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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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150 Jimmy“s visi

Souta found Yuko sleeping in his room.

"If you're that tired you should've returned to your house." He smiled gently while looking at her.

Suddenly, he heard a voice coming from behind.

"I wonder when will I get my own pet."

Souta looked over and saw that it was Bryan. He smiled and said, "You could tame a slime anytime, you know?"

"Slime, I don't want that. I want something cool like a dragon." Bryan said as he imagined himself riding on a huge dragon.

"Dragon? Do you know that dragon is one of the strongest monsters in the world? It's difficult to tame a dragon." Souta said and he paused for a moment. "Anyway, you're too weak to tame a dragon. Even if all of us combine our strength it still isn't enough to injure a dragon."

"That's what I want! A strong and cool pet!" Bryan smiled proudly.

"Slime is not that bad. In ancient times, there were giant slimes that could swallow a whole city as big as Ladros city." Souta said to him.

"Really, is that true?" Bryan looked at him with a hopeful expression.

"Yes, all the monsters have the potential to grow stronger," Souta said with a sigh.

'Yeah, you are correct. Monsters are the creature that has strong battle prowess than any race in the world. That's why humans and demis always formed a party just by subjugating a single powerful monster. Also, monsters have contributed a lot in the war twenty thousand years ago.'

Souta opened his eyes widely when he heard Saya's voice in his head. 'Do you know the history of the war twenty thousand years ago?' He asked her.

'Yeah, I'm not stuck in this sword at that time. The progenitors and the monster lords showed their fearsome fight ability in that war. They defeated a lot of those unknown creatures who came out of nowhere.

'They were always on the frontline showing off the power of the best feram. They were fearsome, fearless, and overwhelming that even scared the demis and humans at that time even though all of them were fighting the same unknown creatures.

'No other race dared to take the role of the vanguards in the alliance of the cosmos except the monsters. Even those gods and deities felt fear of the power of the monster lords even though they were on the same side. Even a monster lord of the goblin race, slime, trolls, and orc contributed a lot in that war.

'You know that as long as a monster reached the evolution of the monster lord they will gain an overwhelming power that will put other races into shame. Unfortunately, most of the monster lord perished in that war along with the founding gods of God's continent and the deities of the Giza continent. Even the demon race suffered great casualties as several of their demon king and emperors died.'

'I see... then do you know about the Ieshi clan?' Souta asked as he was curious about this.

'They are the ones who predicted that tragic war and said that the whole universe will crumble. After that, they secluded themselves in an unknown place. The current era right now didn't know about what really happened at that time.' Saya said with a serious tone in her voice. 'That sacred family that all races respect suddenly vanish saying that they will think about a way to escape the end.'

'Can you tell me more about it?' Souta asked her.

'Ah~ I'm getting sleepy. I need to charge my energy so that when you fight someone above your level you can borrow my power.' Saya said with a yawn.

'Hey! Wait, I'm still not finished asking a question.' Souta said in his head. He found that Bryan's face was close to his face.

Bryan was staring at him in the eyes without blinking.

"Oi! What are you doing?" Souta subconsciously took a step back when he saw Bryan's face.

"I'm looking at you because you were in deep thoughts. I'm guessing what's in your mind." Bryan said to him.

"So did you guess what's in my mind?" Souta asked and he sighed.

"Hmmm? I think you're lying to me about the powerful slimes." Bryan answered him.

"Oi! I'm not lying to you. That's the truth." Souta said.

"Yeah, Bryan you're really an idiot. If you're listening to class you would know that Souta is right."

Souta and Bryan turned their heads at the same time and saw Nayo.

Nayo opened her mouth and continued, "Souta is not lying. There are slime that could swallow a whole city. But I'm not sure if those slimes are still alive."

Souta shook his head. It's not that there were no slimes that could swallow a city in this era. It's just that the humans and demis were killing them before they could evolve and grow stronger.

That's the role of the adventurers. The government was placing a quest to hunt down slimes and other monsters saying that they were getting close to the city and it going to be harmful if they let them alive. That's why there's no shortage of monster subjugation quest.

"Oh! So it's only in the book." Bryan said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Souta and Nayo looked at Bryan without saying anything. They knew that whatever they say right now wouldn't enter Bryan's head.


All three of them turned their head and saw Lumilia with Lynn.

"What is it?" Souta asked them.

"Cluster is tired and she wanted to rest so we're going back," Lumilia said to him.

"I see..." Souta nodded at her and then he looked at Bryan, Nayo, and Lynn. "What about the three of you?"

"We're going with Mila," Nayo replied.

Lynn nodded at Nayo's words.

"Okay, I'll go home too," Bryan said the same thing.

All of them bid farewell to Souta before they left his house. He even said that he'll go to class tomorrow and he will help them in preparing the class for the upcoming cultural festival.

"I couldn't fight using my full power this time," Souta muttered as he couldn't channel his mana in his current condition.

This was also the side effect from using the monster potion.

He wouldn't be able to use his mana for a week.

As long as he didn't have a monster orb in his body to contain the best feram, then his body would suffer if he used best feram. An ordinary energy pool of a person wasn't enough to contain powerful energy called best feram. That's why the monster formed a monster orb to get a better control of it.

"Well, it's a good chance to relax and loosen up from all the fighting that I've done." Souta sighed as he walked back to his room and lie down on his bed.

He closed his eyes and after a few minutes, he fell asleep.

'Ieshi clan... Most of the people forgot them. And now I've found someone who bears the surname Ieshi. A monster named himself after that clan's name. I will eventually find the truth if I stick with him.' Saya's voice sounded.



"Ahn~" Souta slowly opened his eyes when he heard his doorbell rung. He yawned and pushed himself into a seated position.

"Hmm? It's already late so who's ringing the doorbell."

Souta muttered as he rubbed his eyes. He wanted to lie down but he forced himself to stand up. He walked downstairs to open the door.

"Wait! I'm coming!"

He shouted to let the person know that he was coming to open the door. He arrived in front of the door and peek to see who's behind it.

He saw a familiar chubby man. Jimmy from the Lanny corp. Behind Jimmy were two people that look like his bodyguard.

Souta grabbed the handle of the door and he opened it when he saw that it was Jimmy.

"Good evening, Souta Ieshi." Jimmy quickly greeted him when Souta opened the door.

"What brought you here, Jimmy?" Souta asked while rubbing his eyes. He was sleepy and he wanted to lie down on his bed.

Jimmy was about to say his goals in coming here when Souta stopped him from saying.

Souta raised his hand and gesture him to stop. "Nevermind that, we'll talk inside." He shook his head and said while opening the door.

"Thanks for the invitation." Jimmy smiled and thanked him.

"Don't worry about it," Souta said as Jimmy and his bodyguards stepped inside Souta's house.

He then closed the door and guide Jimmy to the living room.

"You can sit comfortably there. I'll prepare some coffee." Souta said as he pointed at the sofa.

"Okay." Jimmy nodded and he sat down on the sofa while his two bodyguards stood behind him without saying anything.

Souta glanced at Jimmy before he went to the kitchen to prepare the coffee. He wondered what's Jimmy's goal in coming here. This was the first time that Jimmy visited him in his house.

It must be about the incident in the Gripin city.


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