The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
84 I“ll capture the red flag of other class
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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84 I“ll capture the red flag of other class

The students of the Mage Class 1-B were in the middle of the mountain. They were in the place outside of Ladros City. A private place owned by the Ladro Institute.

It's not just that Mage Class 1-B was here, all the first-year students of the Ladro Institute were present in this place along with their homeroom teacher.

The Mage, Shield, Brawler, Lance, Sword, and Healer Class were all here in this place. They were looking at each other with a wary expression. Everyone outside of their class was going to become their enemies in this special test.

The higher years wanted to watch the special test of the first-year, but they have their own test too. They were curious who's class is going to stand at the top after this special test.

The first-year this time was quite strange. Each of them possessed their own quirk that made them stand out.

Souta observed every class silently. It was a class battle and it's the first time that the first-year students will take a special test. He noticed some strong people from the other classes. They were the top 10 in the ranking of the first-year students. It's not that all the powerful students were in the top 10.

Just like him... He's confident that he could fight those students who were in the top 10 with his current strength. Also in his class, there were students that could put up a fight with him. He noticed it that a few of his classmates shrugged off the pressure that he did before.

Bargan stood in front of the Mage Class 1-B and slowly explained the rules of the special test. Souta and the rest of the students listened to Bargan without making a sound.

The special test revolves around capturing the flag of other classes. Every class will be given one red flag. They needed to protect it from the other classes.

If a class loses their red flag then they will lose 100 class points.

If a class manages to acquire the red flag of other class then they will receive 50 class points.

Of course, this was not the only way to receive class points. The other way was to capture the leader of the class. Capturing the leader of the other classes wasn't going to be easy. They needed to guess who was the leader first before proceeding to capture the leader.

Each class was given twenty handcuffs and once they used one handcuff they could never use it again. It means that each class only has twenty chance to capture the leader of other classes. If they somehow capture the wrong person, then they will only lose 10 class points. But if they capture a correct person, then they will receive 20 class points.

The class will not be the one to decide their leader. The institute will be the one to decide that. Each student will receive a message in the device on their wrist and they will know if they're the leader or not. It will be the student's choice if he/she wanted to reveal the content of the message. They could hide the name of the leader this way if no one in the whole class knew who's their leader.

Since this was the first special test, all the classes have 500 class points. It means that they will receive 500 private points every month. They can use these points however they wanted.

Souta thought that he should put more effort this time. He exchanged most of his private points in the three combat arts that he recently learned through rigorous training that he did in the past two months.

After Bargan explained the details of the special test, the students of the Mage Class 1-B felt the device on their wrist vibrated. They looked over and saw that they receive a message.

Before they could look at the content of the message, Bargan opened his mouth and said something.

"You can talk to yourself and prepare for the test. You can check the position of your red flag in the device. The test will start in thirty minutes, so prepare yourself and devise a plan." Bargan turned around but he stopped moving. He remembered something so he turned his head and looked at them. "If you have any questions, you can ask me. I'm in the teacher's tent."

"Thanks, teacher Bargan," Lumilia said to Bargan. She then looked at her classmates and said, "Everyone may I have your attention."

The students of Mage Class 1-B didn't have a choice to refuse her. Lumilia was the class rep, so she's responsible in keeping the class together. Also, everyone knew that they were going to devise a plan for this special test.

Lumilia was satisfied when she gathered everyone's attention. She opened her mouth and asked, "Can you please check the message you receive just now?"

Everyone followed the class rep. They looked at the message that they received. Lumilia also checked the message that she received. She found that she wasn't the leader this time. She somehow felt her burden lightened. She doesn't know if she could protect herself from other classes if she's the leader.

But deep inside her heart, she still wanted to become the leader. She wanted to do everything for this class.

Souta looked at the message that he received and found that he wasn't the leader. He actually wanted to be a leader and let every class know it, so that he would become the target. He wanted to test his newly acquired strength this time.

He was now a Goblin Corruptor, not a High End Goblin. A High End Goblin could increase one of his chosen stats, while the Goblin Corruptor was an enemy of all living creatures. A super-rare type of goblin that lived in ancient times. It has the power to deal more damage to any living creatures in the world.

A Goblin doesn't have any traits. It was ordinary and weak. It's only redeeming quality was its ability to adapt. His first form was that of an ordinary goblin.

Next, was the High End Goblin. He would be forced to evolve into a Hobgoblin if he doesn't found the [Soul Blood Earring] at that time. A Hobgoblin was only a better version of an ordinary goblin.

He desperately needed strength back then in the Undead Sanctuary. When he evolved he chooses the strength attribute, so he was a strength type goblin. He could choose one of the stats that he had at that time but he chooses the strength stats. It was because he wanted to balance his stats. He decided to leave the strength stats to his race.

Choosing two stats as a High End Goblin? That's impossible. A lot of monster type players did that in the game but nothing happens even if they all reach 50 in all stats. Also, if it's possible, he still will not do that. He needed strength more than anything at that time, so delaying his evolution would make him easier to kill. One more thing, the soul of the monsters in the upper floor of the sanctuary wasn't enough for him to reach 50 attributes in all stats. Reaching 50 in strength already made him conquered three dungeons. Also, the souls he needed every time he uses the effect was getting higher.

To reach all 50 in his every stats, he needed to go down to the middle floor or exited the Undead Sanctuary. But that's also impossible... He's just a normal Goblin that doesn't undergo any evolution. The monsters on the upper floor were nothing compared to the middle floor. He would be killed instantly the moment he stepped his foot there.

Then, the Curse Cemetery outside the sanctuary. It was also a bad idea to go there with his current strength as a goblin. The same thing will happen to him.

Next, is his current form, the Goblin Corruptor. Since he would mostly fight living creatures he decided to pick this as his second evolution.

As for his third, he will think about that later in the future. There's a lot of time before he reached the level requirements of his third evolution.



Souta was deeply thinking about something when Bryan called his name loudly. He snapped out of his thoughts at Bryan's loud voice. He looked around and found that everyone was looking at him.

Souta smiled awkwardly and asked, "What is it?"

"The class rep is asking for your opinion," Bryan whispered to his ears.

Souta looked at Lumilia and said, "I'm sorry class rep. I'm just thinking about something."

"That's okay. Then, what do you think should we do in this special test? Maintain our class points or capture the red flag of other classes to increase our class points?" Lumilia shook her head and then she asked him about the special test. She valued Souta's strength, so she asked for his opinion.

"Hmm... I think we should increase our class points by capturing the red flag of the other class." Souta rubbed his chin and said.

"So do you have a plan?" Lumilia followed up with a question of her.

"Nothing much. We should just let some people protect the red flag while the other people capture the flag of the other class." Souta said. Then, his mouth curved into a smile. "I'll capture the flag for our class, so you can focus on protecting our red flag."11


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