The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
95 Fierce Battle: Interruption
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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95 Fierce Battle: Interruption

He glanced at the unconscious May and added, "Well, it's not that I killed her. She's just unconscious and the spikes didn't hit her vital parts. The healer of this institute could heal her in just a day. Well, I'll stop the blood from flowing out."

'Well, it's a quest and I will get my skill if we score the highest, so no bad feelings.' Souta thought as he shrugged his shoulder and looked at Bonny and Mark.

If he received the rewards of this quest then his total skill points would be enough to level up his [Shadow Bind] spell to level 10. And then, he would be able to raise the rank of his class.

He tried a lot of things in the past two months to see if he could level up his spell but unfortunately, it was harder than he thought. There's only one way to level up a spell and that's to modify the structure of the spell. In these two months, this was the only way he found to level up his spell.

Modifying a spell wasn't an easy feat. He asked Bargan about it and Bargan answered that it was extremely hard that even he didn't dare to modify a spell. He said that only those people who undergo deification could modify and create a spell. It was because even if the spell that a person modified malfunctioned and exploded in their inner consciousness, the said person wouldn't take any injuries.

If Souta modified a spell and it exploded in his inner consciousness then he would lose his mind and soul. It will destroy anything that was inside him including his soul. It will only leave his body intact.

A mortal's inner soul was too fragile and it will easily crumble if something happened inside.

To cast a spell, a person needed to build the structure of it inside their inner consciousness. There's no trial and error if a person only has one chance. If the spell wasn't complete then they would die because of the effects of malfunctioning.

That's why only people who undergo deification could modify a spell. No matter how many spells exploded in their inner consciousness, they could just ignore it.

Souta shook his head and circulated his mana on his body. These people didn't even know what he did to the Shield Class 1-A and the other classes. They all suffered the same thing by him.

[Shadow Bind], [Shadow Spike], and [Shadow Ball] were his favorite Tier 1 spells. He already planned it. To promote to Rank 2 Mage, he will level up his [Shadow Bind] spell to level 10, and to promote to Rank 3 Mage, he will level up his [Shadow Ball] spell.

He spikes on May's body disappeared and he used [Light Heal] on her to stop the blood. If her blood continued to flow out, then she would take serious damage. He doesn't want that to happen as he would have to take responsibility for that and the institute would issue a punishment for him.

He wanted to knock her out. So no matter what method it is then he would do it except for killing. He had [Light Heal] and he could use it as first aid, so he went to the extreme methods to immobilize a person that he knew.

Even if she woke up now, she wouldn't be able to fight because of her condition. If she did, then her condition will worsen.

"It's done," Souta said as he patted his clothes. He stood up and looked at Mark and Bonny. The two didn't attack him as they knew that he was healing May with his spell. "I've already stopped the blood and I didn't hit her vitals. You can let the teachers check her later and finish the healing process."

Souta then grinned at them and said, "I'll let you experience what she experienced. Ah, don't worry I will also heal you. You will not die. I don't want the institute to punish me, after a-"

Suddenly, he widened his eyes and bent his body forward.


A fist passed in front of his face. He heard the sound of it tearing the air.

"That's close..." Souta muttered and he looked over and saw that it was Gyron. Gyron didn't even let him finish his sentence.

Souta balled his fist before he threw an ordinary punch towards Gyron.


Gyron simply blocked his punch and once again threw another powerful punch.

Souta ducked down and glanced at Sena. He saw her picking the flags that were scattered on the ground.

"I didn't say that you could do that..." He placed both of his palms on the ground and casted [Shadow Bind] and [Shadow Spike].

These spells will distract Sena for a while. In this second, Gyron threw a punch.


"Argh!!" Souta received a blow on his stomach. He flew away and crashed on the trees.


"Ouch!" Souta said as he stood up and patted his clothes. If this was a life and death battle, he wouldn't look away from his opponent. He would've died just now if this was a life and death battle. But this wasn't and he knew it. That's why he could look away and used it as his advantage.

Gyron frowned while looking at his attitude. He clenched both of his fists tightly and said, "Follow me. This guy is strong." He then dashed towards Souta.

[Wind Smash Combo]!!

He launched a powerful barrage of punches at Souta. Every punch contained a hundred percent of his strength.

'This again...' Souta thought as he tried to block all the punch. Some of the punches slipped in his guard.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Souta stomped his feet on the ground and casted [Shadow Spike].

Black spikes burst out of the ground.

Gyron jumped in the mid-air to avoid the spikes and he gathered his mana on his hand. He waved it towards the spikes.

[Power Chop]!!

The spikes broke down like a fragile glass. It dissipated into thin air.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Mark and Bonny charged on Souta's both sides.

"You really wouldn't give me any chance." Souta smiled wryly at this. He looked at his stats and saw that he used half of his mana. He had 630 mana in his mana pool and he used half of this in this special test. Luckily for him, all of his spells only consumed 5 mana per use except for the [Shadow Bind] spell that needed 11 mana to use.

He didn't have any mana potion as his bag was left in his locker in the institute. Well, even if he brought a mana potion here, he wouldn't use it for a mere special test. His life wasn't at stake in this battle, so he could take it easy without using any potions.

Gyron watched Mark and Bonny fight Souta. He looked at Sena and said, "Sena, check May first before that." Although Souta said that May wasn't in mortal danger, he still couldn't calm his nerves.

"Understood." Sena nodded and she stood up. She approached the unconscious May with haste and checked her condition. After she finished checking May, she looked at Gyron and said, "Her breathing pattern is normal and her wounds aren't bleeding. She's safe for now."

Gyron sighed when he heard this. He looked at Souta and gathered his mana. He could now focus his attention on fighting Souta.

He bent his knees and charged towards Souta who was currently fighting Mark and Bonny.


Souta defended himself from Gyron's attack. He crossed his arms in front of him and blocked Gyron's attack while ignoring the other two.

Bang!! Bang!!

Souta spat a mouthful of blood as the two attack him from behind. He glanced behind him and casted [Mud Slide] on the ground.

He then kicked the ground to distance himself but Gyron chased after him. Gyron wouldn't let him run away.

Souta looked at Gyron who was chasing him. He then used [Air Walk] to move his body away in the mid-air.


He stepped forward and in an instant, he arrived in front of Mark and Bonny.

"I will deal with you first," Souta said as he threw a punch towards Mark.

Mark reacted and raised his arms in front of him.


He managed to block Souta's punch but he felt his bone cracked from the punch that he received.

"He's too strong..." Mark muttered as he looked at Souta with a frown on his face.

Bobby lifted up his feet and launched a powerful kick towards Souta's stomach.

Souta bent his body and he avoided the kick. He then grabbed Bonny's legs and smashed him on the ground.


He then looked in the sky and saw countless arrows made of ice raining on him.

"A Tier 2 spell...?" He frowned while looking at this scene. He knew that Gyron and the others were from Brawler Class and they currently fighting him. They don't have the time to cast this spell. It only means that other classes interrupted him.

Gyron also looked in the sky and saw the countless arrows.

The arrows rained down on the whole battlefield. It covered the whole sky and it fell down with high speed.

Swoosh!! Swoosh!! Swoosh!!

Gyron went beside Sena and May. He used a defensive combat arts to protect them.

"Let me borrow you for a while." Souta lifted up Bonny and used him as a shield.

Bang!! Bang!! Bang!!

The arrows made of ice landed on Bonny's body. It caused him to cried out in pain.

"Huff..." Souta took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He concentrated and heightened his senses.

After a few moments, he opened his eyes and sighed. His [Mana Manipulation] skill was too low to detect where the caster of this spell is.

Suddenly, Lynn shouted, "Souta, in the northeast part, thirty meters away from you..."

Souta looked at her and smiled. He then grinned and said, "So, you're hiding there... I'm going to finish you first since you wanted attention that much."


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