The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
94 Fierce Battle: You don“t need to go that far!
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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94 Fierce Battle: You don“t need to go that far!

Souta grinned widely. If he fought these people alone then the chances that he could win were less than fifty percent.

It was only his estimation based on what he saw in the ranking battles and his stats. There's a chance that these people grew a lot stronger compared to when they were still fighting in the ranking battles.

Souta jumped away while casting the [Shadow Bind] spell. He then followed up by casting the [Shadow Spike].

Gyron waved his hand and the shadows turned into tiny particles of energy. It faded in the air as the wind blew. He then looked down and saw spikes bursting out of the ground. He lifted up his feet and stomped it on the ground.

[Titan's Stomp]!!

Cracks appeared beneath his feet and it spread quickly along with the force behind his stomp. It disintegrated the spikes as the cracks continued to spread on the ground.

Gyron, the top 1 ranker, was canceling all the spells that he casted. He's the one who protected May, Mark, and Bonny from his attacks. While these three were the ones who kept attacking Souta without care as they knew that Gyron was protecting them.

Souta landed on the small crater and Lynn was looking at him there while holding the seven flags that he collected.

He waved his hands towards the three as he casted [Shadow Bind] and [Shadow Spike].

The three jumped in the air and Gyron handled his two spells like it was nothing.

Gyron looked at Souta and said, "What is he planning to do?"

"Don't tell me he wanted to run," Sena said at his side. She was getting bored as she was the one who was carrying the flags that they collected.

"I couldn't see it in his eyes. He doesn't have that intention." Gyron shook his head and something came into his mind. "Ah! So that's how it is... He wanted his partner to get away first."

"Nnnn..." Sena looked at Souta with her eyes. "Then, what should we do?"

"Don't worry about it, as long as we capture Souta then that girl will be an easy prey," Gyron said.

"Lynn, you're too close on the battlefield. It will affect me." Souta said as he carried her in one hand and aimed his free hand towards his opponents.

He casted [Shadow Ball] before he jumped away.

"O-Okay." Lynn nodded as she understood what he meant. She tightened her grip in the flags that she was holding. She knew that this was the target of these students.


They were in the mid-air and Lynn finally got a clear view of who was chasing after them. She was surprised when she saw the team.

"T-That's the top 1 ranker...?" Lynn muttered in a nervous tone.

"Yeah." Souta nodded at her.

"Ugh!" She was familiar with them and especially Gyron. Gyron was famous in the whole institute for being the top 1 ranker.

"Don't worry about it. I will deal with them. Just hide for a while." Souta looked at her and assured her.

"O-Okay." Lynn nodded her head.

Both of them landed on the ground thirty meters away from Gyron and his comrades.

Souta released Lynn and said, "Just remember what I said."

"I will do my best. I will not disappoint you." Lynn said with a serious expression.

"Good," Souta smirked then he vanished from his position.


He reappeared behind Gyron and Sena. It shook the two people as they didn't see this coming. Souta never used this spell when he was fighting in the ranking battles, so they didn't know that he could teleport to the ball of shadow that he casted.

"Wha-" Gyron turned his head and saw Souta behind him.

"Hello." Souta gathered his mana on his fist before he threw it at Gyron.

Gyron wasn't the top 1 ranker for nothing. He quickly raised both of his hands and blocked Souta's punch.


"Argh!" Gyron gritted his teeth as he felt a powerful force pushing him away. He felt the taste of iron flowing into his mouth. He shouted, "Sena!!" He then flew ten meters away from Souta.

The power behind Souta's punch was greater than he expected. Of course, he was a living being and the trait skill [Corruption] could increase Souta's basic attacks against any living creature, so it's natural that he felt the power from this punch of Souta.

Also, Souta's [Triple Muscle Strengthening] and [Strength Boost] skills were still in effect.

That's what Souta wanted. To separate Gyron from Sena who was carrying their flags.

While Gyron was away Souta could focus on Sena. Souta quickly turned his attention to Sena and waved his hand.

He casted [Shadow Bind] and [Shadow Spike] spells to distracted Gyron and the other three for a few seconds. Even one second was enough for Souta.

Sena turned around and waved the flags toward Souta.

Souta crouched down to avoid it and placed his palm on the ground beneath Sena.

[Mud Slide]!!

The ground turned into a muddy pit and Sena's feet slowly sunk down.

"What the!!" Sena tried to move away but something strangled her feet. She looked down and saw the shadows.

Souta opened his palm and casted [Shadow Ball] towards May, Mark, and Bonny. He then grabbed Sena's neck. He then raised her up and smashed her in the ground.


Souta then shifted his head to the side and a fist passed beside his face. It grazed his cheeks and he felt the force behind her fist.

He opened his mouth and said, "You've gotten stronger..." He then raised her up once again before he smashed her on the ground.


Her gripped on the flags loosen and it all scattered around the place.

At this time, Gyron arrived beside Souta. He clenched both of his fists tightly and launched an attack on Souta.

[Wind Smash Combo]!!

Gyron threw a barrage of punches at Souta in every direction.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Souta moved his hands quickly as he tried to block all the punches. Unfortunately, he couldn't. Some of the punch slipped in and landed on his stomach, chest, and face.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

'As expected of top 1 ranker. He's on a different level than the rest of the students here.' Souta thought as he continued to move his hands to block the punches coming from Gyron.

He then vanished from his position and reappeared in the [Shadow Ball] that he threw before.


May, Mark, and Bonny were already waiting for him there. The instant that Souta appeared there, they quickly attacked him without hesitation.

May coming in front of him, Mark coming on his side, and Bonny coming behind him. They attacked with all they've got as they used their powerful combat arts.

Souta ignored Mark and Bonny. He focused himself on defending against May's attack. She was the strongest among the three of them and her attack wasn't something he could ignore like the other two.

May threw a powerful punch towards his face.


Souta tilted his head to avoid the punch. He raised his right hand and grabbed her wrist. Then, pain assaulted him from his back as Bonny's kick landed on his back.

He pulled May towards him as he took another blow.


The blow was aimed on his liver. Souta felt the taste of blood inside his mouth. He gritted his teeth and tightly grabbed May's wrist. Using his left hand, he grabbed her face and tightly gripped it.

"Argh!!" May writhed in pain as she grabbed Souta's wrist. She used her all of her strength in her grip on his wrist.

She's really strong as Souta felt his hand going numb from how tightly she gripped it.

Bang! Bang!

Once again Souta felt Mark and Bonny attacked him. He gritted his teeth and freed May's left hand. He then used his right hand to lift her.

"[Shadow Spike]..." Souta muttered as he lifted May's body.

"Don't tell me...!!" Mark opened his eyes widely when he saw this.

"Stop that!!" Bonny shouted as he gathered all of his mana to stop Souta.

"Huff..." Souta took a deep breath and smashed May on the [Shadow Spike] on the ground.


The spikes pierced through her limbs. It caused May to screamed painfully.

"AHHH!! MY ARMS!!! IT HURTS!! HELP ME!!" May screamed with tears forming in her eyes. Every time she moved her body extreme pain assaulted her.

Souta looked at her and gathered his mana on his hand. He knocked her out unconscious. It seems that she didn't have that much experience in battle if that pain could make her lose her composure.

"Souta Ieshi!!" Mark shouted at him. His face distorted from the anger he felt.


Bonny threw a punch but Souta grabbed his fist and delivered a blow on his stomach.


"You!! She's a girl and this is just a test!! You don't need to go that far!!" Bonny shouted with clear anger in his voice while holding his stomach.

"Huh? I don't care about that." Souta looked at him and said.


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