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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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64 Undead Cyclops

Souta squatted down and placed his hands on the side of the chest before he opened it.

Inside the chest, he saw a thick black book. The book looks ordinary and it doesn't have any titles indicating what's written inside this book.

The [Undead Light] spell.

A spell where he could shot a dark light. If the target was undead, they will only lose their energy. But if it's not undead, the target will lose their life force and the life force will go to the user. And if the target died using the skill, then the target will become undead.

The user will be able to use the life force he/she collected to increase the damage of his/her attack and defense.

The spell can only target one person at a time. It will increase by leveling up the skill. It also can not be used while using another spell.

Souta smiled looking at the spellbook on his hand. This spell was a Tier 2 spell. It means that he couldn't use his skill points to learn this skill as he only had a low-level class. Tier 2 spell was for those who have mid-level class and Tier 3 spell was for those who have high-level class.

But Souta didn't have a plan to use skill points to learn this skill. He will try to learn it manually. After he learned the spell, he would also try if he could imprint it in his inner consciousness making it an inner spell just like the rest of his spell.

"Souta, what's that?" Lumilia asked him from behind.

Souta glanced at her and said, "It's a spellbook."

"Hmm... Is that the reason why you came here?" Lumilia nodded and asked.

"Nope, I don't even know that this spell is here in the first place," Souta answered her. He said this because he wanted her to know that he doesn't have any idea about what's inside this room. It will be suspicious if he knew what's inside the locked door.

"I see... So what's your reason?" Lumilia nodded and asked what's his objective in this place.

"The Rotten Venomous Green Apple," Souta replied. Since they were already here and they will know his goal when they arrived in the boss room, Souta decided to tell her.

"Did real Venomous Green Apple grow here?" Lumilia asked him with wide eyes. She heard about the Venomous Green Apple, so she had an idea about it. Then, something came into her mind. "Rotten?"

"Yeah, it decayed because of the negative energy of the undead that is guarding the Venomous Green Apple. That's the reason why it became a Rotten Venomous Green Apple." Souta explained to her.

"That's unfortunate..." Lumilia said as she lowered her head. She knew that the value of the Venomous Green Apple was greater than the Mystical Light Cherry, but since it was a rotten one the value became less than the cherry.

"Well, the client still wants it so what could I do?" Souta shrugged his shoulder.

"I see..." Lumilia recalled that Bryan said that they came here because of the quest.


Souta clapped his hand to gathered everyone's attention and said, "You can pick anything that you wanted here. We could bring all of this equipment so pick the thing that you only want."

Lumilia, Fred, and Jusmin just stayed in their place. They were not interested in some Blue grade equipment.

But Bryan was different, he wasn't a noble and he didn't have money to buy his own set of equipment. All the money he earned was for paying the institute.

Bryan was excited when he saw a lot of equipments on the ground. He went around to looked at the equipment with an excited expression.

"You can pick anything you want Bryan. You can also sell it." Souta advised to Bryan.

"Okay." Bryan nodded as he continued to check every equipment on the floor.

Souta looked around and picked up some Blue grade equipment. He then called Yuko and hung those equipments in her back.

"Good! We will earn a few hundred gold coins for these equipments." Souta nodded with a satisfied expression.

Souta looked at his stats and saw that [Harvester of the Soul] only need a few more souls before he could use its effect once again. The souls of the monsters, bandits, and the undead that he killed before almost filled the bar.

Just a little bit more and his stats would increase once again.

His base stats were mostly in balance right now. His strength attribute would increase than any of his attributes because he picked it when he evolved into High End Goblin. His agility and dexterity attributes were catching up because of the [Harvester of the Soul]. And his intelligence attributes were also increasing because of his class. The only thing he lacks was a skill to increase his vitality attributes.


The group waited for Cluster to regained her consciousness. She woke up after thirty minutes since she opened the door.

Souta didn't ask her how she managed to open the door because he thought that Cluster doesn't have any idea about that. Even if she knew that side of her, she will keep silent about it because she already hid why those people from before were after her. Naturally, she doesn't want to talk about it.

Lumilia also didn't ask about it. Since she didn't ask about, naturally Fred and Jusmin wouldn't ask too.

Bryan was different. He was just amazed and praised Cluster because she managed to open the door that he couldn't open.

"Okay, we will go now," Souta said to them while glancing at Cluster.

Cluster was beside Jusmin still feeling weak. It seems that she exhausted her strength in opening the door.

Souta then looked at Jusmin. "You stay beside Cluster." He planned to quickly kill the boss, the Undead Cyclops, with this group. He, Bryan, Yuko, Lumilia, and Fred will attack the boss. He knew how powerful the boss, so even with this group it would take some time.

"Yeah. I will protect her." Jusmin nodded and she patted Cluster's head.

"Good." Souta nodded.


Souta led them to the boss room. Their journey wasn't smooth as they met some undead on their way to the boss room. Since all of them were fighting except for Cluster and Jusmin they easily eliminated those undead.

Half an hour later they arrived in front of a wide space. The area of the boss room was wider than any other part of the dungeon here. The distance between the ceiling and the floor was twenty-five meters.

Souta and the rest looked inside and saw a five-meter tall undead standing in the center of the room. This was the boss of this dungeon, the Undead Cyclops. Beside the Undead Cyclops was a tall rock and on top of it was a small tree without any leaf. They saw only saw one fruit which was hanging in one of its branches.

"So that's the Venomous Green Apple..." Jusmin said in wonder while looking at the green apple.

"Yeah, and that's my goal." Souta nodded and turned his attention to Yuko.

He approached her and took the equipments that were hanging on her back. He then placed it on the ground. He did this so that Yuko could fight without restraint.

"Jusmin, stay out of the fight," Lumilia said to Jusmin.

"Yes, young miss." Jusmin nodded at her.

"You can go now," Souta said as he patted Yuko's back.


Yuko roared and she charged towards the Undead Cyclops.

The Undead Cyclops noticed her so it turned its body and faced Yuko.


The two clashed causing a loud sound that echoed in the whole room.

"Here I go!" Bryan clenched his fist as he bent his knees and charged towards the Undead Cyclops.

Lumilia closed her eyes and she gathered her mana in her palm. She then casted a spell towards the Undead Cyclops.

[Water Blade]!!

A blade made of water shot towards the back of the Undead Cyclops.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

[Shadow Bind]!!

Souta also used his spell to restrict the movements of the Undead Cyclops.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fred also charged as he joined Bryan and Yuko in battling the Undead Cyclops. While Lumilia and Souta provided them support using their spells.

[Agility Boost]!!

[Strength Boost]!!

Souta casted his support spell on Bryan, Fred, and Yuko. He looked at them before he pulled out the [Vajra Sword Saya] on his waist.

He looked at Lumilia and said, "I will join them, you can continue supporting us using your magic."

Lumilia nodded and she casted [Water Bomb] spell.

Bryan, Fred, and Yuko took a distance away from the Undead Cyclops and Lumilia's spell exploded.


"Continue!!" Souta shouted. He knew that the Undead Cyclops wouldn't die that easily. The boss was a powerful undead. It possessed the power to carry the level of this dungeon higher than the low-level dungeon, so it wouldn't die easily.

They nodded at him before they launched themselves at the boss of this dungeon.


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