The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
133 Chain Quest: Monster Potion
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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133 Chain Quest: Monster Potion

"What the hell is this?!" Aldine was shocked when he saw this. Not just him, everyone was feeling the same as his.

"A potion from legends..." Foud muttered when he heard Ursus words.


Souta screamed as he started to emit the beast energy around his body. The beast or best feram was contradicting the mana inside his body and it was extremely painful for Souta.


[Converting mana into beast energy!]


"DAMN!! IT HURTS!!" Souta screamed at the top of his lungs. His veins were popping on his forehead and neck. He didn't hear the system prompts that rung in his head.

It felt like someone was eating him from the inside. Blood started to flow down from his mouth. Souta then felt a burning sensation inside his body. It became too hot that he felt that he was inside a huge oven.

The excruciating pain that he felt from converting his mana was unbearable.

In the end, the mana inside his body disappeared and it was replaced by a berserk beast energy.

With a powerful wave, Souta's body exerted an energy wave in the surrounding area as it successfully converted all the mana inside his body.

[Processing complete!]

[All abilities have increased drastically...]

[Attack power has increased by three times...]

[Every spell will use best feram and it will multiply the spell power by three!]

Souta heard several system prompts inside his head. He ignored it and looked at the knights who were looking at him with a nervous expression.

He looked down at his hand and saw a reddish energy around it. He opened and closed his palm to get himself familiarize with the beast energy.

The beast energy was hard to control, unlike mana that originates from nature.

Ursus looked at Souta and said, "If you think that this enough, then you're underestimating Gregory."

Souta looked at Ursus when he heard him say something. Souta responded by saying, "You shouldn't worry about that. I will handle him when the time comes."

"Hmm..." Ursus hummed before he turned around and said, "Let's go!"

"Yes, My Lord!" The knights of the Asvares Family nodded their heads. They followed Ursus from behind.

Ursus and his knights left leaving the group of knights of the Vidrato Family on the site.

"Shit! Why the hell did he have that kind of potion?!" Aldine grunted as he wiped the sweat forming on his forehead.

"Hmm..." Foud, the most logical one, took out a piece of yellow paper from his pocket. It was the talisman for long-distance communication, the transmission talisman.

He poured his mana in it and the talisman emitted a dim yellow light.

"What is it?" Gregory's voice sounded.

"My Lord, the target Souta Ieshi showed a legendary potion that gives him the strength of the monster," Foud reported what happened here to his lord.

"What?!" Gregory was surprised when he heard Foud's words. "Ursus is there? And he's the one who verified the authenticity of the potion."

"Yes, My Lord. Lord Ursus appeared here and he left the target alone. Right now, we're going to engage the target in combat." Foud said while observing Souta's movements.

"Right now, just how powerful is that brat.?" Gregory asked.

"Hmm... Just by the aura alone, he's as strong as a monster that has a monster orb." Foud reported Souta's power level based on his observation.

"Level of evolution?" Gregory asked a simple question.

"Third evolution..." Foud replied after comparing Souta's aura to the monsters that he saw before.

"If that's the case then you and Aldine are not enough to defeat him," Gregory paused for a moment then added, "Call the other knights that I tasked to capture the other adventurers. I'll prevent Lumilia from leaving the city."

"I understand, I don't think we'll be able to hold him that long with our current strength," Foud replied to Gregory.

"That's enough, the effect of that potion wouldn't last that long. If you can't handle him then I'll personally take care of him after I secure Lumilia." Gregory assured Foud.

"I understand, My Lord. I'm going to cut the transmission now." Foud said as he saw that Souta was looking at him. Precisely, the talisman that he was holding.

Souta looked at Foud and said, "Hmm... That's a transmission talisman."

This type of talisman was useless to players as the system have a message and call function, so the players didn't need the talisman to communicate with each other.

"I'll take that..." Souta said as he disappeared from his position.


Foud was surprised when he couldn't follow Souta's movements with his eyes.

"Brace yourself, we're going to hold this man."

He shouted and he felt something behind him. He followed his instinct and he crouched down.


A sword passed above him and it produced a powerful shockwave.


Foud looked back and he rolled his body to the side. 'This guy... He's planning to kill me with that strike.' He said in his mind and he took out his sword.

"Oh? That's good..." Souta praised Foud for dodging his attack. A powerful and dense beast energy covered the whole area around the knights.


It suppressed the weaker energy like mana, so the knights who have low control over their mana would be able to use it properly.

"Argh! The heck with this, you're stronger than a monster that formed a monster orb recently. Is that really the power of the legendary potion?" Foud cursed while looking at Souta. He gripped his sword and a white light covered his sword.

"[Wind Slash]!" He slashed his sword and a wind blade flew out.


The blade went straight to Souta but a tentacle-like shadow sprouted on the ground. It blocked the skill easily.

"Attack him!" Aldine shouted and he dashed towards Souta. He used every power that he had to launch a powerful punch.

The other knights didn't stay idle as all of them launched their skills at Souta.

Several shadows rose up from the ground and it covered Souta's body like a cocoon. It protected him from the skills of the knights.

Souta heard several loud sounds as the skills of the knights landed on the shadows around him. He opened his palm and casted [Shadow Bind] spell.


The whole ground turned black and it spread one hundred meters diameter with Souta as the center.

The knights stop firing their skills as they saw more than a hundred tentacles-like shadows slowly rose up from the ground.

"What the hell...?" Foud muttered while looking at this scene.

The ordinary knights lost their will to fight when they saw this. They subconsciously loosen their grip on their swords. One by one it fell on the black ground causing a metallic sound to echoed in the whole area.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Fear slowly seeped in their hearts and it consumed their will to fight.

"This is many times stronger than before."

"We're all going to die..."

They muttered to themselves while looking at the towering shadows around them.

The shadows extended up to twenty meters in height and its thickness was three meters to the root, and it gradually thinned down to the tips of the shadows.

Within the one hundred meters diameter black ground, more than a hundred huge shadows rose up. Each one of these shadows possessed terrifying strength that could easily crush the knights.

"This is the power of the [Shadow Bind] spell when you use beast energy instead of mana. The only problem is that it's harder to control." Souta muttered to himself.

The beast energy was a dominant and berserk energy. That's why it could suppress the calm and peaceful mana. But not anyone could control this powerful energy, only the monsters have the strength to control this. In the past, a lot of humans and demis attempted to use the beast energy and a lot of them failed to do so.

But not all of them failed...

The result of their attempts was the monster potions and the use of some technology using beast energy. The energy that the whole city used was coming from monster orbs. It was also the fruits of countless experiments of humans and demis in the past.

They succeeded in transferring the beast energy in the body of humans and demis using the potions, but there were a lot of problems. The bodies of humans and demis weren't compatible to the power of beast energy. The beast energy was trying to destroy the mana pool of the person that consumed the monster potion. That's why the side effect of this potion was that the consumer of the potion will permanently lose a portion of his mana pool.

But that's okay for Souta as he was a monster in the first place. It's just that his current form couldn't handle the power of the beast energy. Second evolution monster didn't have enough strength to fully control it.

The shadows opened and he peeked outside. Souta grinned and controlled the shadows.

All the shadows stopped moving and it went straight to the knights.

The screams of the knights echoed in the whole area as the shadows strangle their bodies.


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