The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
138 Chain Quest: Please help me!
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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138 Chain Quest: Please help me!

"Everyone is safe for now." Randolf paused for a moment then he added, "You're all quite lucky that you survive from the impact despite how close you are from the collision of the two tier 3 spells."

"Yeah..." Lumilia knew that it wasn't luck. That powerful impact would kill them if not they would receive heavy injuries that could be healed by a tier 3 healing spell.

If not for Cluster they wouldn't survive with little injuries.

So this was the reason why Souta was interested in Cluster's origin. She has a mysterious power that was hard to explain.

"I'll tell you that I couldn't cast another spell. I used all of my mana." Randolf said to Lumilia while looking around.

That tier 3 spell consumed most of his mana. Although that spell was his inner spell he still consumed most of his mana in his mana pool. His mana pool wasn't as vast as those veterans. He was just a first-year student and have a lot of room for development.

"Really, this feeling is irritating," Randolf commented as he felt a little dizzy. This was the side effect of draining all of his mana in his mana pool.

With this, he would be at a disadvantage if he fought the fat man. Well, he was at a disadvantage from the very beginning. That fat man was clearly a higher level than them.


The wind blew strongly and the thick smoke that was blocking everyone's vision slowly disappeared.

They finally get to see what happened around them and how badly the impact damages the whole area in the [Ice Dome].

Lumilia looked around and she saw Bryan, Lynn, Nayo, and George lying on the ground.

"It hurts so much..." Bryan said in a loud voice as he grabbed his broken right arm. His arm broke when he crashed on the dome before.

"It's hard to move," George said as he used every fiber of his muscles to sat on the ground.

"I'm sorry George, you're injured because of us." Nayo apologized to George. She sat on the ground and looked at George who has injuries all over his body.

"It's okay." George shook his head. He protected Lynn and Nayo when the flames swallowed everything.

"Everyone, do you really think that we would be able to escape from this barrier?" Randolf looked at them and asked.

"I'm sorry everyone, it's all my fault." Lumilia apologized to everyone and she lowered her head in front of them.

'I'm an all-rounder and I could protect myself even without using mana but I don't think I could handle it if I have to protect all of them.' Randolf thought and he glanced at Bryan. "Really, I didn't expect that we're fighting a veteran."

"You shouldn't do that. As the one who bears the name Asvares shouldn't easily bow her head in front of everyone." Suddenly, a voice sounded and it gathered everyone's attention.

Lumilia and the rest turned their heads and saw Gregory was looking down on them.

Gregory shifted his eyes on Randolf and said, "You, you're one dangerous fella. Because of you, I've lost my knights."

In the collision of the two tier 3 spells, Gregory didn't protect his knights so most of his knights died in the impact of the powerful spells. Those who survived were in critical condition that they would die if someone didn't help them.

The knights of the Vidrato Family didn't have Cluster to protect them, so their fate was sealed when the two powerful spells clashed. They were also close to the collision, so there's no doubt about it that most of them died.

Randolf looked at Gregory with a frown on his face. He was observing Gregory's facial expression.

"You, do you really think I couldn't counter a tier 3 spell? I'm not the head of the Vidrato Family for nothing." Gregory mocked Randolf. He then smiled and added, "But well, you're pretty impressive for someone at your age. Unfortunately, you fought against me."

"Of course, I'm outstanding and you don't have to tell me that," Randolf smirked as he shrugged his shoulder. He then planed his hand on his left ear.

'Can you kill this man?' He said in his mind.

'Yes, master... but you don't have to worry about it you're classmates are heading in that direction.' A small voice replied to Randolf's question.

'Hmm? My classmates...? I don't think they have the power to stop this man.' Randolf said in his mind with a confused expression.

'Yuin Drune, the one who held the lost power, and Souta Ieshi who currently have best feram in his body.' The voice answered Randolf.

'Oh? That Souta Ieshi is here?' Randolf was surprised when he heard Souta's name.


'Hmm... Then, you don't need to move. With the combination of those two, they could handle this man.' Randolf couldn't help but grin when he thought the combined power of Souta and Yujin.

"Oi! Did I say anything funny?" Gregory frowned when he saw Randolf smirked.

"Nothing." Randolf shook his head. 'How did that Souta have the best feram?' He asked in his mind.

The voice explained how Souta get the power of the monster and Randolf understood it.

"You all are pissing me off!" Gregory said in a loud voice and his magical power exploded.


His magical power pressured everyone in the vicinity. The atmosphere felt suffocating for the people who don't have much strength left in their bodies.

"I'm going to take you and you will marry my son," Gregory said while looking at Lumilia. He took a step forward and slowly approached Lumilia.

According to his plan, his family would be tied together to the Asvares Family and he would get a piece of that Crytal Flame Honey. Then, he would help the Asvares Family fend of the other family and the nobles from the Melosa Country. Maybe, he will receive another Crystal Flame Honey from Ursus if he did great.

"Why can't you understand that it's all for your family and your own good? I will help you fend off those nobles from Melosa Country. It's all for your own good." Gregory said while looking at Lumilia.

"You! You're saying that it's for her own good. If you really want to help her then you can do that without having her marry your son. I bet you just want something from her." Bryan said as he tried his best to stand up and looked at Gregory.

"Yeah, Bryan is right, why can't Mila decide things on her own? It's her life so you don't have the right to force her." Lynn said as she looked at Gregory.

"Let's just face the reality that all of you couldn't do anything to me." Gregory frowned and he waved his hand.

Bryan and Lynn were pushed back heavily and both of them once again crashed on the dome.

Bang! Bang!

"Ah! We're taking Mila back!" Nayo rushed towards Gregory.


"It's futile." Gregory simply waved his hand and Nayo crashed on the dome just like Lynn and Bryan. He then looked at Randolf and asked, "Are you going to attack me like them?"

"Nope." Randolf shook his head and smirk. He waiting to watch the show that's going to unfold. He knew who's going to arrive, so he was quite excited to see this.

'Really, I'm really glad that I come here.' He thought as his grin widened. The amusing things will happen in just a minute. 'I wonder what face will you make when you experience defeat from someone several years younger than you.' He thought while looking at Gregory.

Gregory started to advanced towards Lumilia. Every step that he made rung inside Lumilia's head.

Lumilia tightened her grip on the unconscious Cluster. She then recalled what Souta said before.

"You don't have power but you have me. If you have any problems just ask me and I will do everything." His voice sounded in her mind.

"I-I'm not going to marry your son!" Lumilia stuttered at first but her voice became louder at the end.

"Huh? What are you saying?" Gregory stopped on his track and looked at Lumilia.

"I don't want to marry your son! I don't want to be bound by my family!" Lumilia stopped for a moment and she added, "I'm going to make a decision for myself for the very first time! I'm going back to Ladros City! I'm going to join the cultural festival with everyone! I want to continue studying and get stronger! So..."

She took a deep breath and shouted, "PLEASE HELP ME! SOUTAAA!!!"

"You're still-" Gregory was saying something when he heard a familiar voice.

"Good job." A voice of a man sounded.

Gregory looked up as he heard the voice came from above.

"At last, they are here." Randolf grinned widely.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several figures crashed on the ground creating small craters and causing the dust and smoke to form around.

Lumilia lifted her hand to covered her eyes. She used her free hand to embraced Cluster in her chest.


The wind blew strongly and the smoke started to disappear.

"S-Souta..." Lumilia looked up and saw Souta.

In front of her were her classmates. Not only Souta, but everyone from the Mage Class 1-B was here.

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》