The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
33 Is this the demon that the boy talked about?
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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33 Is this the demon that the boy talked about?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Souta and the girl fought at the high-speed battle. Both of them were fast and extremely well versed in using swords.

In just a few seconds, both of their swords collided hundreds of times. It was unbelievable for a village girl to show a power rivaling Souta.

In terms of stats, both of them reached over one hundred.

Souta slashed his sword horizontally and the girl quickly parried his attack.

Souta frowned and he jumped backward taking a distance away from the girl.

It's been five minutes since their battle started and in these five minutes, he hasn't even managed to scratch the girl. Both of them were just attacking and defending, no one managed to hit each other.

Souta took a deep breath and gripped the handle of his sword tightly. The durability of the sword he was holding fell by three points from that exchange blows.

"Stronger than before, huh?" Souta muttered as he fixed his posture. He knew why an ordinary village girl could go toe to toe with him in a battle. The added stats of a dark grade equipment could even make a child beat an adult. Especially the dark grade [Vajra Sword Saya].

The added stats of the sword was even higher than his incomplete universal grade treasure.

A universal grade treasure that could only increase his stats by ten points? Is that even a universal grade?

There's a reason why the [Soul Blood Earring] was a universal grade treasure, and it was because of its skill, the [Harvester of the Soul]. The added stats using the soul was permanent. Even if he tossed the earring away, the added stats would still be left to him. It was unlike that [Vajra Sword Saya] that once the girl let go of the sword, her stats would go back to the normal stats she has before equipping the sword. Also, there's another skill the [Soul Blood Earring] holds. Once he got the other pair of the earring he will be able to use its other skill.

"Here I go..." Souta charged at the girl and casted [Shadow Bind].

The shadows moved and were about to restrain her when she emitted a strange aura and disintegrated the shadows.

She looked at him in the eyes and slowly raised the Vajra Sword. The blade of the sword emitted a bright crimson light.

"A skill...?" Souta opened his eyes widely and he immediately turned his head and shouted, "Cover yourself!"

He casted [Shadow Bind] and pulled those abnormal people down on the ground. He doesn't want anyone to die as it would fail his quest.

He then turned his head back to the girl. The crimson light got brighter and Souta pointed his sword at her. He casted [Fire Ball] and [Ice Shot] simultaneously.

The girl just slowly slashed the sword in his direction. It was a simple move but the spells he casted disintegrated immediately.


The crimson light got closer to him. It illuminated the whole area in crimson color.



A huge explosion occurred that shook the whole area. It caused some rocks in the ceiling to fall down. Thick smoke and dust swept out and covered the area of the explosion.

"Souta!!" Jack and the other adventurers shouted as they covered their eyes with their hands.

After a few moments, all of them put down their hands and all they saw was a huge crater with smoke coming out of it.

The girl looked at the thick smoke before she waved her sword.

The force from the sword blew away the smoke revealing the bloody figure of Souta.

Souta smiled wryly at this. He luckily managed to get out of that attack with just a little damage. Still, that little damage took half of his health points.

The power of that skill was something that he wouldn't underestimate even if a village girl was the one firing it.

The girl has low base stats so she couldn't bring out the power of the Vajra sword. If she really could do that then he wouldn't survive that attack just now.

"I guess this will do for now..." Souta looked at his left arm. The skin of his arm was gone and he could see his bare flesh covered in blood. It was disgusting if he was to say it.

He only took this amount of the damage because of the preparation he did before. He placed [Mud Slide] in front of the girl so as soon as she stepped forward and slashed her sword her foot sunk through the mud. He then used [Shadow Bind] to pull her down so the trajectory of the slash was slightly off. After that, he used the skill [Stab] on the ground four times before slashing it. He shot the boulder in front of him to block the attack of the girl.

Even with all that it still took his left arm. He couldn't leave because the other people will die if he avoided the attack.

"Tsk! Not bad!" Souta threw the handle of the sword on the ground. His sword broke from the collision and he used his left arm to block the attack after the sword broke.

"Jack! Give me your sword!" Souta shouted.

Jack came back to his senses when he heard Souta's loud voice. He gripped his sword and threw it towards Souta.


Souta caught the sword and quickly used [Dash] to zoom in the distance between him and the girl. He then used [Stab] four times in a row.



The girl lifted up her sword and parried his attacks.

Clang! Clang! Clang!


"Graaa!!" The abnormal people growled loudly as the shadows that were binding loosen.

They grabbed the shadows and tear them apart. They all looked at Souta with crazed eyes.

"Guys! Let's stop them!" Jack shouted as he charged towards the group of abnormal people.

"Don't interfere in their fight!"

"I won't let you!"

The scout and the other shouted as they rushed towards the abnormal people.

"I will show you why I become a Rank D Adventurer!" Jack shouted as he released a very powerful mana.

He grabbed the head of the abnormal person and smashed it on the other people.


Jack looked up and saw two strong abnormal people going down straight at him.

"Good! Come!" Jack pulled back both of his hands and clashed against the strong abnormal people.


They did everything they could to stop those abnormal people. Even those strong ones were stopped by them.


While Jack and the others were fighting those abnormal people, Souta was fighting the host of the [Vajra Sword Saya].

Clang! Clang! Clang!

"I just need to separate the sword from her." Souta closed the distance and slashed his sword.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Metallic sound echoed in the whole area. Sparks flew each time their sword clashed.

"Bind her!" Souta jumped and casted [Shadow Bind].

The girl simply cut the shadows in half.


Then, her foot once again sunk down in the mud. She raised her sword and she was about to stab it on the ground when Souta once again casted [Shadow Bind].

"You're quite lucky that it's only a level 5 spell. If [Shadow Bind] is a level 10 spell then you wouldn't be able to cut it with your current powers." Souta smirked and used [Stab] quickly so that she would not have a time to cut the shadows.

The girl wanted to jump away but her right foot was deep inside the mud. She parried his sword attack but then the shadows bind her arms.


A cut appeared on his right arm. It caused her to loosen her grip on the sword.

Souta used this opportunity to smashed the Vajra Sword in her hand. But before he could smash the Vajra Sword, the girl opened her mouth widely and screamed.

This was no ordinary scream as there was force behind it.

Souta gritted his teeth and raised his injured left hand to block her attack. Blood burst out of his left hand as the veins inside it exploded. He didn't stop and smashed the Vajra Sword out of the girl's hand.


The sword flew in the mid-air before it fell down piercing the ground halfway in.

At the same time, the girl and the other abnormal people stopped moving.

It was because Souta managed to separate the girl from the sword. The [Vajra Sword Saya] was the one who's influencing the other people through the body of the girl, the host of the sword. So the link between them snapped the moment the sword got separated from the girl.

"Ho~" Souta took a long breath as he lowered his hands.

The girl fell down and Souta caught her before she reaches the ground. He looked around and saw the other people falling down like a domino.

Thud! Thud!

"Is it over?" Jack looked around.

"Nice, it was hard to fight them without using a skill to kill."

"At last..."


The adventurers started discussing among themselves. Their tone was different from before. It has a hint of happiness.

At the same time, Souta heard a familiar sound in his mind.


[Congratulations on completing the Rescue quest!]

[You've received 10,000 exp, 10 free attribute points, and 2 skill points!]


[Congratulations on completing the Savior quest!]

[You've received 15,000 exp and 3 skill points!]

Souta checked the rewards that he received and felt quite satisfied with it. He then noticed something.


He only completed two quests and he received a total of four quests before. He finished the herb gathering before and now he completed the other two. It means that he still hasn't fully completed the other quest.

He checked the quest and was surprised.

[Elimination]: Find and eliminate the cause of this incident. Rewards: 15,000 exp, 5 free attribute points, 2 skill points]

"Eliminate the cause...?"

Souta quickly turned around and saw the sword was emitting a crimson light. The aura was stronger than before.

"Oi oi! This is not in the game!"

A silhouette of a woman appeared before the [Vajra Sword Saya]. The figure of the woman was red and it has two horns sticking out on the side of its head. It has no face and doesn't have genitals but its figure was like a woman.

"Is this the demon that boy talked about? But this is clearly not a demon!"

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》