The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
99 Fierce Battle: Level 9 Shadow Bind
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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99 Fierce Battle: Level 9 Shadow Bind

"So fast!!" Ailene was surprised when she saw his speed. To think that Souta didn't even use his full speed when she was chasing him.

She turned her head to where Souta was heading and saw her classmate, Irlin the top 2 ranker, and a girl with purple color hair. The girl was holding a bunch of red flags.

"So that's how it is..." Ailene muttered as she finally understood why Souta was throwing the red flags. Souta wasn't just randomly throwing those flags. He was throwing it towards his partner and that partner was that girl with purple hair.

This man surprised her again and again. Really incredible.


Irlin's mana flared up as he was going to attack Lynn.

However, just as Irlin was about to cast a spell his expression changed slightly.

He stopped moving as he felt someone at his side. He felt danger coming beside him.

Souta arrived beside Irlin in just a few moments. He opened his palm and reached it out towards Irlin's face.

"I didn't say that you could touch her. I'll kill you, you know." Souta said in a cold tone.

"S-Souta...!" Lynn looked at him with a surprised expression.


Souta grabbed Irlin's face and smashed him on the ground. He continued to move forward while gripping Irlin's face.


It created a one-meter deep and two-meter wide scar on the ground. The trees that were in their way were uprooted and crashed into tiny pieces.

"R-Release me!!" Irlin tried to say something to Souta. He raised his hand and grabbed Souta's wrist. He felt extreme pain as Souta was using his body to open up the ground.

"Hmph!!" Souta snorted as he tightened his grip and gathered his mana on his palm.

"Argh!!" Irlin felt extreme heat on Souta's hand which was gripping his face. The burning sensation he felt was becoming unbearable.

"[Fire Ball]..."

Souta casted the very first spell that he learned in this world. Since he was gripping Irlin's face and he used his palm to cast the spell. The spell immediately exploded as soon as it appeared.


He then threw Irlin away before casting another [Fire Ball] spell.

Irlin crashed on the ground and his face was covered in smoke. Then, a ball of fire flew towards his body and exploded.



Ailene and other students looked at this with a stunned expression. They watched how Souta took care of the top 2 ranker of the whole first year just like that.

"He's strong..." Gyron muttered while looking at Souta's figure. He already knocked two out of five people that were trying to pull him down. Right now, Sena and Mark help him handle the remaining three. It was because they wanted him to restore his energy.

"I thought before that I'm the strongest first year in this institute but it seems that I was wrong." He said in a low voice.

The other students subconsciously took a step back when they saw Souta turned his head to look at them. They gulped as Souta grinned widely.

Souta swept his gaze at everyone and slowly opened his mouth. "I will beat everyone here."

He provoked everyone. If he did this then some of them would step back and some were not. He wanted to decrease his opponent this time as he was exhausted and he was about to fall any second right now. The wounds that he received before were bleeding and it made him lose his strength faster than before.

He was only trying to put up a strong front to intimidate some of them as he knew that he couldn't intimidate everyone here, like that top 1 ranker who could go toe to toe to him if he didn't use the Vajra sword.

Suddenly, he felt a warm feeling on his back.


Souta turned his head and saw Lynn using [Light Heal] on him.

[Light Heal] was a spell that wasn't effective to the caster. It could only heal the wounds of other people except for the caster. Above this spell was the advanced version called [Heal]. It could do the thing that [Light Heal] couldn't.

Lynn wasn't a powerful fighter or mage but she at least knew several basic spells. She didn't study seriously before and didn't listen to Bargan's lectures.

She was regretting it right now.

She regretted that she didn't have enough strength to support Souta. All she could do was watch Souta fought and get injured.

"Since they've found me, I don't need to hide anymore. I'm sorry. I couldn't help you." Lynn apologized to him.

Actually, she was holding herself back when she saw Souta receiving wounds from his opponents. She really wanted to help him and treat his wounds but she knew that she has a role to fulfill. And that's collecting the red flags that Souta gave her and protect it. Also, even if she rushed towards him at that time she knew that she didn't have the strength to help him. She would just become a burden to him and that's what she didn't want to happen.

Souta smiled at her and said, "You don't have to apologize. I already said before that I will deal with this alone."

He turned around and patted her head.

"E-Ehh...." Lynn blushed from the sudden contact. Her face turned red as she lowered her head.

"Thanks, this is enough for me." Souta thanked her and removed his hand. It's really hard to pat someone who's taller than you. It became awkward. 

Well, that doesn't even matter now as most of his wounds stop bleeding. His wounds weren't completely healed. [Light Heal] was just first aid. It couldn't completely heal wounds like these as it could only use to stop the bleeding.

At least he avoided her healing his left hand. His deep wounds and blood were covering the true form of his hand. Even though it hurts like hell, he still could injure it.

The blue grade gloves that he was wearing were gone. The glove on his right hand was safe. The only problem was his left hand.

"I know some spell and these will help you." Lynn shook her head and said. She then casted a buff spell towards Souta.

[Lesser Strength]!

[Reinforce Energy]!

"This... This will help me a lot. You can go now bring those flags away," Souta said as he stretched his arm. He was feeling better now that Lynn casted low-level buff spells on him.

Suddenly, everyone heard a loud whistling sound and it was followed by an explosion. Everyone looked up and heard a voice.

"Remaining time on special test. One minute..."

The voice wasn't loud nor soft, strangely every student in the whole mountain heard it. The voice was imbued with mana and a special auxiliary spell. It lets a simple voice be heard throughout the whole mountain.

"Really, what a good timing..." Souta smiled wryly when he heard the voice. He knew what will happen next.

He turned to Lynn once again and said, "You can go now, you will become the target." He said these words with a serious expression on his face.

"O-Okay." Lynn nodded her head as she tightly gripped the red flags in her arms.

Since she was holding most of the red flags in this place, she will become the target of every class. It will become a battle to defend her within one minute. As long as she kept holding these flags then it would become the points of their class as soon as the special test ends.

'Protecting Lynn for one minute is not a problem for me.' Souta grinned widely. His intimidation before wasn't going to be effective in this situation. They were going to stake everything just to get the flags from Lynn.

"Everyone let's work together and take the red flag from her!" Ailene shouted and this what she wanted.

Everyone needed their heads at her words. All of them have a gloomy expression in their face. It was because the girl behind Souta was holding more than ten red flags.

Souta used his skill points to raise the level of [Shadow Bind] spell to level 9 leaving him four skill points left. He then quickly casted it before anyone could approach Lynn.

[Shadow Bind]!!

Several shadows burst out of the ground.

Ailene and the other quickly jumped away but they noticed something different. The shadows were many times faster than before so it bound all of their feet. They didn't manage to escape as this was out of their expectations.

"What??" Ailene was surprised at this then she waved her staff to break the shadows but she noticed that it was tougher than before.

She lifted up her head and looked at Souta. She saw him grinning while looking at them.

"Not good!!" She guessed that Souta was about to do something about them.

"All of you are staying here." Souta casted [Shadow Spike] spell.



Several spikes burst out of the ground and it pierced their feet. All of them screamed in pain.

"In this special test, we win." Souta looked at them and said. They wouldn't be able to follow Lynn since he injured their feet. They wouldn't be able to run properly with a hole in their feet.

Gyron who was watching at the sideline sighed at this. He knew that Souta's class was going to take the highest score in this special test.

"It seems that I still need to train harder and catch up to his strength." He muttered in a low voice while looking at Souta's figure. He just waited for the special test to end.

After a few dozen seconds, a loud bell rang in the whole mountain.

It only means that the special test ends.

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》