The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
91 Fierce Battle: Randolf“s strength
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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91 Fierce Battle: Randolf“s strength

"Top 3 ranker, right? Then, show me how powerful a top fighter of this institute!" Randolf looked at Yuriko and said with a grin on his face. He took a stepped forwards. "Stand back, I'll handle her."

Yujin frowned while looking at him. He didn't know how Randolf knew about that power of his.

"Oi! Randolf, are you going to fight her alone?" Lumilia asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

Randolf glanced at her and said, "There's nothing to worry about me. You should be worried about my opponent."

Yuriko frowned when she heard those words of his. She grunted in displeasure and clenched her fingers around the handle of her sword tightly.

"Those are big words," Yuriko said in a serious tone.

"That's nothing," Randolf said as he shook his head.

Suddenly, Yuriko swung her sword towards Randolf who was acting like he could defeat her.

[One Slash One Kill]!

A blue energy wave flew straight towards Randolf. This was the combat arts that Yuriko used before against Yujin.

"Hehe~" Randolf grinned widely and he slowly lifted up his hand. He opened his palm and grabbed the blue energy wave.


"Wha-" Yuriko was stunned when she saw this scene. Randolf used his bare hand to block her skill. The worse thing was he didn't really block it but he grabbed it.

Lumilia was also shocked. She didn't think that Randolf could block Yuriko's skill like nothing. To think there's still a classmate of her that could rival the top students of this institute.

'He knew something from me. And he possessed this power.' Yujin frowned deeply while looking at this scene. He then heard a voice inside his head. "Let's defeat that arrogant man together, Yuyu! Use me!"

Yujin ignored the voice in his head. He focused his attention on Randolf.

Randolf tightened his hand and crushed the blue energy wave into tiny particles. He smirked and looked at Yuriko with an amused expression.

"You!!" Yuriko gritted her teeth and charged towards Randolf.


In just a second, she arrived in front of Randolf. She swung her sword in front of him but Randolf caught her sword between his thumb and index finger.

She knew it. She knew that this man was stronger than the man she fought before. The very moment that Randolf crushed her attack before, she instantly knew that he was powerful.

That's why she wasn't surprised when she saw Randolf caught her sword using his fingers.

Yuriko lifted up her feet and kicked Randolf's side.


Randolf flew away and crashed into a huge boulder of rock.


The dust and smoke shot up in the air. It covered the area around Randolf.

"Huff... How about that?" Yuriko said as she looked at the smoke with a grin on her face.

Soon, they saw a silhouette stood up from the smoke. Randolf walked out of the smoke and he revealed himself to Yuriko.

Randolf still has that smile on his face. He opened his mouth and said, "I guess, it's my turn now."

Yuriko subconsciously took a step back. She's finally getting nervous and she understood that Randolf was the same as the two people that rank above her. Before, she only thought that he was a little bit stronger than her. Her mind subconsciously denied the fact that Randolf was entirely above her level.

Randolf took a step forward and he slowly lifted his hand. He opened his palm and aimed it at Yuriko.

"Prepare yourself." He said with a smile and his mana flared up.

[Fierce Wind Wave]!!


A powerful and fierce wind shot towards Yuriko. Her body was pushed away like a paper and was smashed into the trees behind her.

But it wasn't enough to stop her momentum. She continued to crash in the trees until she was one hundred meters away from Randolf.

All the trees in the direction of the attack were smashed. They were uprooted and turned into tiny pieces.

Yuriko was at the end without consciousness. She passed out with just one attack of Randolf.

"So, this is the top 3 ranker," Randolf muttered with a hint of disappointment in his voice. He then turned around and went back to where he was sitting before.

Yujin and Lumilia widened their eyes. Their eyes were full of disbelief and amazement. They didn't think that Randolf, who was just an ordinary classmate of them, would defeat the top 3 ranker of the first year, Yuriko.

"How...?" Lumilia turned her wide eyes at Randolf. She looked at him from top to bottom. This man who looks ordinary was hiding this strength.

The defeat of the top 3 ranker, Yuriko, stopped the battles around the campsite of the Mage Class 1-B.

Yuriko's three comrades were still stunned because of what happened to Yuriko.

Rindo forgot that she was fighting Alice. Her mind went blank when she saw Yuriko was passed out.

Alice frowned looking at this. She charged forward and swung her spear at Rindo's side.

"Argh!" Rindo snapped out as she felt the pain in her side. She then turned her eyes and saw a fist in front of her.


Alice punched her using her full strength. She then lifted her feet and launched a powerful kick at her stomach.

[Repulsion Kick]!


Rindo flew a few meters away and rolled on the ground before she finally stopped. She looked at Alice and said, "Y-You coward." She then fell unconscious.

"It's your fault for looking away when you're fighting me." Alice snorted before she turned around.

Yuriko's remaining comrades took the unconscious Yuriko and Rindo away. They decided to retreat because their main combatant, Yuriko, got defeated by an unknown student from the Mage Class 1-B.

Lumilia sighed at this. They could now focus their strength on the other class that was attacking them. She glanced at Randolf as she wondered why he was concealing his strength.


In the teacher's campsite.

All the teacher was stunned when they saw the fight between Randolf and Yuriko.

The woman who was rank 3 in the whole first year versus the man who didn't participate in the ranking battles of the first year.

At the end of the battle, the man won. He defeated the rank 3 using his own power.

All the teachers thought that Randolf was going to lose and he would only put up a slightly good fight. But they never thought that Yuriko would lose to a man who didn't have a rank. It never occurred in their mind that some of the students were still hiding their real strength.

They thought that everyone wanted to fight and gain points. It was because they could redeem any spells and combat arts in the library with a certain amount of points.

Even Randolf's own teacher was shocked by what he displayed. Bargan didn't even know that Randolf was hiding his real strength.

"You're students are really something. They even defeated my best student." Jess, the teacher of the Sword Class 1-A, said to Bryan with a sighed.

"Yeah, each one of them surprises me," Bargan said with a nod. He wondered why Randolf decided to fight Yuriko. If he was really hiding his power then there's no need for him to interfere in the battle. He could just stay back and watched how the situation will unfold.

The projection only transmitted the views from the battlefield. It could not transmit the sounds on the battlefield, so they could not hear what they're talking about.

"Really good." Jess murmured as he looked at Randolf's protection. He hesitated for a second before he opened his mouth and said, "That spell..."

"Yeah, that's a tier 2 spell, and judging from his casting speed it's an inner spell." Bargan said and he paused for a moment before he continued, "There's also a possibility that he could cast a tier 2 spell with that speed and that's not his inner spell."

"It means that he's a genius just like that Yanagi from the higher year," Jess said as he looked at Bargan.

"There's a possibility." Bargan nodded.




Souta was carrying Lynn in his arm as he traveled in the mid-air using the combat arts [Air Walk].

"You're amazing, Souta. We already gather seven flags. There's no doubt that we will score the highest in this special test." Lynn said in an excited voice.

"Yeah, yeah." Souta nodded at her.

A few dozen minutes had passed since the test started and they already managed to collect seven flags in total. The test was going to end soon and if they continued it at this pace. There's a chance that they will score the highest.

He could only trust Bryan to collect two or three flags. That's enough for him and his class to score the highest.

Suddenly, Souta stepped on the air in front of him and he changed his direction.

"Ahh!!" Lynn was surprised at this sudden development. She could only scream and tightened her arms around Souta.


A palm-sized rock flew towards him and Souta immediately descend down to avoid the rock.


Souta descended with powerful momentum. It shook the ground and it caused a few trees to shake. He lifted up his head and saw a few figures walking towards them.

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》