The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
56 Saving the damsel
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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56 Saving the damsel


Yuko roared loudly as she charged towards the group of people wearing a black hooded robe.

"Let's kill this monster quickly!"


They quickly move around and surround Yuko.




A dagger fell out of their sleeve and they grabbed it before attacking Yuko.

Yuko grabbed a huge boulder on her side and threw them at her.


The hooded people quickly jumped sideways to avoid the boulder.


Yuko saw them avoided the boulder. She turned around and faced the one behind her.

She stepped forward and waved her hand towards the hooded man.


The hooded man bent his body barely avoiding her attack. "That's close..." He muttered while looking at Yuko warily. He understood that this Red Fur Bear was strong and knew how to fight.

"Bombard it using magic!" He shouted before he jumped backward.


Yuko charged towards them but they just avoided her maintaining a distance away from her.

"Stop the monster for a second!"

Five hooded people then charged and clashed with Yuko.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While the five hooded people we're exchanging blows with Yuko the other five from the back casted their magic spell.

But before they threw their spells at Yuko, Bryan appeared with flames coating his fist.

"[Blazing Strike]!!"

Bryan threw his punch towards them.



"Hmm... These people are quite strong." Souta muttered while looking at the people who were exchanging blows at Yuko. Even he wouldn't dare to take Yuko's blow head-on. Her strength wasn't something he could ignore.

"Don't tell me they are nobles from Melosa Country," Souta said. He heard from the adventurers in the guild that nobles from Melosa Country came here for the Mystical Light Cherry.

"These troublesome nobles..." Souta sighed. He too was killed by the army of those nobles back in the game when he was doing a quest concerning them.

That's why right now, he doesn't have a plan to solo all the quest. He planned to build a team and train them to avoid getting killed. He knew clearly how dangerous the quest that he will take in the future. While taking those difficult quest he died at least once.



"I will take you!" Bryan said and his mana flared up. He moved his hands and casted a magic spell.

"[Lightning Edge]!!"

Lightning crackled and it formed like a blade at the side of both of his wrist.

"[Lightning Boots]!!"

He casted another spell. Lightning crackled around his feet.

"Okay, let's do this!" Bryan smiled and charged towards the group of hooded people.


"Wha-" The group of hooded people was shocked. They found the Bryan was already gone. They slowly turned their head behind them and saw that Bryan was already standing there with his back towards them.


Suddenly, they felt pain all over their body.


They groaned as they found that they couldn't move at all. Their consciousness was fading slowly as their vision began to blur.

They gritted their teeth and was preparing to attack Bryan but he was already gone.



They screamed as they fell down and lose consciousness.


"[Lightning Boots]..." Souta muttered in a low voice. This spell was more effective in raising the agility and dexterity attribute than his [Agility Boost] spell. He could see it that those people could barely react to Bryan's speed. This was the first time he saw Bryan used a magic spell. Bryan always used combat arts before so Souta don't have any idea what type of mage Bryan is.

[Lightnight Edge] also wasn't an ordinary spell. It's a powerful spell that have high damage and could paralyzed the target. It was perfect for subduing the target's alive.

"It seems that Bryan is going to the path of Battle Mage..." He patted his clothes and walked towards Bryan.


Bryan looked at the green-haired girl that looks like 13 years old girl. He smiled and asked, "Are you okay?"

"" The green-haired girl didn't know what to say.

Bryan turned his head and looked at Yuko. It seems that she was done in her business too. He turned back his head to the green-haired girl.

Bryan smiled gently and said, "Don't worry, I won't harm you. I'm just here to help you."

"...why?" A simple question escaped out of the green-haired girl's mouth.

"Um... I say do I need a reason to help other people." Bryan said gently.

"Cough... Cough..." Souta coughed when he heard those cringy words. Those words made him shiver. 'What the hell?! Is he some kind of real-life hero?!' He thought.

Bryan turned his head and saw Souta. "What's wrong, Souta? Did you caught a cold here?" He asked when he saw him coughing.

"N-Nothing..." Souta shook his head.

He then focused his attention on the green-haired girl. He narrowed his eyes while looking at her green color pupils.

"" The green-haired girl subconsciously took a step back.

"Oi Souta! Don't scare her." Bryan said to Souta when he saw the green-haired girl getting scared.

"You're too kind." Souta sighed and he turned around. He saw that Yuko was already behind him. He reached out his hand and patted her head. "Good job, Yuko."

Bryan squatted down and asked the girl. "How many people are chasing after you?"

The green-haired girl shook her head.

Souta joined them. "Then, why are they chasing after you?"

The girl lowered her head as she didn't dare to meet his eyes.

"Hmm..." Souta narrowed his eyes. It seems that the girl knew why those people were after her. She just doesn't want to answer him as there was a chance that he will get involve in her affairs.

'I smell a secret quest from this girl. Okay, there's value in keeping her.' Souta rubbed his chin and grin.

"Stop Souta!" Bryan stopped Souta and he patted the girl's head and said, "Don't worry, if you don't want to tell us then we will not force you."

"Well..." Souta shrugged his shoulder. He then looked around and said, "Let's go now."

"Okay." Bryan nodded his head. He then asked the girl. "Do you want to come with us? Don't worry we will protect you."

"I promise I will not harm you," Souta said from the said. He decided that it's worth keeping her beside him.

"...O-Okay." The girl nodded meekly.

"Yosh! Let's go now!" Bryan said as he raised his fist above his head.

"Yuko, Let's go!" Souta said as he started to walk.

Bryan, Yuko, and the green-haired girl followed him.


Souta stopped after walking for a few minutes.

"What's wrong, Souta?" Bryan asked him.

Souta glanced at him and said, "I forgot something. Wait for me here."

"Huh?" Bryan looked at him with a confused expression.

The green-haired girl also looked up at him.

Souta ignored them and he patted Yuko's soft and fluffy fur.

"Yuko, stay here for while."

"Mu..." Yuko looked at him meekly.

"Okay, I will go now." Souta smiled and said. He then jumped in the tree.

"Wait, Souta! Where are you going?" Bryan shouted.

"Wait for me here!" Souta's words echoed as he disappeared.

"Jeez... That Souta." Bryan complained. He looked at the girl and Yuko. "I guess we will wait here for a while."


The group of hooded people slowly regained their consciousness.

"Ouch! My head hurts!"

"What happened?!"

"That girl managed to escape!"


"We need to find her or else the boss will..."

They complained as they felt the pain on their body. They couldn't even moved properly with their condition. They recalled what happened before and cursed the one who help the girl.

"That fucker tamer!"

"Why did he helping that girl?!"

They thought that Bryan was the tamer. He didn't saw Souta before so they thought that Bryan was the master of the Red Fur Bear.

Suddenly, their shadows shot upwards and bind their bodies.


"What the hell is this?!"


"Darkness element spell, Shadow Bind?!"

"What's that?!"

"A spell perfect for binding!!"

"We're done!"

"Hahaha, we're going to die!"

Various exclamation sounded as they tried everything they've got to free themselves from the shadows.

Tak! Tak! Tak!

A sound of footsteps echoed causing them to stopped moving. They turned their heads but the shadows moved and prevent them from seeing the person's face.

They could only see the lower body of the approaching person. They don't have any idea about who it is.

"W-Who's that?!"

One person got a courage and asked while stuttering.

"Hmm... That doesn't matter. I want to ask you some questions so you better answer me honestly." The person said in a monotonous tone.

From the tone of the voice, they guessed that this was a man. They kept their mouth shut.

"Hmm... If you're going to keep quite then let me do this..." The man grabbed his sword and swung it towards the person near him.


A head of a person flew in the sky.

The people beside him opened their eyes widely. They looked at the headless body of their comrades with wide eyes. Fear started to seep deep in their soul.


They subconsciously gulped and when they were about to turned their heads towards the man, the shadows that were binding them tightened around their body.

"Okay, I will ask a question so think carefully before you answer."

The person's voice was cold that it made them shuddered in fear.

"Why are you chasing that green-haired girl?"

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》