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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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76 Side Story: Yuko

My name is Yuko Ieshi.

I'm a Red Fur Bear.

I pick "Ieshi" as my surname because that is master surname. I think it would be great if I have the same surname as my master.

Actually, I'm afraid of my master. Master is scary when he is angry.

The scar on my left eye.

My master did that.

Master stabbed me in the eye when we first met. Remembering that scene still gives me goosebumps.

That day when master tried to kill me scared me to death. I saw master was tired that day so I thought I could bully him. But I didn't expect my master was strong even though he was tired.

I tried to defend with all my might but master was attacking me without stopping. He's inflicting wounds in my soft body left and right.

"Yah!! I don't want it! I don't like it! Stop! It hurts!!"

I shouted at that time but master couldn't understand me.

Then, I remember a powerful move that my mother taught me before she left.

It is...

Acting cute...

I looked at master with teary eyes as I lowered my head in front of him. Even though I was afraid of him, I still look at him in the eyes.

I thought I was gonna die at that time. I silently curse my mother for teaching that move. I closed my eyes preparing myself.

...but after a long time, nothing happens.

I opened my eyes and looked at my master's face. Even though he still has that stoic face of his, he must have thought that I'm the cutest bear in the world.



I'm the cutest bear in the world and it's a loss if he would just kill me. So that day master abducted me.

I'm sorry mother for cursing you. Your move helped me this time.

He even gave me a name.

Yuko. That's me... What a wonderful name. It's suitable to a cute bear like me.


You think I would forgive you in what you did to me just by giving me a name.

I'm not an easy bear.

Then, one day he gave me tons of fruits and meat. I couldn't help but gulped when I saw this.


I shall forgive you for stabbing my eye this time.


Although our first meeting was a disaster, I come to love my master. After that, my master always give me tons of fruits and meat.

He always petted me and I love that feeling.

I only don't like is that he's letting me stay in this cramped space. Ah~ it's frustrating that I couldn't move freely in this place.

I waited for master to came back here every day. Even though he's gone from morning to afternoon, I still wait in this cramped space.

Lately, master and I went to a faraway land. That place is full of dangerous people.

I don't like this feeling.

I don't want this but master is here, so I should hold myself.

Master came to fight a monkey. That monkey was dangerous and I got scared while looking at it. The energy it was releasing was suppressing me.

I could hardly breathe under the suppression.

I stayed with three girls at that time, so I couldn't get to watch master's figure when he was fighting.

These three little girls what's their relationship to master. Hmm? I want to know that and ask them but they couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand them in return. This language barrier I'm going to break it.

I waited here for a long time and when master came back. Master had injury and since I love master I decided to carry him.


Oh? Master is early. Master! I'm hungry hurry up and feed me!

"Yuko! We're rich now!"

Hmm? I still couldn't understand master's words but I think it wouldn't be that long before we could have a proper conversation.

Still, I could understand master's words vaguely. It must be because master loves me so much.


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