The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
72 Battle for the Mystical Light Cherry: Destruction Ground Volcano
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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72 Battle for the Mystical Light Cherry: Destruction Ground Volcano

"It means that he's dead but I think that he was happy in the presence of the Supreme God," Julius said with an assured expression.

"You!!" Jusvin looked at Julius with an angry expression. His blueish aura flared up and the people could even see it with their bare eyes.


'Even I don't know if their Supreme God truly exists or not.' Souta thought when he heard Julius' words.

He knew that the people of God's Will worshipped the Supreme God or the Creator of the Cosmos. They would do anything for the Supreme God.

He looked at the corpse of the Earth Crawler Ape. The ape died because it wanted to protect the Mystical Light Cherry Tree from Carmilla.

He wanted to get its monster orb but... it's too dangerous.


"Are you the one who killed all the people here?"

A middle-aged man stepped forward and asked. He was the Head of the Dry Gulch Town.

Although, he was only the Head of a town he possessed incredible power. The Dry Gulch Town wasn't a simple town. A lot of people coveted this town but the Head managed to protect it from those greedy people.

"No, I'm not. Carmilla is the one who did it." Julius adamantly shook his head. It seems that he really wasn't the one who killed those people.

"By Carmilla... Do you mean that girl?" The Head of the Town looked at Carmilla's back.

"Yeah, yeah, don't bother her, or else you would die too." Julius nodded his head at the Head's question.

"Rommel, I have a bad feeling about this." The other middle-aged man said to the Head. He was Alfred, the friend of the Head.

"Yeah, I have the same feeling too." Rommel, the Head of the Dry Gulch Town, nodded at Alfred's words. "But..." He turned his head and looked at Jusvin who was filled with anger.

He knew that Jusvin's son died in this expedition and the one who killed his son was in front of him. If he was in Jusvin's position, he too wouldn't let this chance to kill the one who killed his son.

Jusvin's aura reached the peak and he charged towards Julius with a speed that no normal human could possess.


In just a second Jusvin arrived in front of Julius. He pushed back his fist and gathered a large amount of mana. He then threw it at Julius' face.


Julius flew and crashed in the trees behind him. The powerful punch of Jusvin parted the trees in the whole area.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Julius held his cheeks as he slowly stood up. He looked in the sky and saw thunder crackling above him.


The lightning fell down in his direction with a powerful momentum.

"Ufufu, shall I fight back or not." Julius laughed and he moved both of his hand in circle.

Then, a blue magic circle appeared in the air. It turned into a barrier and blocked the lightning in the sky.

Boom!! Boom!!

The lightning continued to descend in his direction but the barrier blocked all of it. It didn't even leave a scratch to the barrier.


Jusvin roared and he launched another powerful spell.


A dragon made of lightning formed beside him. The dragon was one hundred feet in length and it possessed extremely destructive power. It was a Tier 3 Spell called [Call of the Lightning Dragon].

"Ufufu! What a fascinating spell you have!" Julius opened his arms widely in madness. Several barriers appeared around him in an instant.

"The heck with this. We're still here." Souta cursed when he saw that spell. He knew how powerful that spell and the range of that spell. He turned around and shouted, "Bryan, Fred! Run!!"

Bryan and Fred snapped out when they heard his voice. They were stunned by the power of Jusvin. The level of this battle was entirely different than what they usually saw.


Fred shouted as he turned around and ran as fast as possible. Bryan also followed Fred.

Souta used [Agility Boost] on the two to increase their running speed. The battle of this scale was going to wipe out this whole inner woods. He needed to get out of this place as soon as possible.

The two knight leaders saw Souta, Bryan, and Fred fled away from the battlefield. They carried their young master and followed them.






Several huge explosion that shook the entire forest occurred in the inner woods.

Jusvin opened his palm and aimed it on Julius. Then, a beam of lightning shot out from his palm towards Julius.


Julius smirked and created a barrier to block the lightning. He dodges and blocked Jusvin's attack. At this time, he didn't even attack at all. All he did was block and dodge.

Rommel, the Head of the Dry Gulch Town, and Alfred flashed.

Both of them appeared beside Julius.

The two decided to help Jusvin subdue this man. They knew that it was going to be a problem once the woman joined the battle, so they thought that they needed to defeat Julius as soon as possible.

Rommel pulled out the giant sword on his back. It was a one and a half meter long sword. A red grade weapon.

Blueish energy covered his sword.

[Dominating Earth Slash]!!

He used high-level combat art against Julius.

Alfred pulled back both of his fists and activated his combat arts.

[Fierce Hundred Punch]!!

He shot a barrage of punches towards Julius.

Both of their combat arts directly hit Julius' body.


Julius' body flew away and crashed in the trees one hundred meters away from Rommel and Fred.

A huge shockwave swept out in the area and the trees were uprooted.

Suddenly, the trees stopped in the mod air. It moved and aimed towards Rommel and Fred.



One by one it flew towards them with a speed breaking the air around.


Rommel and Alfred prepared themselves for the upcoming clash when they heard a voice behind them.

"Let me."

Jusvin who was at the back controlled the [Call of the Lightning Dragon] spell. The spell swallowed the trees that were flying towards Rommel and Alfred.

The trees disintegrated within the body of the lightning dragon. It didn't even last a second when it turned into ashes.


The assistant just simply watched the battle. He turned his head and looked at Carmilla who was ignoring the battle.

He thought that it should be better to ignore her for a while as the priority right now was to defeat the man.

He placed both of his hands together and prepared to cast a large scale spell.

He gathered his mana around his palm and quietly build the magic circle.



Jusvin pointed at Julius' direction as he commanded the dragon to attack it.


Suddenly, all of them heard Julius' voice.

"Hahaha, it's my turn now. I let you meet our God. Come up and destroy everything [Destruction Ground Volcano]!!"


The ground beneath Jusvin, Alfred, and Rommel cracked like a spider web. The cracks spread quickly before the ground split into two.

"This is bad!" Jusvin muttered as he casted protection spell on his body.

Alfred went in front of Rommel and used powerful defensive combat art.

The three of them saw a red light coming out of the pit.


Volcanic rocks burst out of the ground. The burning rocks covered the whole sky.


Souta, Bryan, and Fred felt the shock waves of the battle. Even at their distance they still could felt the pressure coming out of the battlefield.

They were running when the ground shook heavily. The shaking was extremely powerful that it uprooted the towering trees. Then, they heard a loud booming sound.

The three of them looked up and saw huge boulders of rock covered the sky. The rocks were burning and it filled with powerful momentum that could destroy anything.

This scene was the same when a volcano exploded. The same natural disaster and Julius, the Love Commandments of the God's Will, was creating that scene.

Fred's face was painted with fear. It was his first time seeing something like this, so his emotion overwhelmed him.

Bryan was looking at this scene with an amazed expression. To think that people were capable of this much destruction was beyond him.

Souta looked at Bryan with a satisfied expression. Bryan was really something if this didn't make him afraid. But... Fred was different. Fred was just an ordinary butler in the house of Asvares.

"Don't worry about it. We're getting out of this place with class rep." Souta said to Fred.

"..." Fred snapped out of his daze when he heard Souta's voice. "That's right, young miss need to get out of this place!" He muttered to himself.


The people from the Dry Gulch Town woke up when the ground shook. This town was near the Desolate Woods, so even the people here felt the aftershocks.

All of them went outside of their house in a panic. They thought that it was an earthquake but what they saw outside filled their hearts in fear.

They saw huge boulders of rock covered the sky. The rocks reach the peak and it scattered in all directions like a fountain. This puts the people in the town in panic.


"Are we going to die?"


One by one the people of the town started to panic. They could see it with their own eyes that those huge burning rocks were going down straight in their direction. Those rocks were going to crush this city without a doubt.

"What hell is happening there?"

"The atmosphere there is really bad!"

Some sane people looked at the sky with a frown. They don't understand what's happening. They only knew that something bad was going on in the Desolate Woods. They knew that there's no volcano there, so it's impossible to think that it was a natural disaster.

Not just the people of Dry Gulch Town saw this scene, but also the people from different towns and villages near the Desolate Woods.

All of them saw this scene.


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