The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
63 Cluster“s change
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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63 Cluster“s change

Souta turned around and saw that Lumilia and Fred already finished the other giant snake.

"Let's go now." Souta took a glance at the corpses of the giant snake before he started to walk. He could sell them but he doesn't have enough hand to bring them back to the village. Even then, the giant snake was too large for him and it would take a lot of people to bring back a single giant snake. Also, he wouldn't get much coins if he sells this type of snake.


The rest of the group followed Souta. They didn't know what's Souta's goal here so they could only follow him. Fred even asked Bryan what's Souta's goal, but even he didn't know what's Souta's objective here in this dungeon.


The group continued going deeper into the dungeon. They only stopped when they saw two pathways in front of them.

"What should we do now, Souta?" Bryan asked Souta.

Lumilia, Fred, Jusmin, and Cluster also turned to look at him.

Souta rubbed his chin and closed his eyes. He tried to recall the right way here.

"Hmm... Where should I go?"

After a few moments, Souta opened his eyes. He finally recalled what's in these two pathways.

These two pathways lead to the boss's room. There's not that much different except the type of monster. The monsters on the left side was an undead while on the right side was not undead.

"Let's go this way." Souta pointed at the left path.

"Okay." Bryan nodded at him.

Lumilia, Fred, and Jusmin don't have that much opinion regarding this matter. They will all leave this to Souta.

There's a reason why he chooses the left path full of undead creatures. A spellbook was hidden in the secret room here in the left path and Souta wanted it. He could sell the spellbook for a huge amount of money after he learned the spell. It will give him an allowance for two months.


The group entered a wide space and saw more than fifty undead blocking the way. The atmosphere turned into a cold one completely different from before. The smell of rotten meat spread in the air.

Lumilia, Jusmin, and Cluster pinched the nose when they smelled it.

Souta took a deep breath and clenched his sword tightly. The atmosphere here was the same when he entered one of the low-level dungeons in the Undead Sanctuary. The scent and cold air were the same.

"Let's go!"

Souta shouted as he dashed towards the group of undead. Although they were low-level undead he would still get a decent amount of exp if he killed them.


The undead noticed him, so they turned their attention at him. All of them opened their mouth revealing sharp fangs.


Souta arrived in front of them and he used the skill [Stab] consecutively.




Several small holes appeared in the bodies of the undead in front of him.

Bryan jumped above Souta. Bryan's fists were covered in flames.

[Blazing Strike]!!

Bryan threw a powerful punch causing a huge explosion to occur in the back.

Fred looked at Souta and Bryan. He opened his mouth and said, "I'll go, young miss." He then brandished his sword and charged towards the group of undead.



He swiftly moved his body from side to side whole dodging every undead. He did this while waving his sword to cut the undead.



Souta stopped attacking the undead when he saw Fred. He was surprised at Fred's sword skill. Fred's mastery over the sword was higher than him.

"As expected of a butler of a noble family. He clearly possesses some skill to prove himself."

Now that Souta thought about it, he recalled that when he threw his Vajra Sword before. Fred reacted quickly to parried his sword.

Souta turned his head to looked at Lumilia and the rest. Lumilia was standing in front of Cluster and Jusmin while holding her sword in front of her. If some undead passes through Bryan and Fred, she was the one who's going to fight it.

Souta slightly bent his knees and launched himself towards the group of undead.

"Let's go, Saya!"

He waved the Vajra Sword left and right cutting the bodies of the undead like a butter. He was getting impatient because the undead kept coming.

"Get down!!"

Souta shouted and Fred and Bryan looked at him. They quickly got crouched down in response to his words.

[Cross Moon]!!

Souta executed one of the skills of the [Vajra Sword Saya].


A red light swept out in the whole area and it cut every undead in front of Souta.

The system prompt kept ringing in his head.

"Huff... There's still more!" Souta inhaled deeply and shouted. He once again dashed towards the remaining undead in the back.

Bryan and Fred also joined the fight.


It took them a dozen minutes before they cleared all the undead in this area. The undead have numbers more than Souta estimated.

At first, only fifty undead appeared but as the fight goes on the undead kept appearing until they reached more than a hundred in numbers.

"That's a lot of undead," Fred commented while looking at the dead bodies.

Souta glanced at the girls and saw Jusmin was covering Cluster's eyes. He opened his mouth and said, "Ignore it if you can't stomach it."

Lumilia nodded at his words. "Let's get going, Jusmin."


The group went deeper. They met undead in their way but its number was not the same as before.

After half an hour of walking, Souta and the rest arrived in the middle part of the dungeon. The area here was wider and there's a lot of undead here.

Souta, Bryan, and Fred worked together to get rid of all the undead in the place. It took them ten minutes to completely finished all the undead.

Souta looked at his group and saw that they were showing signs of exhaustion, so he let them rest here for a while.

"Rest here," Souta said to them. He then walked around the area.

Lumilia looked around the area and noticed a huge metal door at the side.

"What's with that door?" Lumilia asked.

Souta walked towards it and placed his palm on the cold surface of the door. Behind this door was the spellbook that he wanted.

On top of the huge metal door, was a line with a red light. It looks like a bar and the red light was the power that operated the mechanism inside the door.

Bryan also walked towards the metal door. He pushed the door with all of his might but the door didn't budge an inch.

"I can't open it."

Bryan said and he tried to punch the door.


His punch didn't even leave a dent on the door.

"You wouldn't be able to open the door inside the dungeon easily," Souta said to Bryan.

Cluster also walked towards the door and placed her palm on the surface of the door.

"Cluster!" Jusmin called her but Cluster ignored her.

Lumilia and Fred looked at Cluster with a curious expression.

Souta noticed that Cluster's eyes were lifeless. It was different from her usual expression. It feels like someone was taking over her body and controlling her.

He took a step back and observed her. He wondered what she will do and he was also curious about the secret she's hiding.

A magic circle appeared in her palm. Then, the red bar above the door shone brightly before they heard the metallic sound inside the door indicating that she opened the door.

Cluster suddenly loses her consciousness. She fell down and Bryan, who was beside her, caught her before she landed.


The huge metal door slowly opened and revealed a dark room.

"What?!" Souta was shocked when he saw this. The way she opened the door was different from what he knew.

"How did she do that?"

He tried to recall if there's another way to open the door but unfortunately, he couldn't think of anything.

The only way to open this door was too filled the red bar using the bodies of the undead, but Cluster did it in her own way.


Souta doesn't have any ideas on how she did that.

He stepped forward and looked at Cluster on Bryan's arms. He checked her pulse and found that she was just unconscious.

"What happened, Souta?" Bryan asked him while looking at Cluster with a hint of concern in his eyes.

"She's fine. You don't have to worry about her."

Souta said to him. He then entered the dark room behind the door. He used his [Fire Ball] spell to create light.

The light from the fireball illuminated the whole room. Souta saw a bunch of equipment on the ground. The grade of the equipment ranges from Colorless to Blue grade.

The one that caught his attention was the normal-looking chest at the back of the room. This thing was hiding the spellbook that he wanted.

"Okay, let's check it out," Souta said as he stepped forward.

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》