The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
71 Battle for the Mystical Light Cherry: Julius Reinhar and Carmilla Rybentatores
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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71 Battle for the Mystical Light Cherry: Julius Reinhar and Carmilla Rybentatores

Souta's mind went blank at the appearance of the two people. He couldn't understand why would they appear at this place and at this time.

The appearance of these people.

The Commandments of the God's Will.

One of the three organizations that frightened the whole world.

Back in the game, the Commandments of the God's Will made a debut in version 3 of the game along with the other two evil organizations. It was at the time when Mechanic Country waged a war in its neighboring countries.

In the past, he clashed many times with the Commandments of the God's Will and the Seven Deadly Sins. He was familiar with their power and knew that even at his peak he would be able to slay one of the Commandments.

He only managed to subdued the Commandment of Patience with the help of other commanders of Mechanic Country. Three commanders of the Mechanic Country were needed to subdue a single Commandment.

That's how terrifying the Commandments.

Souta observed the two people. He remembered their face and he recalled their powers.

One man and one woman.

The man was Julius Reanhar, the Love Commandment of the God's Will. He was a man with long blonde hair and part of his bangs covered his left eye. His red pupils were gleaming with power and there's a tattoo of a red arrow in his left eye pointing downward. Below that arrow was the "Love" word written in cursive form.

He was a human with power rivaling that of a God. He doesn't have any special powers but his spells were all above Tier 3. It was enough to wipe out the whole Desolate Woods.

The woman was Carmilla Rybentatores, the Truth Commandments of the God's Will. She was a beautiful woman with long black hair that was tied in a ponytail at the back of her head. Her eyes were also crimson in color but hers was darker than Julius. Her skin was pale that it looks like she didn't have any blood flowing in her body.

She was a high vampire that has the power to control her blood and used it as her weapon. The thing that people need to watch out about her was her regenerative power. Also, she was extremely versatile in terms of combat. She could fight in long-range, mid-range, and close range.

Souta was warier about her than Julius.

But... The question was why are they here.

What's their goal in this forest?

Is it Cluster?


If that's the case, then they wouldn't bother coming here in this area and they will directly go to Cluster's position. Also, the people from before didn't have any connection to God's Will at all. The people who were after Cluster was just a small organization, not a colossal group like God's Will.

But he couldn't eliminate that possibility. There's a chance that they were after Cluster. If they're really after her, then he wouldn't be able to do anything.

He knew Carmilla. Since she was the Truth Commandments, the thing that's coming out of her mouth we're always the truth. She wouldn't tell a lie.

So, should he ask her or not?

Nope, there's a chance that it would make her displease and killed him instantly.

Souta looked at Bryan and said, "Bryan, don't move no matter what happens."

"Why?" Bryan asked him as he couldn't understand what's happening. He doesn't have any idea who's those two people.

"Just do it. Don't ask me, I will explain everything later." Souta said with a grave expression.

"O-Okay." Bryan nodded his bloody head. His face was full of blood. Souta doesn't have any idea how he could move in such condition.

Fred quietly listened to Souta. Since Souta thought that the people who appeared were dangerous, it must be so.

The Earth Crawler Ape gazed at the two people. Its instinct was telling it to run away as fast as possible. These two people weren't the prey. Instead, they were the hunter.

Vince and Gredi, the knight leaders, slowly went back to their young masters while looking at the two people with a frown in their faces.

"Gredi(Vince) why did you stop?!"

The two young masters asked their knights. They also don't have any idea about the strange atmosphere since the two people appeared.

"Hmm...? Why are you looking at us?" Julius asked them as he tilted his head in confusion.

"I said ignore them. We need to accomplish our goal." Carmilla said to Julius with annoyance in her voice. "Let's go." She added before she walked towards the spot of the tree of the Mystical Light Cherry.

Her actions made the ape displeased. The Earth Crawler Ape roared angrily and dashed towards Carmilla. Its best feram was focused on pressuring her.


"Hmph!" Carmilla snorted and she waved her slender arm towards the ape.


The head of the Earth Crawler Ape flew in the mid-air before it landed on the ground with a loud "thud" sound. Its face revealed a shock expression. It looks like the ape couldn't understand how it died.

The lower body of the ape spurted out a large amount of blood. The blood spurted like a fountain as it dyed the ground in blood-red color.

"Don't bother me." Carmilla frowned in displeasure. She then held her pale hand as she continued to walk towards the tree of Mystical Light Cherry.

Fred, Bryan, and the two knight leaders were shocked when they witnessed how Carmilla killed the Earth Crawler Ape with a single wave of her hand. They finally understood how dangerous these two people.

They couldn't even defeat the Earth Crawler Ape but this woman just waved her hand and the ape died just like that.

"Bryan, Fred, slowly get back. We already accomplished our goal so we need to go back now." Souta said while observing Carmilla and Julius.

Fred and Bryan just nodded their head. They wouldn't dare to say something in the presence of these two powerful people.

They slowly move their feet not daring to make any sound. They followed what Souta said.

Vince and Gredi, the knight leaders, noticed what Fred and Bryan doing. They wanted to stop them but they were extremely wary of the unknown people who had unfathomable strength.

"How pitiful this little creature. Why did you attack us, the messenger of the Supreme God. You know that only death awaits for those people who got in the way of the Supreme God." Julius said with a pitiful expression while placed his palm together and looked in the sky.

Carmilla and Julius stopped moving at the same time. Both of them looked in the sky.

"It seems that we have a guess coming here. How wonderful it is. You people here are lucky that you will witness how we take the body of a God." Julius said to everyone with a smile on his face.

Souta frowned when he heard Julius's words.

Body of a God? It seems that was their goal here in Desolate Woods. To think that such a secret was lying here in this forest.

He also understood what the first part means. It seems that people were coming here to stop them. Nope, the information wasn't enough to conclude that the people were coming here to stop the commandments. He only knew that someone was coming here.

"Once I gave a signal, run as fast as you can, Bryan, Fred," Souta said in a low voice.

Fred and Bryan nodded their head in understanding.

"Julius, you deal with them. I will pick up the body of the God." Carmilla said before she turned around and walked towards the tree of the Mystical Light Cherry.

"Okay, I know what should I do. All of this is for the love of our Supreme God, the creator of all things." Julius said with passionate expression.

Suddenly, a booming sound echoed in the sky. A shadow fell down from the sky and crashed on the ground. It was followed up by three more figures.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Souta, Fred, Bryan, and the two knight leaders were startled. They raised their hand to cover their eyes from the gust of wind.


The wind blew strongly and it blew away the smoke and dust.

Souta and the rest saw a man with blonde hair which was comb upwards. His orange pupils' were gleaming with uncontrollable anger.

"Are you the one who killed my son?" He asked with clear anger in his voice. He didn't even bother hiding his dominating aura.


His aura caused the earth to shook. The earth trembled like it was afraid of the man.

He was the head of the Rougen Family, Jusvin De Rougen. A powerful noble hailed from the Melosa Country.

Behind him were two middle-aged men and one man in his early twenties. They were the head of the Dry Gulch town, his assistant, and his best friend. They came here to investigate why a lot of nobles died in this place.

"Your son? Hmm... I don't know about that but... There's a chance that he's already in our Lord's Kingdom. I'm sure that he's happy there with the presence of our God." Julius said as he put a finger in his lips.

"Lord's Kingdom? What is that? Tell me or else I will kill you!" Justin said in an angry tone.

"It means that he's dead. Our God already took him because he's such a good child. So, do you want to meet our God in his kingdom?" Julius said as he looked at the sky and opened his arms widely.

Souta who was watching at the sideline didn't know what to say. He knew that this was the chance to escape as these people were going to fight here in this place. If they were too close then the aftershocks of the battle were going to affect them.

He silently glanced at Bryan at the corner of his eyes.

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》