The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
125 Chain Quest: Knocking out the guards
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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125 Chain Quest: Knocking out the guards

Souta arrived in front of Lumilia's room and saw that she already finished her preparation.

"Who's that man, Souta?" Brianna asked him while looking at the unconscious man that he was carrying.

"This?" Souta lifted up the man and said, "This man is one of the people who attack us. The one behind that attack is probably going to send some people to silent this man, so I'm going to protect him as I wanted him alive."

"So that's how it is." Brianna nodded at his explanation.

She knew that if Souta wanted to open the assassination to the public he needed at least some evidence, and this man was the proof of it. As long as this man was still alive there's some value to him.

Souta turned his head to John and said, "Can you hold him until we leave this city?"

"Okay, leave him to me." John nodded at him and took the man from Souta. He took out a rope from his bag and tied the man so that even if the man woke up he wouldn't be able to give them some troubles.

Probably the man too would realize that his lord was going to dispose him when he woke up. The man knew his lord well more than the rest of them.

"Good, let's go now." Souta nodded and said to them.

The Gale Group nodded at him. They were already prepared to leave this city with him.

"But what about Jusmin and Fred?" Lumilia asked him. She was concerned about her maid and butler the most in this kind of situation.

"It's better if they don't know our plan. If your father knew that those two cooperate in our plan then there's no doubt that your father would punish them." Souta explained to her what's better for her maid and butler. "You don't want to lose their job, right?"

"..." With him saying all of this, Lumilia couldn't help but agree to him. She understood that Souta was right and she doesn't want to implicate those two in what she was going to do.

"Follow me, we're leaving through the main gate," Souta said as he started to walk. They couldn't jump through the wall because of Yuko, so Souta decided to leave through the main gate.

The Gale Group and Lumilia nodded at him. They followed behind him.


After walking for a few minutes, the group arrived in front of the main gate. They haven't met any patrolling knights in their way because Souta already memorized the path they were taking and their duty, so the group arrived smoothly in front of the main gate.

Currently, the group was hiding in the bushes looking at the six knights which were guarding the gate. Normally, only four knights were guarding this gate but due to the attack they slightly tightened their defense.

"Let's go. We'll talk to them first if we can't then we'll take them down." Souta looked at them and said. He carefully explained his plan to them.

If they failed to talk to the knights then they'll breakthrough by force. Souta, Yuko, and the Gale group will take the knights. Souta could leave one of the knights one each member of the Gale Group because he knew that they were not C-rank adventurers for nothing.

Even if the level of these knights was higher Souta trusted them to take care of it. After all, they were not going to become a C-rank Adventurers if they were weak.

"Okay, John will stay with Lumilia and the man," Souta said to them.

"I understand." John nodded at him.

"Good, let's go now," Souta said as he stood up and approached the main gate.

Lumilia and the rest of the Gale Group simply followed him.

The knights blocked their way. One of the knights of opened his mouth and said, "Young miss, we couldn't let you leave the mansion because there's a possibility that some people will attack you once again."

"I have my guards with me, there's no need to worry about me," Lumilia said to the knights.

"We will not let you pass here, young miss. We can't afford to trust them to protect you with their life." One of the knights said.

"Why? Is that my father's order?" Lumilia asked the knight.

"Yes, young miss. Please forgive us." The knights bowed their heads and said. When they looked down they saw that the whole ground was black even if the light shone on it it was still black.

"Hmm? What's this?" The knights were confused and then they saw something moving on the black ground.

Several shadows burst out of the ground and bound their limbs immediately.


As soon as the shadows bound them, Souta swiftly chopped the nape of the knight. He instantly knocked out a knight within a second.

Brianna and the rest of the Gale Group quickly moved their bodies and knocked out the knights one by one.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One by one, the knights fell down on the ground without consciousness.

Souta controlled the shadows so that their armor wouldn't cause a loud sound when it hit the ground.

"This was easier than I thought," Tidor said as he wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"Yeah, it's because they lowered their guard that's why they couldn't react when I casted my spell," Souta said to Tidor. He then turned around and waved his hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several shadows burst out of the ground and it headed towards the direction of the tree on the side of the road.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three daggers flew towards Souta's direction at high speed.

Souta controlled some of the shadows and it blocked the daggers. He squinted his eyes and saw a figure flew in the sky and vanished.

"He managed to escape," Souta muttered and he looked at the shadow-like tentacles that went towards that unknown person. He noticed that the shadow was sliced into tiny particles.

"Who the hell is that?" Tidor commented while looking at the direction where the unknown person disappeared.

"That one is powerful," Tim said. In that exchange, he managed to see a bit of that unknown person's strength. He detected that person's magic power was two times stronger than his magic power.

"Yeah, but he understood that he couldn't fight us on his own. That's why he decided to retreat." Souta nodded at Tim's words and said. He then looked at the three daggers that pierced his shadows.

'Blue grade weapon? That person could throw away a weapon of this caliber easily.' Souta thought as he pulled out the daggers. He checked these daggers and didn't find anything wrong so he decided to keep it for himself.

The shadows around him started to dissipate into the thin air as Souta canceled his spell. A level 10 spell was really useful. A spell for binding could use for protecting himself.

At level 10, he could control all the shadow-like tentacles that he made like his own body. It was easy to use it more than the other spells that he had in his arsenal.

Souta shook his head and said, "Let's not worry about that. We should go now."

"You're right, Souta." Tidor nodded at him.

"Tim and Tidor, you should go now. Hurry up fetch some carriage." Brianna said as she looked at her two teammates.

"Okay, we got it." Tidor and Tim nodded at her before they started to run.

Tidor and Tim were going to fetch a carriage for them while Souta and the rest were going to check if someone was following them.

Souta was sure that right now Lumilia's father was going to receive the news about her running away from the mansion. Of course, he knew that Lumilia's father wouldn't let her leave this place easily. After all, that fiance of hers and father-in-law was also here in this city. He wouldn't want to lose face. That thing was what those nobles value the most.

Souta was planning to use Lumilia as bait while those two prepared what they need to leave the city.

"Let's go now." Souta looked at Lumilia and the rest before he said.

"Let's do this." Brianna, Jane, and John nodded strongly. They were determined to help Lumilia in her problems. Also, Souta promised them a huge amount of rewards if they help her.

Lumilia was oblivious to these things. She didn't know that Souta already promised to reward the Gale Group if she somehow couldn't give them money.

Souta glanced at her and noticed that she was nervous. Her hands were trembling nonstop and it was pretty noticeable.

"Worried about it?" Souta looked at her in the eyes and said.

"Y-Yes," Lumilia replied to him.

"Is this your first time going against your family's decision?" Souta asked her in a serious tone.

"Nn." Lumilia simply nodded her head.

Souta smiled and said, "Don't worry about it, everything will be alright." He then patted her shoulder and added, "The class rep I knew is always composed and strict, not this nervous and girly type."

Lumilia started at his back as his words resonated in her head. She then took a deep breath to calm herself.

"Okay, let's do this."


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