The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
134 Chain Quest: What are you doing here?
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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134 Chain Quest: What are you doing here?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sounds of sword clashing echoed in the whole area. The one who's fighting here were Brianna, John, and Jane of the Gale Group.

Brianna, John, and Jane were fighting the knights of the Vidrato Family.

When they felt Souta's outburst of energy before they immediately went to help him but on their way, a group of knights from Vidrato Family blocked their way.

It led to a battle between the three of them and the elite knights of the Vidrato Family. They were Rank C Adventurers so ordinary knights were no match to them.

"[Banshee's Cry]!!"

Jane shouted loudly and it echoed throughout the whole area. Her voice contained some mysterious voice that slows down the movements of the knights.

[Banshee's Cry] was a tier 1 spell that could slow down the target's movement speed by 20%.

"Damn! Be careful! This spell decreased our speed!" The leader of the squad of these elite knights said to his comrades.

Brianna charged forward and she waved her sword at the leader of the elite knights.


Despite his movements being slowed down, the leader still managed to block her attack.

"Another one!" Brianna didn't stop at one strike. She continued to attack the leader of the elite knights without hesitation.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The leader of the elite knights passively blocked her attacks. He couldn't do anything because of the debuffs that were cast on him and the other knights.

Suddenly, Brianna's sword and John's dagger emitted a white glow. Both of them weren't surprised at this. They knew who's the one behind this and that's their comrade Jane.

"[Increase Sharpness] and [Bleeding Attack]!" Jane casted a spell that helped Brianna and John. She was a support-type mage so most of her spells were buffs and debuffs which could increase her comrade's fighting ability or decrease their enemy's fighting ability.

"[Burst Slash]!" John disappeared and he reappeared on the back of the elite knight.

A large cut appeared on the chest of the elite knight and it spurted out a large amount of blood.


John slowly blended in the surroundings as he used his combat arts. He was the scout of the Gale Group. An expert scout that knew the essence of it and understood the meaning of his class.

He knew his weakness and understood that he wasn't fit for close combat battles. He was better of finishing enemies with a sneak attack on their blind spot.

Brianna was the main damage dealer of the Gale Group. The combination of her sword and speed were fearsome. She was holding every elite knight here with Jane's support. That alone was enough to say that her power was slightly stronger than elite knights.

While she was holding all the elite knights, John would sneak attack the knights that leave their guards open.

It the tactic of their group with just the three of them. If Tidor and Tim were here then it would greatly change everything in this battle.

Tidor was the tanker of the group. The shielder class that always took the frontline in every battle. He experienced a lot of life and death situations that toughened up his body.

While Tim was the burst-type mage of the Gale Group. Unlike Jane who only knew support spells, Tim knew different types of damage spells. AOE or burst spell that could kill any opponents at his level with just a single combination of it.

They were the true Rank-C Adventurers and if they were in a party. The strength they would show was stronger because of their combination, so they could defeat opponents that were higher level than them.


Suddenly, the ground shook heavily like an earthquake hit the whole city. It stopped the Gale Group and the elite knights from fighting because of the heavy tremor of the ground.

They don't have any choice but to grab on something near them to balance their footing.

The Gale Group and the elite knights looked up and saw towering black tentacles from far away. Then a powerful wave of energy swept out coming from that direction and it hit all of them.


"This...? Best feram?!" Jane recognized the energy that swept out in all directions. She felt the disturbance in her mana pool. Although it became weak because of the distance, she still felt it.

"Best feram? Monster..." Brianna glanced at Jane when she heard her mentioned the word "Best Feram". She then looked at the direction of the huge tentacles and muttered, " Just what is happening there?"

"Souta is in that direction..." John whispered while looking at the towering tentacles.

Not just them who felt and saw it but also Tidor and Tim. Up to the gate of the city, they could clearly saw the emergence of the black tentacles that wiped out a part of that city.

They saw how those tentacles smashed the huge buildings in that direction. Even at this distance, they felt a slight trembling of the ground.

"Really... What's that?" Tidor muttered in disbelief while looking at the scene.

"That's Souta's spell..." Tim said as he recognized the black tentacles. "But it somehow feels different..."

"Well, yeah it's different. You can also see it, right? The size! It is larger than what he showed before." Tidor said to Tim as he emphasized the word "size".

"I know that... but I'm talking that it's not mana that he is using to cast that spell," Tim said with an annoyed expression.


The city lord of the Gripin City was also watching this chaotic scene with his own eyes.

"Report. What's happening there?" The city lord opened his mouth and asked?

"Lord, an adventurer used monster potion according to our agent who saw it." A voice answered him from behind. This voice came from the city lord's assistant.

"Monster potion? The recipe of that potion is gone but sometimes a bunch of adventurers managed to acquired it in some dungeons or ruins." The city lord muttered in a low voice. "I've given Ursus 30 minutes to wrap this up. I will not intervene and the damage that they created will be paid by Ursus. That's what he promised to me."

"Evacuate all the civilians and don't let any of them die. I don't want someone innocent to die in this incident." The city lord said.

"Yes, My Lord. The city guards are now evacuating the civilians from all the battlefields in the city." The assistant reported.

"If this doesn't end in 30 minutes then I'll personally stop this chaos." The city lord said.


Souta was standing alone on the battlefield. He canceled the [Shadow Bind] spell and all the huge tentacles-like shadows dissipated into thin air.

He managed to kill all the knights of the Vidrato easily. They didn't expect this to happen at all as they thought that they would be able to hold him but the reality wasn't that fair to them.

It's true that Souta received the best feram from the potion that he drunk and everyone thought that he was as strong as a monster that formed their monster orb recently.

But he was clearly stronger than them because of his spell. All the monster that they fought were just using their trait skills and once they knew the monster's trait skills, they could create a plan to counter it but Souta was using a spell.

If a person used best feram to cast a spell then the power of the spell would multiply by three because of the usage of the stronger energy. It means that all of Souta's spells were currently three times stronger. And the knights didn't expect this at all. Before they could think it through, Souta crushed them.


Blood flowed down from his mouth. Souta lifted up his hand and wiped the blood.

'Even though I'm a monster my body still couldn't handle the best feram.' Souta thought as he felt a stinging pain all over his body.

"Ufufu, I wonder what will happen if everyone knew that you will gain this power once you evolve to a higher lifeform." A playful voice sounded in Souta's mind.

"You don't need to think about me. I will handle it when that time comes." Souta snorted then he looked at Yuko, "Plus, I think that Yuko will evolve first before me."

"Ufufu, That's what scary about you... You're not afraid of those stronger than you and you don't care about them. It feels like you are sure that you will reach their level or even surpassed them someday." The playful voice replied in his head.

"Well, thanks for the compliment," Souta said in his mind and he shook his head.

"Ufufu, what a scary monster you are..." The voice in his mind giggled. "It seems that you have a visitor."

"Souta!" A voice sounded behind Souta.

Souta turned his head and looked behind him. He saw a person that he didn't expect that would appear here.

"What are you doing here?" Souta asked.


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