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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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20 M-master?

Souta received his reward in the guild for completing the quest. At the same time he heard the system in his mind.


[Congratulations for completing the Herb Gathering quest!]

[You've received 100 exp!]

Right now, 100 exp was too little for him. Well, he couldn't do much as he only accepted a Rank F quest. If he accepted a higher rank quest then the reward would be higher.

"Thank you for your effort!" The receptionist said with a smile to him.

"That's nothing." Souta replied as he turned around and went to the quest board. He looked at the request there and pondered what he should do.

In the end, he picked the Monster Subjugation quest before turning back to the receptionist.

"You want this quest, sir?" The receptionist looked at him with doubtful eyes.

"Yeah." Souta nodded. He just placed the quest in hunting the slime in the outskirt of the city.

"You know sir, it's hard to kill a slime without magic." The receptionist said worriedly. It's her job to gave advised to the adventurers that took a quest here.

"Yes, I know that." Souta nodded at her words. He knew that a slime was hard to kill without magic. But he... He could use three spells; the [Fire Ball], [Ice Shot], and [Light Heal]. His spells were enough to kill a slime.

Also, he doesn't need to use spells to slay a slime. He knew the weakness of the slimes. With his passive skill [Sword Mastery], he would be able to destroy the core of the slime. A slime would instantly died if its core was destroyed. It's not a secret as many people know this already.

It's not his first time hunting a slime. Back in the Undead Sanctuary, he conquered a dungeon full of slime and even took down an evolve slime.

"Okay sir, but be careful..." The receptionist said before she record the quest that he took.

"I know that," Souta smiled wryly as this woman was too worried about him.


[Quest Triggered!]

[Monster Subjugation]: Kill ten slimes and retrieve its core. Rewards: 300 exp

'Oh?!' The rewards was much higher than before. As expected of a Monster Subjugation quest.

After that, he exited the Adventurers Guild and patted Yuko.

"Let's go, we have another quest!"


"Hahaha!" Souta laughed at her voice. It lacks enthusiasm. It was like she force herself.

"Well, you know that we will be able to rank up after we completed nine Rank F quest including this." Souta said while holding the Monster Subjugation quest paper.

A Rank F adventurer needed to complete 10 Rank F quest before they rank up to Rank E. Then, the Rank E needed to complete 15 Rank E quest. Above that, the Rank D was much different than lower ranks. A Rank D adventurers was already a veteran adventurers. To increase their rank, people needed strength and merits. Completing various quest wasn't enough to rose up in rank.

"Muu." Yuko tilted her head at his words.

"Well, I'll tell you more while we walk." Souta said as he began to walked. He noticed that the people around were looking at him with weird gaze. It's strange that he was talking to a monster that couldn't understand him.

'How can they understand the connection between Yuko and Me?!' Souta thought. Suddenly, an idea came into his mind.

What if he let Yuko wear a communicator? Wouldn't she able to talk that way.

"Yuko, let's go!" Souta laughed before he quickened his pace.

Yuko dragged her huge body as she followed him behind.


Souta removed the communicator on his neck.

"Come here." He said to Yuko as he lifted up his hand and made a gesture to come.

Yuko looked at him with confusion before she stretched her neck to him.

"Damn, your neck is too thick! I couldn't even put the communicator!" Souta cursed as he sighed. It seems that he need to add some wire to that it could fit her size.

"Muu." Yuko looked at him sadly. She thought that Souta was angry at her.

Souta ignored her and rubbed his chin. He muttered, "Anything is good as long as it could fit her neck."

He looked around him and do something that Yuko couldn't understand. She just watched him pick up as different kinds of grass.

Souta looked at her and said, "Why don't you hunt some slime while I'm finding a strong enough grass so we could complete the quest faster?"

Yuko just looked back at him.

Seeing this, Souta sighed and took out the quest paper. He pointed at the picture of a slime on the paper. "Here, defeat this and took out the core!"

Yuko nodded her head. It seemed that she understood what he meant but Souta was really doubtful about that.


"Finally! I've finished modifying it!" Souta exclaimed in a loud voice as he raised the communicator above his head.

He looked around and saw Yuko running towards him.


He was surprised when he saw her. After all, she was holding a slime in both of her hand. One on the left and one on the right.

She stopped in front of him and opened her arms showing the two slimes. She then lowered her head as if waiting to be praised.

"This...?" Souta was speechless. He brandished his sword and stabbed the slime in the core.

The slime disintegrated leaving only the core.

"Muu!!" Yuko was shocked when she saw him killed the slime. She thought that he wanted to play with slime so she brought them here. She never thought that he would kill them.

"I order you to hunt them. Well, it doesn't matter." Souta sheathed his sword and picked up the core.

"Well, let's think about that later. Let's see this first." Souta said and he showed the communicator to Yuko.

Yuko looked at it before she sniffed it.

"Come let me put it on you." Souta said and he carefully put the communicator on her neck. He picked a tough grass before so that it could support the communicator on her neck. It will not snap easily.

"Here, and it's done!"

Souta looked at the communicator on her neck with a satisfied expression. His effort wasn't in vain. It fitted her right.

"Come on, try saying something..." He spoke eagerly.

"Muu..." Yuko was confused.

"What?! What's wrong with this communicator? Ah, I forgot this is a magical one. I needs mana to activate."

Souta put his hand on the communicator and controlled his mana. He poured a little amount in the communicator.

Yuko couldn't control her mana. She couldn't even manipulate it. In the battle, she always used brute force to dominate her enemies.

The communicator lit up as it started functioning.

"Come... Say something!" Souta said with a smile.

He waited for a while before he heard a small little voice coming out of her.


"Oh!! It works! It works!" Souta laughed loudly. Although he couldn't understand it, it seemed that she pronounced some word. From now on, he would be able to communicate with her.

It just that this communicator needs mana to work. If it didn't receive a mana it will stopped functioning. It seems that he need to buy a non magical one. But it needs a battery. It would drained his wallet.

Well, if he could communicate with her then it's worth all the money.

"Okay, let's finish the quest and buy communicator as soon as possible." Souta said before he turned around leaving Yuko with a dumbfounded expression.

After a few minutes of walking, Souta found a slime.

"Let's finish it quickly." He brandished his sword and rushed towards the slime.


He didn't even let the slime react as he pierced its jelly body directly to its core. With the level of his [Sword Mastery], he could accurately pinpointed the core of the slime.

Souta didn't stopped and continued to hunt more slime. He only stopped when he collected ten slime cores. With this, the quest was complete. He just need to report it to the guild.


Souta went back to the guild to report.

"You've finished it?" The receptionist asked him.

"Well, the slime was not that powerful. As long as you've found its core, you can kill it." Souta said as he placed the ten slime cores on the table.

The receptionist counted the cores before she gave him the reward. She also record the quest that he did to his ID.


[Congratulations for completing a Monster Subjugation quest!]

[You've received 300 exp!]

Souta ignored the system prompts and picked up his Adventurers ID. He then exited the Adventurers Guild.

Souta went to the shop and bought a communicator for Yuko. He spent his money on this as it was important to him. He also bought a lot of meat for her as he knew that she was hungry right now.


Another day had passed and nothing big happens. The city was still lively and there's new people that's coming in and out of the city everyday.

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》