The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
137 Chain Quest: Randolf vs. Gregory
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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137 Chain Quest: Randolf vs. Gregory

A huge dome made of ice and it spans five hundred meters diameter.

Lumilia was familiar with this spell and the mana around it.

"Father..." She muttered in a low voice and knew that they wouldn't be able to shatter this barrier that her father made.

No one at their level has the power to break this high-level spell. Even if they work together they would only be able to put a dent on it. Even if they used the highest fire element spell that they knew, it was all futile.

"[Scorching Hands]..." Bryan muttered and flames covered both of his hands. He then jumped in the air and threw a powerful punch on the barrier.

[Blazing Punch]!


His punch was powerful but Bryan only managed to put a scratch on this enormous barrier.

"It's so hard..." Bryan said and he saw his fists were bleeding.

Lynn and Nayo were shocked when they saw that Bryan's punch couldn't do anything on the enormous barrier.

"This... The mana flowing in this barrier is immense and tremendous." Lynn said as she placed her palm on the barrier. She was always sensitive to energy, so she felt the vast magical power that formed this barrier.

It was two times the amount of mana she has. She measured her mana pool before and the result was that she has three hundred fifty-two mana in her mana pool. So three hundred fifty-two times two was equal to seven hundred four. That amount of mana was stored in this single spell.

Actually, Ursus used less mana in casting this spell. It just because this spell was Ursus inner spell that Lumilia felt that it was stronger than normal.

"How can we shatter this spell?" Nayo said.

"We can't this is father's inner spell. An inner spell consumed less mana than a normal spell, so my father could cast this spell several times." Lumilia replied and she shook her head.

This was also the reason why all of Souta's tier 1 spell only need an amount that's less ten mana except for the [Shadow Bind] spell. Of course, the players were included in it.

"Haha, feel despair. You wouldn't be able to escape." Gregory laughed while looking at them as if he was mocking them.

"We'll leave this place. Don't worry class rep, all of Mage Class 1-B are here to get you back." Bryan said as he assured Lumilia.

"Yes, we're all leaving here." Lynn nodded at Bryan's words.

"Sister Lumilia..." Cluster looked at Lumilia with a worried expression.

Randolf looked at them and said, "Are you sure about that? From what I can see we have no chance to defeat this guy."

"Are you our comrades right? So why are you saying that." Nayo looked at Randolf and said.

"Well, I'm just stating the truth. It would be better if that Yujin guy joined us. Our chances would increase if he used that power." Randolf said as shrugged his shoulder.

"Yujin..." Lumilia muttered and recalled her classmate that fought the top 3 ranker Yuriko in the special test.

"Yeah, that Yujin will be a great asset if he actively used his power." Randolf nodded at Lumilia then he turned his head to Gregory.

"That guy...? How strong he is?" Bryan became curious when he heard that Yujin have some sort of secret power.

"If he used his power then he could defeat you instantly with your current power," Randolf replied to him.

"Really? I wanted to fight him. I will surely fight him next time." Bryan said with an excited expression.

Suddenly, a red light flashed in front of them and it followed by intense heat. Soon, they saw a sea of flames heading towards them.

"So he couldn't hold it anymore," Randolf muttered as he patted his shirt. "Let me handle this."

He took a step forward and all of his mana burst out of his body. Randolf slowly opened his mouth and said, "If we're talking about the inner spell then, I too have an inner spell."

Randolf lifted his right hand and a large amount of mana gathered on his palm.

[Decaying Earth Wave]!

Transparent ripples appeared in Randolf's hand. It spread out and when it made contact with the flames, the flames disappeared. Even the ground started to have cracks and it eventually dried up.

The buildings in front of Randolf fell down because all the things that made contact with the ripples will experience the strong corrosive power of the spell.

"That... A tier 3 spell..." Gregory muttered when he saw the power of this spell. He was surprised when he found that this brat knew a tier 3 spell.

"Really... I didn't think that I would be forced to use tier 3 spell against these children." Gregory gritted his teeth and he casted his own tier 3 spell.

[Flame Cyclone]!

Flames appeared and it whirled around until it became a cyclone. Flames covered the entire sky and it shot towards the transparent ripples that Randolf casted.


A huge explosion happened in the middle of the area that destroyed hundreds of houses inside the dome. The shockwaves swept out and it ruins hundreds of houses until it hit the ice dome.

Bryan, George, Nayo, Lynn, and Lumilia casted a defensive spell to protect themselves from the explosion.

"Class rep!" Bryan shouted as he stood in front of Cluster.

"I know..." Lumilia gritted her teeth and casted several defensive spells.

"Argh! That guy is too reckless. He said to leave it to him but he caused this huge explosion." Nayo endured the pain as the shockwaves destroyed the barrier that she created.

"We can't blame him. Randolf is the only one who could fight that man." Lynn said with a helpless expression. It's really lucky that Randolf joined them in going to this city.

She didn't expect this at all. All the students of Mage Class 1-B were here except for Souta. She heard from Bryan that Souta was working as an adventurer so he should be doing some quest right now.


Smoke and dust covered the whole place and it leaves nothing. It blocked everyone's sight so they couldn't properly see what's in front of them.

The place inside the dome was in ruins. All the houses were gone and the debris was scattered all over the place. Luckily, there's no civilian in this place. Ursus wouldn't cast the [Ice Dome] spell if there were some civilians left in this area.

There's no safe place in kind of explosion, in fact, the ice dome helped contain the explosion, or else the shockwave would do more damage in the city.

"Cough... Cough..." Lumilia coughed as she found herself lying on the ground. She covered her nose and looked around her.


She coughed a mouthful of blood. The red blood splattered on the ground. She then noticed that someone moved from the corner of her eyes.

"Who's that?"

She squinted her eyes as she couldn't clearly see because of the thick smoke but she saw a silhouette of a little girl.


Lumilia immediately pushed her body out of the ground. She went towards the silhouette and found that it was really Cluster.

Cluster was unconscious but her body was twitching nonstop. Lumilia didn't know what to do so she casted some healing spell but it didn't work at all.

"Let me..." A voice of a man sounded behind her.

Lumilia didn't even need to turn her head to know who's this person.

Randolf walked towards with injuries all over his body.

"You're injured..." Lumilia said while looking at his figure.

"Don't worry about this. This is nothing to me." Randolf said and he placed his palm on Cluster's forehead. "[Calm Heart]..."

Slowly, Cluster's body stopped twitching. Lumilia sighed in relief when she saw this. She recalled that the one who saved all of them was Cluster.


When all of the barriers that they casted shattered and they were thrown on the ground along with the houses, Cluster showed strange movements.

"Damn! It's too strong!" Bryan shouted and he was swept out. His body flew away and crashed on the dome.

"I'm sorry, Mila." Lynn gritted her teeth and her barrier broke before she was smashed on the dome.

It was followed by Lumilia, George, and Nayo. All of them couldn't do anything against this. They were the nearest to the collision so they really felt the powerful impact of the two tier 3 spells.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At that time, Cluster was left standing alone. The shockwaves, flames, and the powerful winds couldn't reach her body at all.

Cluster's eyes were lifeless. She opened her mouth and said in a monotonic voice, "Calculating. The. Magic. And. Power."

After a few seconds, she waved her hands and said, "Protect."

A blueish barrier formed around them and it protected them from any harm.


Lumilia has a lot of questions in her mind but since Cluster was unconscious she could only swallow it.

"Thank you..." Lumilia muttered in a low voice. She then lifted up her head and looked at Randolf. "Is everyone okay?"

"For the meantime," Randolf replied with a smile on his face.


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