The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
32 It“s been a while!
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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32 It“s been a while!

Jack rushed forward in the group of abnormal people. He clenched his fist and threw a very powerful punch.


Three abnormal people flew because of the power behind his fist. A few of their bones broke as they crashed in the walls.

"I will stop holding back!"

Jack stretched out both of his hands and grabbed two abnormal people in the head. He smashed them together before kicking them away.


He once again grabbed one abnormal person and used the person to ashed the other abnormal people.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The scout moved swiftly as he appeared behind the abnormal people and chopped the back of their neck knocking the out.

The other adventurers too were doing their best to knock those abnormal people down.

The battles started in this wide place. The adventurers were facing more than a hundred of abnormal people. Bone cracking sounds echoed in the whole area.

The abnormal people have simple movements so they were easy to predict by the experienced adventurers. Even though they were easy to predict if a veteran adventurer got surrounded by a hundred of them then the outcome would be the adventurer's defeat.

After a few dozen minutes, the adventurers knocked out hundred of abnormal people but the abnormal people kept appearing with more numbers than before.

They started to show the signs of exhaustion as sweat flowed down from their bodies. Nevertheless, they didn't stop moving and continue to beat those abnormal people.


A loud sound crashed behind them as one of the adventurers crashed in the walls. It shook the ground a few times as smoke rises up and covered the area.

Jack and the other adventurers stopped moving. They turned their head and looked at the adventurer that was embedded in the wall.


"What happened?!"

Souta turned his head and saw a strange one in the middle of the abnormal people. That one was giving off a different aura and vibe compared to the other abnormal people.

"It's the same as that one," Souta muttered as he recalled the one he fought when he was trying to get the Evening Grass. The one that gave him trouble. A strong abnormal person.

"We have a strong one here," Souta said to Jack and the rest of the adventurers.

They all looked ahead and saw the man with a black veins popping out on its forehead. Just looking at it, they immediately knew that this one was a strong one.

The man was panting heavily while looking at them with crazed eyes.

"Jack follow me let's finish this quickly," Souta said before he dashed towards the man. He lifted up his hand and casted [Shadow Bind].

The shadows strangled the other abnormal people so that they could not bother him while they finish the strong one.

"Okay." Jack nodded and followed behind Souta.

He saw Souta clashed against the strong one. They exchanged dozen of blows within a few seconds.

When Souta ducked down, he jumped above Souta and punched the face of the strong man.


The strong man didn't fly away because the shadows were grabbing his limbs. He couldn't escape even if he wanted.

"Let's finish this!"


Souta pulled back his hand and Jack too. Then both of them delivered a devastating blow on the stomach of the strong one.

"Argh!" The strong man's body bent backward as he received the first of Souta and Jack.

The man fell down on the ground with a loud "thud" sound.

"Now, let's finish the others..." Souta said as he turned his head and looked at the rest of the abnormal people.

"You're right, let's finish it quickly," Jack said with a smirk.

Both of them rushed and best those abnormal people.


After half an hour, they finish putting all the abnormal people down. They checked the other adventurers and found that they only received some bruised in their bodies.

They still have the energy to continue deeper.

"We are good!"

"Yeah, we still have enough power to knock dozen of those people!"


The group continued to walk forward.

Souta looked around as they walked deeper.

Trolleys were everywhere and it was carrying huge boulders of rock. The railway was already covered in rust. It's hard to determine how long it has been since someone left them here.

'I don't think there's precious stone here.' Souta tried to recall if there were any good items here or any other things as long as it could give him some money.

"What's really this place?" Jack looked curiously around him.

He knew what was the railway and it uses. It was common in the eastern part of the continent where the Mechanic country lies. But here in the southern continent, it was pretty rare.

"The Mechanic Country is a newly founded country so why does this railway here," Jack muttered while looking at the rusty rails.

He's right. The Mechanic Country was founded twenty years ago after the brutal war of the calamity desert. The country rises too quickly and in just a mere twenty years it could be compared to the three great countries. It was so fast that it bothered the surrounding countries beside it.

This will lead to the event that Souta knew. The Rise of the Mechanic Country. In this event, the Mechanic country will become unstoppable and will truly rise to the ranks of the three great countries.

But this base has the technology of the Mechanic country. It seems that the ancient civilization was quite advance than he could imagine.

Souta glanced at Jack. Even though he played the game for ten years he still knew nothing about the ancient civilization. The chaotic era before this fake peace era of the three great countries.

He only knew that the ancient civilization fought the demons and pushed them out of the continents.


The more they go deeper the wider the place becomes. There were many small paths on each side of the place but Souta knew that place was just like a maze.

Soon, they reached the end of the path. The area was wide and it was filled with hundreds of abnormal people. There were fifteen noticeable auras in the group of abnormal people. They have the same aura as the one they fought before.

These fifteen were the strongest among these abnormal people. There's no doubt about it.

Behind the abnormal people was a girl wearing a simple pink one piece dress. She was different as she looked at them calmly with those blood red eyes. In her hand was a simple plain looking sword. It was a one-handed sword and the color of its blade was different from a normal sword. The blade has a deep red color and there's a black orb attached on the handle of the sword. Except for these two characteristics, the sword looked plain.

Souta remembered this sword. It was one of the most familiar weapons to him, the [Vajra Sword Saya]. A dark grade weapon.

"Hmm... I finally see it after a long time." Souta said with a smirk and he circulated his mana around his body. He turned to Jack and the other adventurers and said, "I'll leave all of them to you and I'll fight the mastermind in the back."

"What?! Wait-wait... what are you saying?" Jack couldn't understand what Souta meant in those words.

"That girl in the back is the sister of the boy before. Do you remember the boy before right?" Souta said while pointing at the girl with a sword in her hand.

"Yeah, I remember that boy." Jack nodded and he looked at the girl in the back. "So that's his sister. Wait!! How did you know that is her sister?"

"Easy, the boy asked me to save her sister so I let him describe her appearance..." Souta shrugged his shoulder before pointing at the girl. "And that girl matches the one that the boy described."

Actually, Souta didn't ask the boy about the appearance of his sister. He just knew it in the game. Because in the game the only enemy here in the underground base was the host of the Vajra Sword Saya and that was the girl.

He just made the excuse so that Jack wouldn't be suspicious of him.

"I see..." Jack believed his words. He looked at his opponents the hundreds of abnormal people including those strong ones. He looked back at his comrades and asked, "Can all of you still fight one more time?"


"We don't have any problem!"

"As long as there's a reward, we would do this!"

"We're all adventurers!"

The adventurers replied to him with confidence in their voice.

"Okay, then let's do this!" Jack shouted as he raised his fist in the air.

"I'm going first!" Souta smiled at this and he charged forward in the group of abnormal people.

He looked at his stats and saw that he have a total of 18 free attribute points. He allocated 5 to his intelligence attribute, another 5 to strength attribute, and divided the 8 points to agility and dexterity attribute.

Then, he casted [Agility Boost] and [Strength Boost] on himself.

'Good this is enough!' Souta clenched his fist tightly and with a boom, he charged toward the girl leaving a trail of smoke behind.

The girl looked at Souta and she slowly raised the sword in her hand.


Souta pulled out his sword and collided against the girl.


"Hehehe, it's been a while, Vajra Sword Saya. The true owner of the sword is here." Souta grinned.


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