The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
126 Chain Quest: Let the festival begin
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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126 Chain Quest: Let the festival begin

Ursus was sitting in his office while looking outside through the window.

"Hmm... Someone really dared to sent an assassin in my territory." He muttered as he tapped his finger on the table in front of him. "I needed to know who is it as soon as possible."

"My lord!!" Suddenly, his assistant called him in a hurried tone.

Ursus frowned as he turned his head and looked at his assistant. "What is it?" He asked.

"Young miss left the mansion forcefully. They even brought the captured man with them." The assistant carefully explained to Ursus what really happened.

"That... That child left the mansion at this time of crisis." Ursus couldn't believe what he heard this time. Lumilia just left the mansion when there were people that were trying to kill her.

"Wait... Something is wrong here." Ursus stopped and realized something. He looked at his assistant and asked, "You said that they brought the captured man with them, right?"

"Yes, my lord!" The assistant replied to him.

"Then, why would they bring that man with them?" Ursus tried to think of a reason why they brought that man with them.

He thought that maybe they already knew who sent those people. There's a large possibility of that but it still didn't answer the question of why would they leave the mansion.

While Ursus was thinking through things, someone knocked on the door.

Knock! Knock!

Ursus looked at the door and his assistant walked towards it. After checking the identity of the person, the assistant turned towards Ursus and said, "My lord, Lord Gregory's subordinate is here and he's requesting an audience."

'Gregory?' Ursus shook his head and replied, "I'll allow it. Let him in."

"I understand, my lord." The assistant bowed his head and grabbed the handle of the door. He slowly opened it and a man wearing a silver plate armor under the dark brown hooded robe entered the room.

"Why are you here, Jesly?" Ursus asked the man named Jesly. He knew that Jesly was Gregory's direct subordinate.

"Lord Ursus, here." Jesly bowed and he took out a piece of yellow paper from his robe and place it on top of the table.

"Talisman... Long-distance sound transmission..." Ursus recognized that the piece of yellow paper was a talisman for long-distance communication.

He waved his hand and poured his mana in the talisman. The talisman emitted a yellow light indicating that Ursus activated it.

Ursus opened his mouth and said, "Gregory, what are you planning to do?"

"I've heard that your daughter left your mansion. I only wanted to say that I can help you in finding your daughter." Gregory's voice sounded through the talisman. His voice seems that he found this situation amusing.

'How did he know about it? It's only been a minute since I've received the news about it.' Ursus thought when he heard Gregory's words. He decided to keep this about himself.

"How about it? If you agree to it I will help you, since your daughter is the fiancee of my son." Gregory said through the talisman.

"Okay, I'll allow you." Ursus nodded his head as he agreed to Gregory.

"Thanks... I'll quickly immobilize my troops and search for them in the whole city. Also, you can keep the talisman so that I can easily report to you if I found something." Gregory said before the light in the talisman vanished. It indicates the connection between the two talismans vanished.

"Good day, Lord Ursus. I'll go now." Jesly bowed his head and left the room.

After Jesly left, the assistant looked at Ursus and asked, "My lord, why did you agree to him?"

"I'll go with him for now. We will send people to track my daughter but also Gregory's subordinate. I wanted to know what he's planning." Ursus said as he tapped his finger in the table and looked at the talisman.

He knew that Gregory wanted to marry his son to Lumilia because Gregory wanted to get a piece of that Crystal Flame Honey. That honey was too valuable and he wanted to get on Ursus's good book.

"I will see it later if he's planning something," Ursus muttered in a low voice.

"My lord, I could only think of one reason why lord Gregory is going to help us." The assistant opened his mouth and said.

Ursus looked at him and asked, "And what is it?"

"I think it's because of that adventurer that beat his son." The assistant replied to him.

"What the- that man... He's planning to do that to a top student of the Ladro Institute." Ursus realized it as well. He knew that Gregory was not a man to let bygones be bygones. "Gregory, if you're really planning to take him out, then I wonder where did you get the guts to do so."

That institute wasn't the most famous institute in the whole Hebrei Kingdom for nothing. All the teachers have at least have a record of killing more than one monster that has a monster orb. That's the prerequisite requirement for becoming a teacher of Ladro Institute.

The weakest teacher there was as strong as a B-rank adventurer.

There's no point in getting in the bad terms with that institute.


While Tidor and Tim were fetching a carriage, Souta and the rest managed to leave the Asvares mansion smoothly.

Souta asked Brianna and John to rent a room in a random inn. After that, Souta bought a huge black robe and used it to cover Yuko's huge body.

He let Yuko hide in the bushes at the side of the road while Souta, Jane, and Lumilia went inside the room that Brianna and John rented through the window. They didn't let anyone see Lumilia. Also, Souta didn't let anyone saw Yuko hide in the bushes because it would reveal their identity.

He knew that the knights would just need to ask someone if they saw a huge bear and they would instantly locate their place.

Why would Souta bother himself in going inside the room through the window? It was because even if the knights asked the owner of the inn, the owner only knew that two people were inside that room. Also, the owner wouldn't forget that John and Brianna was a man and woman, so they would misunderstand what they were doing inside the room.

But Souta knew that all of this wasn't enough. This plan could only buy him a few minutes as he knew that his plan was full of holes. But this was the only thing that he could think right now in this situation.


"We'll leave this place soon." Souta looked at them and said.

"Yeah, we'll wait until Tidor and Tim get a carriage." Brianna nodded at him.

"I just hope they complete their task as soon as possible," Souta said he then stood up from his seat and looked at the window.

Lumilia looked at him and she opened her mouth. "What about Yuko?" She asked.

"Her? She's okay for now." Souta replied to her. He lifted up his hand and opened the window. "I'll check the things outside for a while so wait for me here." He said before he jumped outside through the window.


Souta went on the rooftop of the inn and looked around the vicinity. He saw the Adventurers Guild building. Souta's figure vanished and reappeared in the next house before he once again disappeared.

After a few seconds, he was on the top of the Adventurers Guild building. This building was the tallest in the area so he could clearly saw the whole place.

He frowned and saw a group of knights were asking the people around this place if they saw them.

He then heard a familiar sound in his mind.


[Quest 1 completed!]

[You've received 1,000 exp, 2 free attribute points, and 1 skill point!]

[Quest 2 unlocked!]

[Lumilia] Quest 2: Defend against the Elite Knights of the Asvares family and Vidrato family. Rewards: 20,000 exp, 7 free attribute points, and 5 skill points

Souta's brows knitted together while reading the quest 2 of Lumilia's chain quest.

Elite knight?

"This is going to be a problem," Souta said in a low voice. He knew that an elite knight was a powerful knight at the level of a C-rank adventurer.

If it's one elite knight then it's not a problem for him but to think that a group of elite from the two noble families were going to hunt them down.

"So that's why this quest have the reward of 5 skill points..." Souta nodded to himself and understand that fighting elite knights from the two noble families was worth 5 skill points.

"And this is just the quest 2, then I wonder if those family head will make a move in person in quest 3."

Souta squinted his eyes and he looked up in the sky. The sky was clear and he could clearly saw the shape of the moon.

Defend? Then, they were going to attack Souta's group. If that's the case... Souta will initiate the attack first.

After a few moments, he smirked and he stood up. "Okay, let this city become the battlefield. You people wanted to fight... me too I wanted to fight stronger people that could give me high rewards."


His magic power flared up to the peak and it shook the entire building. Every people in the area noticed the outburst of his mana. They looked up and saw him.

'Come, brave knights of the Asvares and Vidrato family. Show me what you've got and let me complete my quest so that I could get that 5 skill points.' He thought as his hands trembled in excitement. 

Souta opened his arms widely and grinned while looking down at the masses below him.

"Let the festival begin!"

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The roof beneath Souta's feet turned into black and it spread quickly. Several tentacle-like shadows burst out of the ground.


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