of his were too eager.

He quickly left as he doesn't want to become a pervert. It seemed that he need to visit the red light district this night to calm himself.

Souta walked back to the ranch and let Yuko out.

"Come, we have a quest." Souta said while opening the gate.

Yuko came out of the ranch and she quickly licked his cheek as soon as she saw him.

"Stop that," Souta patted her head before he closed the gate and tell the owner that he will leave to do some quest.

Souta and Yuko leave the city using the east gate of the city. The city have four gates. The north gate was located in district 2, the south gate was located in district 3, the west gate was located in district 4, and lastly the east gate was located in district 1.

After falling in line for a few dozen minutes, Souta and Yuko walked out of the gate. He just show his Adventurers ID and the guards let him leave the city.

"Let's go, Yuko! I will let you play this time!" Souta said to her and he started to walked forward. Yuko looked at him for a while before she followed him.

The quest was simple Herb Gathering. He doesn't need to fight any monster. In the game, this type of quest was called repeated quest. It was because a player could complete this quest over and over again.

He just need to find a Green Silk Grass. It was a basic ingredients needed in concocting health recovery potion.

Souta and Yuko walked one kilometers away from the city. They were in a grassland. They scene here was very beautiful and the air was fresh. In this place, he could find the Green Silk Grass.

"Okay Yuko! You can play around here! Just don't wander too far!" Souta said as he crouched down and began looking for the grass.

"Muu." Yuko looked at him as she tilted her head. She walked beside him and copy him.

"Oi! What are you doing?" Souta turned his head and asked.

Yuko looked back at him. The two of them looked into each other's eyes.

"Hais..." Souta sighed and he ignored her as he continued looking for the grass.


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