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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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Lynn and Nayo came with Bryan and Lumilia. They followed the two as they wanted to see if Souta was fine.

"Souta, are you alright?" Lynn rushed towards him and asked him with a concerned look on her face.

"Yeah, I've pretty much recovered thanks to all the potion that I've collected." Souta nodded at her.

"Are you sure?" Lynn asked him as if she wasn't convinced at his answer.

"Lynn, you can see that Souta is fine. If he's not then he still lying on the bed. You worry too much." Nayo patted Lynn's shoulder and said.

"Yeah, Nayo is right. You don't have to worry about it." Souta assured her.

"But..." Lynn was about to say something when Nayo patted her shoulder once again.

"Souta knew his body better than you," Nayo said and she revealed a playful smile while looking at Lynn.

"Don't tell me... You already saw everything in-"

Nayo didn't manage to finish her sentence as Lynn covered her mouth.

"Stop! Nayo! I know, I know!" Lynn said as her face was turning red.

Souta smiled looking at them. He then turned to Bryan and asked how many days have passed since the battle in the Gripin city.

He knew that traveling from Gripin city to Ladros city will take half a day of time. And when Souta woke up he already found himself in his house in the Ladros city. It seems that days already passed since he passed out.

"Two days?" Bryan said before he looked at Lumilia and asked the same thing. He wasn't sure if his answer was correct so he looked at the person who probably knew the right answer.

Lumilia sighed when she saw Bryan look at her. She really didn't know if fighting was all the things that Bryan know. She then nodded her head at him indicating that Bryan was right.

"Two days, Souta." Bryan smiled and said to Souta with a somewhat proud expression.

'Two days...' Souta rubbed his chin and thought that a lot of things already happened in the institute.

Suddenly, Saya's voice sounded in his head.

'Why didn't you ask me that question? I know the answer too so why? Can you tell me the reason?'

Souta ignored the voice in his head and he wondered what happened in the institute. He still couldn't understand why Ursus didn't make an appearance at that time. Ursus just cut his ties with her daughter, Lumilia, and nothing else.

After causing such commotion, why wouldn't he finish it himself?

'Ah, I couldn't think of any reason...' Souta thought and he shook his head. He then felt his stomach growling.

"I'm hungry..." Souta muttered as he caressed his stomach.

"It's natural as you haven't eaten a single piece of meat for the past two days," Nayo said as a matter of fact.

"I-I'll cook something for you, Souta," Lynn said while stuttering.

"What about me Lynn? You really wanted Souta to taste your homemade meal..." Nayo said with a mischievous smile on her face.

"N-No, that's not it... I-I'll cook for everyone." Lynn's cheeks flushed as Nayo continued to tease her.

"Oho~ are you a great cook?" Bryan asked them as he gained an interest in their conversation.

"Yeah, Lynn is a great cook. Lynn's lunchbox is always prepared by Lynn herself. And her lunch is always good." Nayo said to Bryan with a proud expression. "I'm feeling hungry just by imagining it."

"S-Stop that, Nayo. You're embarrassing me in front of Souta." Lynn whispered to Nayo's ear.

"Embarrass? You should be proud of it, Lynn." Nayo said to her.

"Okay, I'll leave it to you, Lynn. I'm hungry, anything will do." Souta suddenly said as he walked and sat down on a vacant chair.

Lynn was in dazed for a moment. She placed her hand on her chest and said, "Y-Yes, leave it to me. I'll use all of my cooking knowledge to prepare a food that you will like." Her tone got louder through her sentence.

"Oh? Someone's fired up." Nayo laughed lightly.

"Okay, I'll wait too. I'm going to judge if you the food you cook is better than Souta." Bryan said as he sat down on a sofa.

Nayo her head and ignored Bryan. She lifted her head and looked around her. "Still, to think that you, Souta is living in a huge house like this one on your own."

"I'm an adventurer and I'm earning a lot through accepting quest. I've worked hard to earn all the money I have." Souta said as he looked around at his house. He let out a gentle soft sound as if he exhaled all the trouble that he experienced in his life in this world.

"What?! I'm an adventurer too but why your house is different from mine?!" Bryan was shocked when he heard Souta's words.

"That? I'm taking higher level of quest so it's not surprising that I've earned a lot of money more than you." Souta said as he shrugged his shoulder. Actually, the money that he used to build this house came from the monster orb that he sold to Jimmy.

"Damn! The receptionist didn't let me take high-level quests at all. Why?" Bryan cursed and he looked like he was grieving over something.

"Well, you should continue to take quest after quest. If you think you've experienced enough, you should talk to the receptionist and ask her about the promotion quest." Souta explained to Bryan about the adventurer's ranking.

Nayo listened to their conversation and she looked at Bryan with a surprised look. She slowly opened her mouth and said, "Don't tell me you didn't even know that even though you're an adventurer..."

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" Bryan looked at her and asked with a plain expression.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked a question. It's me. It's my fault." Nayo decided to give up as she couldn't fathom Bryan.

"Huh? Why?" Bryan was confused when he saw her reaction. He looked at Souta asking for an explanation but Souta shook his head.

"I can't help it. it's Bryan after all..." Souta said with a sigh and he turned his head sideways. He saw that Lumilia was looking at Cluster and Yuko.

Nayo followed his sight and she saw Yuko. She recalled how aggressive Yuko on the people that approach Souta that day.

"I can't believe that you're capable of taming a monster..."

Souta glanced at her when he heard her words. "Well, I also don't believe it." He replied to her.

"I'll tell you a secret." Bryan suddenly said.

Nayo looked at her with a curious expression. "And what is that secret?"

"Actually... Yuko is richer than any of us here." Bryan said with a smug look on his face.

"Huh? Even more than Mila." Nayo said to him. She couldn't understand what he meant.

"Class rep is broke. She didn't have any money left in her pocket anymore and used it to pay the adventurers from helping her. Also, she didn't have any connection with her families that why she's a poor person right now." Bryan said.

His words caused everyone to look at him, including Lumilia. They just look at Bryan without saying anything.

After a few moments, Souta opened his mouth and said, "I see... So, that's the reason why class rep didn't reward me for completing her quest."

Souta nodded as if he finally understood a big mystery.

"I'm sorry about that. I will pay you back next time." Lumilia said as she lowered her head. She didn't dare to meet Souta's eyes because she was ashamed. Souta helped her and she couldn't even pay him back for everything that he did for her.

"No worries about. I'm just joking." Souta looked at her and said.

"WHAT?!!" Bryan's loud voice shook the entire house. He looked Lumilia and said, "You didn't pay Souta in the quest. How is that possible? It seems that I need to be wary about the quest since there's a chance that class rep's quest is including in that."

"You idiot! I help class rep on my own will. I didn't say anything her rewarding me." Souta looked at Bryan and said.

Nayo looked at Bryan with a deadpan expression and said, "So what's the secret you're going to tell me?"

"Ah, I forgot about that." Bryan smiled wryly as he scratched the back of his head.

"Tell me now. Don't delay it anymore." Nayo grew impatient.

"Okay, okay. Actually, the house beside Souta's house is Yuko's home." Bryan said.

"W-what did you say?!" Nayo was shocked when she heard it.

"I said that Yuko have her own big house," Bryan said to her once again.

"That big house there is Yuko's..." Nayo said as she pointed her finger at the huge house outside.

"Yes, it's Yuko's house but I think that it's a storage house," Bryan said. Well, Yuko didn't have things that she wanted so Souta stored most of her meat and fruits inside her house.


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