The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
139 Chain Quest: Souta vs. Gregory 1
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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139 Chain Quest: Souta vs. Gregory 1

All Ursus did was casting the tier 3 spell [Ice Dome]. After that, he didn't provide any assistance to Gregory in capturing his daughter. It's because someone appeared before him.

He was standing on the rooftop of a tall building while looking at the dome of ice that he created and opposite of him was a man.

The legendary man and the one who was entitled hero was standing in front of him.

"You know that it's my family's affair. So why are you here of all people?" Ursus asked the man in front of him.

The man in front of Ursus was a tall man with an average build. He has short messy blonde hair and yellow eyes. He was wearing a navy blue coat on top of a white shirt and wearing pants with the same color of his shirt.

He was the one who was called the Flame Master, Bargan Hevifield. One of the most powerful people in the Ladro Institute and a man who was acknowledged as the Hero of the Melosa War.

"I'm not here to fight. I'm just here to protect my students in case something happened to them." Bargan said as he sat down and looked at the dome. "Yah, you've made quite a scene, casting a tier 3 spell in the middle of the city. Did you talk to the city lord about this? You wouldn't cast this spell in the middle of the city without the city lord's permission at all."

"By students, do you mean the top students?" Ursus asked while looking at Bargan.

"I wonder about that..." Bargan replied to him leisurely.

"My daughter is not a top student so I know that. Her power isn't that great, so the institute would send a person like you just to protect her. The institute also wouldn't gain anything from her." Ursus said to Bargan. It didn't really matter if Bargan was showing that relaxed attitude in front of him. He knew that even if there were dozen of him, he still wouldn't be able to defeat Bargan.

He guessed that he needed thirty of his power level before he could fight Bargan and that's only fighting him on equal ground, not defeating Bargan. To defeat him, he needed fifty of his power level but only two would survive at that battle.

That's how powerful the Flame Master.

"Whoa, you're saying bad things to your daughter..." Bargan looked at Ursus with a smile on his face. He then added, "The institute is not protecting her for you. The institute decided to protect her because it wanted to get a good impression on the students with the potential to reach the top."

"By that... You mean that Souta." Ursus understood what Bargan mean.

"Yes, since Souta is serious about taking Lumilia back to the institute. The institute responded by helping him so that he would get a good impression of the institute. You could say that we're investing." Bargan explained to him. "Also, Souta is not the only student that have potential here. Actually, four of them are present here that have the potential to surpass me, including Souta."

"I see... So that's the reason why... Those four students appeared here to get my daughter back to the institute. That's why the institute sent you here." Ursus understood all of it.

"You're correct. I'm here to protect them. By protect, I'm mean it as protecting them from dying not babysitting them." Bargan paused for a moment before he continued, "I will only prevent them from dying. Even if they lost their battles it's okay. They needed it to grow stronger."

Suddenly, both of them stopped as they felt something inside the dome.

Bargan squinted his eyes and his senses passed through the [Ice Dome]. He muttered, "Tier 3 spell..."

Not just him, Ursus felt it too. The power of the tier 3 spells inside the dome. Both of them felt the collision of the two tier 3 spells.

Bargan lifted up his hand and he gathered his magical power on it. He then made a grabbing motion but he stopped midway.

"Hmm...? Interesting," Bargan smirked when he felt what happened inside the dome. He knew that something protected the students in his place.

"Really, the students of Ladro Institute are incomparable. To think that he even knew a tier 3 spell." Ursus said.

"That's not really the case, they are special and I'm sure you will understand it someday," Bargan replied to him.


"S-Souta..." Lumilia looked up and saw Souta in front of her. Her other classmates were here but she focused her attention on Souta.

"Good job. You've followed my advice, so you don't need to worry about it. Leave everything to me and I will handle this." Souta turned his head at Lumilia and said.

He then looked at Yujin, Alice, and his other classmates including the Gale Group, and said, "I'll handle this. Go help Lumilia and the others."

"Are you sure?" Alice looked at him and asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I will defeat this guy." Souta nodded and he looked at Gregory.

"I understand." Alice nodded at him then she walked towards Lumilia.

Yujin also nodded at him and didn't say anything. Their other classmates went to help Bryan, Lynn, Nayo, and George.

The Brianna, Tim, and Jane too help the injured ones. Before coming here, Souta helped them first but they saw the huge explosion, so Souta used the beast feram in protecting all of them.

"S-Souta..." Lynn muttered when she saw Souta's back in front of Lumilia. She then looked at Lumilia who was looking at Souta's back. She recalled what Lumilia said when before Souta and the rest appeared here.

"I see..." She said in a low voice and looked at her hands. 'I wonder if Souta will save me if something happened to me.' She thought.

'Oh? So he wanted to fight him alone?' Randolf was amused at Souta's decision. He didn't think that Souta would win at Gregory even with the power of best feram.

Best feram wasn't enough to defeat Gregory but if that Yujin joined the battle and used the lost power, then there's no doubt that they would win.

But if Souta has something in his sleeve that could replace Yujin, then he would be fine in fighting Gregory alone.

'I can't wait to see what you will show.' Randolf thought with a smirk on his face.

He could see the best feram flowing out of Souta's body nonstop. Of course, it would flow out as Souta didn't have the monster orb to contain the best feram. It will continue to flow out until he runs out of energy and drained himself.


Souta looked at the system while taking out two bottles of mana potion. He drunk it and felt a burning sensation inside his body as the mana was turning into best feram.

[Lumilia's special quest triggered!]

[Boss]: Fight and defeat Gregory who is preventing Lumilia from leaving the city. Rewards: 50,000 exp, 15 free attribute points, and 10 skill points.

He triggered this special quest when Lumilia asked him to help her. In this special quest, Souta just needed to defeat Gregory.

The rewards were amazing. To think that he would received so much quest from Lumilia. Ever since the incident at Desolate Woods, he was always triggering quest from her.

"You're really my lucky star, class rep." Souta grinned and said.

"E-eh!!" Lumilia was surprised when she heard Souta's words.

Alice too was surprised when she heard Souta's words. She took a glance at his back.

"I can't believe this! You choose them instead of my lustrous family!" Gregory said with a hint of anger in his voice. He looked at Lumilia and didn't understand why she chose these people over his family.

Souta stepped forward and closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes, and a smile formed on his face.

"Sure, that's not a bad deal." He said in a low voice and he focused his attention on Gregory.

Since Souta was going to fight, everyone brought the injured people away because they don't want to get caught in the aftershock of the battles.

"Rejoice, Gregory." Souta pulled out the [Vajra Sword Saya] and stabbed it on the ground. He looked at his system and saw that he had 85 free attribute points.

He added fifty of this to increase his intelligence attribute. Increasing his intelligence attribute means that his mana would increase.

He then allocated the remaining thirty-five to his vitality, so that his body would be able to handle the best feram. With his current condition, he would collapse after a few minutes.

"Now, I can finally take you on," Souta said to Gregory with a serious expression.


His aura increased drastically to the point that it matches Gregory's aura.

The Vajra sword emitted a dark red color aura and it coated the entire sword. The dark red aura spread out and Souta absorbed it in his body.

"Saya, let me borrow your power?"


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