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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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192 Black Orc

'Ah, that man... I want to complain but I couldn't do it...' Alice said inside her head. She took a swift glance at her surroundings. She saw Souta watching her while one orc was pinned down by his feet.

'If he helped me finish these orcs, then we would be able to save a lot of time and stamina.'

Alice puffed up her cheeks. She then shook her head and put those thoughts in the back of her mind.

She tightened her fingers around the spear before she looked at the three orcs in front of her. She saw the hole in the arms of the two orcs was closing rapidly. It's healing speed was visible to naked eyes and it's quite incredible to see it like this.

"Really...? Their healing speed is incredible." Alice muttered and she circulated her mana around her body. She guessed that she's going to take this a little bit seriously.

The orcs roared angrily and it charged towards her at high speed.


Alice looked at the three orcs calmly and she tapped her spear on the ground.

[Freezing Ground]!

The ground beneath her feet turned into ice and it spread quickly, freezing the soil.

The three orcs were surprised when Alice froze the ground. They couldn't stop anymore as they went straight towards Alice. The ground was slippery and they were having a hard time controlling their footing.

Alice squinted her eyes and she once again tapped her spear on the ground.

[Chilly Wind]!

A cold and powerful gust of wind burst out of Alice's body. The chilly wind hit the bodies of the orcs directly lowering their body temperatures.

"Last one..." Alice muttered as she looked at the three orcs with cold eyes. She pointed her spear at them and casted a water-based spell.

[High Water]!

Tiny balls of water appeared on the tip of her spear. It then shot towards the three orcs. It wet the bodies of the orcs and in just a second they turned into an ice sculpture.

The [High Water] spell had a component that could speed up the freezing process of an object. That's why the orcs quickly turned into ice after it got wet by the [High Water] spell.

Alice walked towards the orcs and looked at it closely. She then looked at Souta and said, "These orcs are still alive but I think that they will die in five minutes. No, three minutes, and they are gone."

Souta smiled as he lifted his feet and brought it down heavily on the nape of the orc under him.


The orc instantly loses its consciousness. Capturing a second evolution monster at this level wasn't a problem for him. Souta thought that this monster had just evolved. Maybe that's the reason why it was too weak.

He looked at it and shook his head. With a wave of his hand, he canceled the [Shadow Bind] spell.

He strode forward and stood beside Alice. He observed the frozen orcs with his own eyes. Alice was right, these orcs were going to die in just a few minutes.

"Don't destroy the body, we still need to sell them," Souta said to Alice as he slightly knocked his fingers on the ice sculptures. It was hard so he knew that it's not going to break as long as no one smashed it.

"Let me try this..."

He then gathered his mana on his fingers and flicked the ice sculpture.


Souta looked at the ice sculptures and nodded with a satisfied expression. These ice sculptures could handle the shockwave from Yujin's battle. He then turned his head and watched Yujin's fight against the rare species of an orc.

Alice looked at Souta before she opened her mouth and asked, "Why don't you help him? It will save us a lot of time."

"You're smart so I think you will realize it why I didn't want to help Yujin and why I left three orcs in your care." Souta looked at her in the eyes and grinned widely.

"...you want to test us?" Alice replied to him.

"That's correct. I want to see a little bit of your strength." Souta said to her before he went back to watch Yujin's fight.

Bang! Bang!

Yujin moved his body from side to side as the huge butcher knife passed beside him. He grabbed the handle of his sword that was hanging on his waist.

[Blue Slash]!

A blue line appeared on the chest of the black orc. It then spurted out a huge amount of blood.

Yujin stepped forward and pointed his sword at the neck of the black orc. But he saw the black orc waved the huge butcher knife. He didn't have a choice but to back down.


A blade wave shot out of the butcher knife after the black orc waved it. The blueish energy wave flew towards Yujin.

"What?!" Yujin was surprised when he saw this. He knew that he couldn't avoid it so he raised his sword and prepared himself to receive the attack.


"That's..." Alice was a little bit surprised when she saw this. She didn't expect an orc to use a skill.

Souta glanced at her and said, "That's not surprising at all. Some of the monsters developed intelligence depending on their evolution. A monster lord could build their kingdom so it's possible for monsters to try to learn a skill."

Before they attacked the group of orcs, the black orc was ordering the other orcs. From this, they could see that the black orc possessed intelligence. A smart monster was much more terrifying than those monsters who only fought on instinct.

"Now that you mention it... You're right." Alice could only accept his explanation. Souta was probably right as he was a tamer.

She recalled the stories about the monster lords, the most dangerous monster in the whole universe. A monster lord could unite all the monster in its territory.

In the Giza continent, all the countries here didn't dare to offend a monster lord. The monster lords here were leaving peacefully and didn't show themselves in the humans and demis. While in the God's continent, some of the monster lords were treated as gods and deities. Sun wukong, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Yamata no Orochi, etc... were all monster lords that possessed great strength.


The black orc jumped as it created distance to Yujin. The cut in its chest healed and it left no scars.


Yujin exhaled as he barely blocked that attack. He greatly underestimated this black orc. He frowned and said, "I'll take this seriously."

His aura skyrocketed all of sudden as his sword emitted a blueish aura. Yujin took a deep breath and charged towards the black orc.

The black orc roared and it also charged towards Yujin.


Both of their weapons collided causing a huge gust of wind to swept out in the surrounding.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Their weapons collided at high speed. The black orc had impressive skills to be able to match Yujin's sword skills.

Yujin stepped back as the butcher knife passed in front of him. He then swung his swords upwards.

[Three Fold Lightning Strike]!

Lightning crackled on his blade and it strikes the body of the black orc. He then stabbed its hand and casted a spell using his free hand.

[Wind Cutter]!

Sharp winds shoot out from his hand and it sliced down the black orc's armor.

"This is it!" Yujin muttered as he grabbed his sword using both of his hands. He then pierced the chest of the black orc.

[Point Black Explosive Stab]!

Yujin's sword pierced the heart of the black orc. He then twisted it and it exploded.


The black orc roared loudly as he drew its last breath. It died as its heart exploded under Yujin's skill.

"With this, you will not be able to regenerate." He muttered as he slowly pulled out his sword. The black orc fell on the ground without any sign of life.


Suddenly, the device on the students' wrist vibrated. Lumilia, Lynn, Yujin, Alice, and Souta looked at their wrist at the same time.

They saw that the institute send the challenges and their task.

Souta looked around and said, "Don't think about the quest. Hurry up and bring out the orcs out of this forest. There's a chance that the last roar of the black orc was calling for reinforcement."

Lumilia, Lynn, Yujin, and Alice looked at him when they heard his words.

"All of you are strong so bring back the corpses of the orc!" Souta instructed them.

Yujin hurriedly brought the black orc's corpse to Alice's side. Lumilia and Lynn also went beside Souta. Alice then waved her hands and the ground turned into ice. She also froze the black orc and the orc that Souta took down.

She moved forward as she created a path of ice.

"Let's go!" Souta shouted and he pushed the orcs. It easily moved because of the frozen ground. They didn't have to carry the corpses with this. Yujin, Lumilia, and Lynn followed Souta.

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》