The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
102 In the near future
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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102 In the near future

The students went back to the Ladro Institute along with their homeroom teachers. The Mage Class 1-B received a large amount of points as they score the highest in the special test.

With these points, Souta and the rest could redeem two or more combat arts or spell. Well, it all depends on the grade of the spell or combat arts that they will redeem.

Souta was planning to exchange the points he received for some high-level combat arts. He also has a plan to let Bargan privately teach him about spells and combat arts. Hiring a teacher to become a student's private tutor cost a lot of points.

It was really a good decision that he enrolled in Ladro Institute. Surprisingly, he earned a lot in this place.

Right now, Souta was a level 23 Goblin Corruptor. He's slowly getting stronger through the equipments and the skills that he learned. Next time, he planned to acquire some passive skills that will increase his overall combat abilities.

There were many ways to get skills. First, was to buy it from a merchant. Second, was to learn it in the institute. Third, was to learn it from the skill tree. And lastly, was to acquire it from the dungeons. But it was hard to get high-level skills from the dungeon as most of the skills that can be found in it were the most basic ones just like his [Fire Ball], [Light Heal], and [Ice Shot] spells.

In the past two months, Souta acquired a lot of skills from raiding the dungeons. Unfortunately, most of it was basic skills. He placed these skill books inside his house. He could sell these skill books if he doesn't have any money left in his pockets.

The [Undead Light] spell that he acquired from his expedition in the Desolate Woods was in his house. He still hasn't learned it. He was still having a hard time building the spell structure manually that's why he focused on the combat arts that he redeemed in the past two months.

There's still time before version 2. He guessed that he would be able to reach level 30+ before the start of version 2. Maybe, midway of the thirties and if he focused on leveling up he could probably reach the peak of his second evolution.

He will focus on his third evolution when version 2 starts. He also has a plan to go back to the Undead Sanctuary when he reached his third evolution.

It's true that he got the [Soul Blood Earring] there in the sanctuary, but that's not all the treasure that can be found there. There were orange and red grade equipments in the middle-level and high-level dungeons in the sanctuary. Also, skill books and some high-level potion that could drastically increase his stats.

He also began to wonder why a universal treasure such as [Soul Blood Earring] was inside one of the low-level dungeons in the sanctuary, and there's no treasure in the boss room of the high-level dungeon in the sanctuary. All they could see there was a huge metal door. A lot of players tried to open it before but no one managed to do it. They also made a hole at the side of the door and looked at the placed behind the door.

What they found was nothing. Yeah, nothing. It was as if the door was stuck there.

Souta shook his head and put those thoughts in the back of his head. He will eventually know it when the time comes. In the future, he will go back there in the Undead Sanctuary.

He looked at Bargan who was saying something in front of the class.

"Okay, class. Dismiss." Bargan said as he picked up the book on the table and exited the classroom.

"Eh...!" Souta exclaimed. He looked around with a surprised expression only to find that everyone was packing their things, reading to leave the classroom.

He got absorbed in his own thoughts that he forgot about time. He didn't think that the class would end just like that and the only thing that he heard from the teacher was "Okay, class. Dismiss".

"Let's go, Souta."

Souta heard a voice from his side. He looked over and saw that Bryan was calling him. He forgot that he will go to Lumilia's apartment to visit Cluster with Bryan.

"O-Okay." Souta nodded at Bryan and then he stood up. He looked at Alice who was beside him and said, "Well, I'll go now. See you, tomorrow."

"Okay." Alice looked up at him and replied to his words.

Souta nodded and he exited the classroom with Bryan.

Alice looked at his figure and wondered what's up with these human and demi.

"Is this really the right decision?" She muttered in a low voice. She recalled the things that happened before she arrived on this continent. It was really tragic as a lot of people died because of her.

'Sebas, you said that I should live a happy life in this land but I wonder about that.' Alice thought as she turned her head to look at the window. A lot of people died to make her happy, but the question is... Is she really happy in her current life?

She tried to isolate herself and live a normal life here on this continent. She encountered different types of people in this land but she hasn't made a single friend. It was because she was unconsciously distancing herself from the people.

Sebas, her guardian, also said before that she should make a lot of friends. But she didn't have a single friend here. No, two people came into her mind.

These two were Souta Ieshi and Bryan Dagruel. These two people were the same yet different at the same time.

Bryan Dagruel was a man with the potential to become a powerhouse in the future. Even in her place, a person with four affinities was pretty rare. He was noisy and stubborn man. He also treats everyone as his friend, including Alice. He's an adventurer and he always sleeps in class when he did some difficulty quest. He rarely skips class.

Souta Ieshi was a mysterious man in her opinion. He's a demi but she couldn't guess if he's a beastkin, elves, dwarves, etc. She doesn't have an idea about it. He was strange and have a vibe of a veteran warrior if he's serious. He was also an adventurer like Bryan. Also, that sword of his was not an ordinary one. Alice could feel that it was higher than her orange grade weapon.

There's one more thing about him that she wanted to know. His last name Ieshi. She wanted to know who are his parents and what his connection to that ancient clan. The knowledge about the ancient clans in this continent was close to nothing. The institute didn't have a single information about it. Fortunately, her family has a long history and it was included in the history of the Great War a long time ago, so it preserved some of the information of the Great War.

When she thought about these two people, her mouth subconsciously curved into a smile.

"It's not that bad." She said in a low voice.


Souta and Bryan were walking towards Lumilia's apartment. Today, they were going to visit Cluster.

Souta actually changed his mind. He doesn't want to visit Cluster with his current condition. He just wanted to lie down on his bed and rest for a whole day. It was tiring to fight a lot of first-year students at the same time.

"Um... How did you receive that injury?" Bryan asked while looking at his left hand which was covered in bandages.

"There were strong people from other classes, so I fought them and naturally received an injury when I was fighting them alone." Souta lifted up his left hand and explained it to Bryan. He then looked at Bryan and said, "By the way, I heard from George that you fought the top 10 ranker and won."

"Yeah, that guy was crazy strong. I wanted to fight him again." Bryan said with a smile as he clenched his fist tightly. He was eager to fight another strong opponent.

'Bryan's improvement is faster than I could imagine.' Souta thought. Bryan's improvement was a big surprise to him. Although, he already guessed it before it still surprised him when he actually saw it. If he didn't have a system maybe Bryan would surpass him easily.

This man, Bryan Dagruel, has four affinities and if he utilized it perfectly. Then, in the near future, he would become one of the powerhouses.

But there's something bothering him.

And that's he couldn't remember Bryan's name in the game. There's no doubt about this that Bryan wasn't in the game. Or Bryan died before he became a powerhouse.

Bryan's backstory, Souta wanted to know it and so the quest about it. That's the most important thing, the quest that he will give.


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