The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
98 Fierce Battle: I didn“t say you could touch her
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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98 Fierce Battle: I didn“t say you could touch her


Souta arrived in front of a man who was holding the red flags. He tightened his grip on his sword and waved the Vajra sword towards the man.


Just like before, Souta took the red flags on the hand on the man. Souta grinned before he kicked the man away.


The man flew and crashed into the trees. It caused the trees to shake and the leaves to fell on the ground.

"Just a little bit more," Souta muttered as he looked at the students who were holding the red flags. There's only a few of them left. He would be able to knock them down with the remaining time that he has.

Swoosh!! Swoosh!! Swoosh!!

Souta felt the mana fluctuations in the air. It was too dense, so he looked up and found himself being cornered as different spells were casted towards his direction. He finally incurred the wrath of the students here in this place.

"There's too many of them..." Souta said in a low voice when he saw this scene. He looked at every corner where he could cast his [Shadow Ball]. In the end, he gave up on using [Shadow Ball] spell. At least one or two spells would hit the [Shadow Ball] if he casted it in any direction. The spell will explode and it will lose its effect to switch position with the user.

Then, avoiding the spells...

There were too many spells to avoid, so he knew that it's futile if he tried to avoid the spells. The spells covered all the escape routes that he could think of.

Since this was the case, he had no choice but to block this using his body. He had an object that could take these spells without getting a scratch. And that's the dark grade weapon [Vajra Sword Saya].


Irlin glanced at his at the three unconscious people in front of him. He just defeated his opponents at this time. He turned his head and saw that Souta was being cornered by the students.

He looked around and found something. He knew that Souta would be having a hard time with a lot of people targeting him, including Ailene and Grunge.

"Hehe~ so that's your plan, huh?"


"Okay, let's do this..." Souta said with a smirk on his face. He moved his left hand and threw the red flags that he was holding in the sky.


He tightened his grip on the sword and it emitted a red light.

When a ball of fire was close to him, Souta quickly waved the sword in his hand.

[Cross Moon]!!

A red light flashed and it hit several spells in the mid-air.

Boom! Boom!

It caused the spells to explode in the mid-air even without hitting their target.


Souta waved the Vajra sword once again. It caused several explosion to occurred in the mid-air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Souta slashed the sword with intent to eradicate all the spells that were heading towards him. He continued waving it in every direction.

Still, some of the spells slipped on his guard and it landed on his body. No matter how strong he is, he still a first-year student and he couldn't block countless spells that were aimed at his body in every direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a few moments, Souta was still standing on his place with a few wounds on his body. Everyone was looking at him with widened eyes. They were surprised when they saw how he slashed those spells.

"Really..." He smiled and looked down on his hand. He saw that his hand was trembling. It was because he used the equipment skill of the [Vajra Sword Saya] in a short amount of time.

This is the side effect of using the equipment skill of the sword continuously.

Souta looked at his stats and saw that he still have a lot of health points and stamina but his mana was less than half of his total mana.

'This is bad, without mana I would have a hard time fighting all the students here.' Souta thought while looking at his stats. Well, it would only give him some trouble. It's not enough to defeat him as he was confident in his physical ability.

If he was a pure mage, then he would truly lose against these students as a pure mage was dependent on the amount of mana he had.

Right now, Souta's stats were balanced so even if he drained his mana he still could fight using his physical ability. He still has combat arts to use even if he couldn't use his spell. This was important to him.

Currently, Souta doesn't know a lot of spells. He only knew a couple of it but the specialty spell he knew was only three. The [Shadow Bind], [Shadow Spike], and [Shadow Ball] spells were the spells that came from the skill tree of darkness specialty. It would only increase while raising the rank of his class.

"Okay, I will use all of my mana without holding back," Souta said in a low voice as his gaze swept around the students in the area.

Grunge and Ailene recovered from the shocked they felt. Grunge clenched his fist and he gathered his mana. He raised fist and aimed it at Souta.

"Explode, [Burst Ground]!!" He shouted as he casted a spell towards Souta.

Souta glanced on the ground before he quickly rolled to the side. The ground that which he was standing earlier exploded. Flames burst out like a fountain.


Souta looked at this spell with a frown on his face. That was dangerous. The grade of that spell was closed to tier 2 spell. He would lose a large amount of his health if that spell hit him.

"Ah, let finish you right now." Souta looked at Grunge and said with a grin. He gripped the sword tightly and dashed towards Grunge.



Souta used [Dash] skill to increase his speed.

Suddenly, a wall of emerged from the ground in front of Grunge.

[Wall of Stone]!!

Ailene casted it as she knew that Souta targeted Grunge, her comrade. She wouldn't let Grunge fight Souta alone. She knew that Souta wasn't an easy opponent just from what he showed before.

Souta continued to dash forward even when the wall appeared in front of Grunge. After a few moments, he arrived in front of the [Wall of Stone] spell. He waved the sword and the wall was sliced in half.


The upper part of the wall fell down on the ground with a loud "thud" sound. Behind the wall was Grunge.

Souta saw Grunge smiling at him while opening both of his palms. Grunge's mana was fluctuating highly. He was ready to cast a spell at any time.

"That's..." Souta frowned while looking at it.

[Air Burst]!!

The air gathered on Grunge's palm. It turned into a ball of wind before it shot towards Souta with powerful momentum.

"I already expected this, you know." Souta grinned and he raised his left hand. He watched the timing and speed of the spell before he waved his left hand.


The ball of wind crashed the ground behind him and it caused a deep pit.

Souta managed to divert the spell using his left hand but it was not without consequences. The skin on his left hand was grazed. The people around him could see his bare flesh.

Grunge was shocked when he saw this. He looked at Souta's hand in a daze.

Souta used this chance to slashed his sword.


A large cut appeared on Grunge's chest but Souta wasn't done yet. He slashed his sword once again and another cut appeared on Grunge's body.

"Argh!!" Grunge groaned as a large amount of blood spurted out of his chest.

"This is what you want right?" Souta kicked Grunge in the air. He looked up at Grunge and chased after it.


With a jump, Souta appeared in front of Grunge. He pulled back his left hand and clenched his fist.

"[Shadow Spike]..." Souta muttered as black spikes emerged from the ground and then he threw a powerful punch on Grunge's body.


Grunge flew and crashed in the ground which was full of spikes. The ground trembled as his body crashed with powerful momentum.

'It hurts...' Souta complained in his mind. He still could bear the pain he felt on his left hand. Well, it's not the first time that he experienced this.

Before, when he was fighting the red lady of the Vajra sword, he once sacrificed his left hand to save the people. That injury was more serious than this one.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.


"I know that something was wrong when he tossed those flags in the air. But luckily I noticed that it was heading in the same direction."

Souta turned around and saw Irlin, the top 2 ranker, was approaching Lynn. Lynn was holding a bunch of flags in her arms. Irlin's mana was fluctuating as he approached Lynn.

'This is bad! That guy, Irlin, is the top 2 while Lynn is just an ordinary student. She would be easily defeated if they fought.'

"Huff..." Souta took a deep breath and hold his breath. The grin on his face slowly vanished and it was replaced by a cold one.

He slightly bent his knees and his muscles bulged out.

"[Agility Boost], [Strength Boost], [Cat's Speed], [Triple Muscle Strengthening], [Dash]..."

Souta used his combat arts and spell as he charged towards Irlin with all of his strength. He used all of his stats without holding back.


It was so fast that in just two seconds Souta arrived beside Irlin. He opened his palm and tried to grab Irlin's face.

"I didn't say that you could touch her. I'll kill you, you know?"


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