The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
30 Evening Grass acquired!
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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30 Evening Grass acquired!


The man flew away and crashed in the wall of the room creating a spider web cracks on it. Debris of rocks fell on the ground and it caused the smoke to rise up.

Souta looked at the man with a frown. After a few moments, he opened his mouth and said, "Still conscious, huh?"

He bent his knees and launched himself towards the man like a rocket.


The man suddenly lifted up his head and looked at Souta. He clenched both of his fists and collided with Souta.


"You're really good. Unfortunately, the quest said the I need to save everyone including you. If I only didn't accept the quest then I would kill you right here because you're giving me trouble right now." Souta said as he used more force and pushed his fist against the man.


The man roared in front of him and his aura burst out. He managed to resist Souta's strength.

"Good," Souta smirked and his mana flared up.


A figure flew away and landed on the ground. It was Souta.

Souta looked up and saw the man rushing at him. He hurriedly moved sideways avoiding the man.


The first of the man missed Souta and it went straight to the ground. But before it reaches the ground, the ground suddenly turned into mud. His first sunk through the mud deeply.

"And follow up by [Shadow Bind]," Souta casted his spell once again.

He grabbed the face of the man and casted the [Fire Ball] spell.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The flame exploded on the face of the man. Souta gritted his teeth and he smashed the man on the wall.


Souta removed his hand and observed the man. The made was convulsing like he has some sort of sickness.

The shadows moved and restrained the man.

"This is enough, with his current strength he wouldn't be able to escape easily," Souta said before he turned around.

He looked at the Evening Grass in the center of the room. It was still standing there like nothing happened.

Souta approached it and he squatted down. He opened his bag and took out the transparent bottle that Mark gave before.

He carefully pulled the grass and placed it inside the transparent bottle.

"Okay, I just need to get out of this place," Souta muttered as he placed back the bottle inside the bag. He then stood up and exited the room.

"Oi! Oi! You people really wouldn't let me leave this place peacefully."

He saw a group of abnormal people waiting for him outside the room. They were crammed together on a narrow path. There were so many of them that he could not see a way out of this except fighting them.

"I'm didn't get a class before coming then I would truly be in trouble," Souta said before he casted [Shadow Bind] repeatedly.

Luckily, he learned a spell that could restrict the movement of a target, or else he would be having a hard time this time.


Souta gathered his mana on his fist before throwing it towards the people in front.


The abnormal people couldn't do anything about it. They could only watch Souta knocked them out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several bone-cracking sounds echoed in the whole area.

It's not that he couldn't break their bones. As long as he doesn't kill anyone he will not fail the quest. It will be fine if he beat them close to death.

"Even if I break your limbs it's fine as long as you're still alive!" Souta smirked as he used his strength to smash the abnormal people.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He threw powerful punches in all directions. He doesn't need to aim at all as there were so many of them.


On the surface...

"Hey, do you think your master will be okay?" Mark looked at Yuko and asked.

"Muu." Yuko looked at him and she tilted her head.

"What am I doing, talking to a bear?" Mark shook his head. He should have put a quest for more than two people.

He knew that some of the people with a strange disease were living underground. Although those people wouldn't attack the residents of this village, there's always an exception to rules. If they, the residents of the village, came down then the people with a strange disease wouldn't hesitate to attack them.

"Your master looks like a strong man so he should be fine, right?" Mark said in a low voice that only he could hear.

Several footsteps sounded behind him. Mark turned around and saw the village chief with other adventurers.

"Village chief!!" Mark was surprised to see the village chief here in this place.

"Mark. Is Souta the one who accepted up your request?" The village chief asked.

"...Yeah..." Mark nodded in response to the village chief's question.

"And he's there right now?" The village chief pointed on the stairs leading to the underground base.

"Yes, but why are you here village chief?" Mark nodded and asked the village chief while glancing at the adventurers behind the village chief.

"They... They are the ones who will help us." The village chief said while looking at Jack and the rest of the adventurers.

"Help us...?" Mark looked at the village chief with confusion in his eyes. He doesn't know what the village chief was saying.

"Yes, help us save the village." The village chief said.

Mark turned his head and observed the adventurers behind the village chief.

Jack and the other adventurers accepted the village chief's request. They didn't accept it to help the village but they accept it to help Souta. They will go there and see for themselves if there was really a demon here. If there's really a demon then they would take back Souta with them and report it to the kingdom. The kingdom wouldn't sit back if they knew that there's a demon here close to their territory.

Jack stepped forward and asked Mark how long Souta has been underground.

"About 30 minutes," Mark replied to Jack's question.

Suddenly, Yuko moved forward and stopped in front of the stairs leading to the underground base.

This gathered everyone's attention. They focused on Yuko wondering what she's up to.

"What she's doing?" The village chief asked.

"I don't know." Mark shook his head.

"Maybe her master is coming now," Jack said with an unsure expression.

After a few moments, Jack's words came true. Souta really came out. Yuko greeted him first as she wrapped her huge body around him.

He just finished putting those abnormal people in their place. They wouldn't be able to bother him even if he went there a second time. Still, he knew that that's not all the abnormal people. He knew that the strong one must be beside the host of the Vajra Sword Saya.

After hugging Yuko, Souta noticed the village chief and Jack. He looked at Mark and asked, "What are they doing here?"

"They are here to help you."

Before Mark could answer him, the village opened his mouth first and answered his question.

"We're here to help you. Once we see if there's really a demon then we would force you out with us." Jack said with a serious expression.

"Oh..." Souta didn't know what to say in this situation. He didn't think that Jack was that close to him.

"Well, suit yourself." Souta shrugged his shoulder before giving the small bag to Mark.

Of course, he took the book he picked first before giving the small bag to Mark.

Mark received the small bag and took out the transparent bottle inside it. He inspected the grass inside it. "Good, this is really the Evening Grass."


[Congratulations on completing the Herb Gathering quest!]

[You've received 5,000 exp and 5 free attribute points!]

[Experience points reached!]

[You've level up!]

[Strength attributes have increased by 8!]

[Intelligence, Agility, Dexterity, and Vitality attributes have increased by 5!]

He level up from the exp he received from this quest. He was now a level 18 High End Goblin. Two more levels and he will reach the level requirements for the next evolution. But it will take him more time to reach that level. After all, he played the game for ten years and all he reached was level 80.

His leveling speed was quite fast. He's been here for a month and he almost reach the level cap of version 1.

It's easy to level up from 1 to 10 as the exp needed was quite low. But after that, especially level 20 and above was really hard to increase level even by one.

He knew the pattern of the exp system. It was the Fibonacci system. That's why after level 20 it will truly be hard to level up.

Souta turned his head to the village chief and said, "Well, we'll submit it first to the guild."

The village chief nodded and Souta left with Mark.

"So what should we do?" One of the adventurers asked.

"Let's wait for him," Jack said as he shrugged his shoulder.

"That's a good idea."


Souta and Mark went to the guild to submit the completion of his quest.


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