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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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200 The Deadly Sins

Thick smoke and dust covered the whole area. It blocked the vision of the students who were watching the battle and those students who were fighting. No one knew what happened as they only felt the ground shook before the thick smoke swallowed the entire area.

Six figures crashed in the vicinity around the Ibish village. All of them possessed enormous power that could wipe out the entire village easily.

"Ufufu, what a lively place..." A soft laugh echoed in the whole area and everyone heard it.

"This power..." Randolf widely opened his eyes before he grabbed the two students who were close to him. He took them with him as he jumped fifteen meters away.

He sensed the terrifying power of the person that arrived. "Stay here and don't move..." Randolf said to his teammates. He knew that he could never defeat this woman with his current strength. This woman was many times stronger than Gregory.

A woman walked out of the thick smoke. She was wearing a black hooded robe with red linings. It had a red-eye symbol on the back of the robe and there were words written in unknown language on top of it.

She pulled down her good and revealed her flawless white face. She had long pure white hair and gleaming red pupils. Her black lips curved into a smile.

Yujin, Alice, and Lumilia looked at the woman with widely opened eyes. They didn't know where and who's this woman. They doubt that she was a staff of the institute based on her clothes.

The woman turned her head and looked at Lynn who was kneeling on the ground. She narrowed her brows before she slowly opened her mouth, "You can sense my power even though I'm not releasing it."

Lynn shivered the moment she heard the woman's voice. She didn't dare to look at the eyes of the woman.

"I see..." The woman said as she smiled.

Lynn then felt that the power that she sensed from the woman disappeared. She lifted her head and slowly looked at the woman while trembling.

"Can you still feel it?" The woman said with a seductive smile.


Souta was watching the woman from the back. He was thirty meters away from the woman. He glanced at the students that he just fought and told them to not make any movements that could provoke the woman.

The students agreed with him as Souta added that the woman wasn't the staff of the institute. Well, Souta was sure about it because he could see that red-eye symbol on the black robe of the woman.

He knew that symbol. He would never mistake it for someone else. That symbol signifies one of the bringers of calamity in this world and that organization was called...

The Deadly Sins.

The Deadly Sins was a powerful organization in this world. They were one of the organizations that the three great countries wanted to eliminate the most. They were famous for burning down countless towns, villages, cities, and countries across the world. No one knew what's the real goal of this terrifying organization.

The top leaders of this organization were called the Sins who symbolized the Seven Deadly Sins. Each leader symbolized one sin and they possessed god-like powers that commoners couldn't imagine.

Each leader has their own force. They were divided by different ranks based on their power levels. From eight-circle to the first-circle. The eight-circle was the right hand of the Sins. They were the strongest second to the Sins while the first-circle were the weakest.

Souta didn't know what rank this woman but he could guess that she was five-circle or six-circle. He wasn't sure as the woman didn't show her full powers.

The problem was that five-circle or six-circle officers of the Sins were already powerful for them. No one in the entire first year could defeat this woman. No, he should rephrase it as no students could fight this woman in front of him. Only a few teachers in the Ladro Institute could defeat this woman.

He didn't think that this woman was alone because five-circle or six-circle wouldn't move alone. She must have at least five or seven teammates.

Souta glanced at Randolf and saw that Randolf was also looking at him. Both of them knew that even if they worked together they wouldn't be able to defeat this woman.

'What should I do?' Souta asked himself. He glanced at his system and found that he didn't trigger any quest.

'I'll wait for a moment...'


The woman looked at them with an amused expression. She then released her power that made the ground tremble.


Yujin, Lumilia, and the rest turned pale when they felt the woman's power.

Souta, Randolf, and Alice frowned deeper when they felt it. They were the only students who could retain their calmness in front of this powerful woman.

'This... Six-circle...' Souta was sure that the woman was a six-circle officer of the Sins.

'As powerful as knights...' Alice thought as she looked at the woman with a deep frown on her face.

'Damn! She's as powerful as those old monsters!' Randolf cursed inwardly. He could only grit his teeth in front of the woman's power.

'Master... Do you want me to help you?' A voice rang in his mind. Randolf shook his head and replied, 'No, the staffs are close. I don't think that the institute couldn't handle this problem. Also, I don't think that you can solve this problem. One more thing... Can you tell if this woman had comrades?'

'Five people crashed in the vicinity of the village.'

Randolf immediately received a reply in his head. Five people as stronger as this woman was really a huge problem. He didn't know how the institute would solve this problem.

If something goes wrong, he would let his subordinates take him away.

"As will clean this place quickly as I need to accomplish my task here." The woman opened her mouth and said in a cold tone. She then looked up and saw five figures appeared around her.

The five people were wearing white clothes. They were all armed with sharp weapons.

She frowned and asked, "Who are you?"

The rest of the students just watched them without moving. They were stunned by the power of this woman.

"We're the corps guardian of the Ladro Institute. Why are you interfering with the institute?" One of the five people introduced themselves and asked the woman.

"Ladro Institute? What's that? I don't know it. Well, it doesn't matter as I'll wipe out this village." The woman paused for a moment before she added, "By the way, I'm Frels, a six-circle officer of the Gluttony. Remember the name of the woman who'll kill everyone here."

As soon as she said those words, she arrived in front of one of the corps guardians of the institute. Dense and powerful mana coated her hand as she swung it towards the neck of the guardian in front of her.


Before her hand touch the neck of the guardian, the other four guardians moved and blocked her hand using their weapons.

"Too weak... Everyone's going to die. We won't leave any witnesses." Frels smiled as she added more power in her hand and pushed back the guardians.


One of the guardians looked back at the students and said, "Evacuate! We're stopping the outdoor training!"

Frels smiled at his words before she raised her left hand and said, "[Curtain of the Dark]..."

A black dome slowly covered the whole area around the Ibish village. Right now, no one would be able to communicate outside of this place. Also, the people from the outside wouldn't felt the mana fluctuations inside this place. They would only saw that it was a normal village. It was a camouflage barrier that could isolate everything that will happen here from the outside.

"Lumilia! Alice! Yujin! Lynn! Leave this place!" Souta shouted as he looked at the black dome in the sky.

The other students run away in panic as soon as they heard his words, including the students that Souta fought.

But something happened...

Frels stomped her feet and tentacles like shadows burst out of the ground. The tentacles shoot towards the students that were running away at high speed.

"F*ck! A dark attribute mage!" Souta cursed as he knew the spell that the woman casted. He gritted his teeth and casted his own [Shadow Bind] spell.

The ground turned black and black tentacles rose from the ground. These tentacles were darker in color than the [Shadow Bind] of Frels. The black tentacles moved as it strangled the tentacles that were going to attack the students.

"Leave this place!" Souta shouted at the top of his lungs.

Lumilia carried Lynn and started to follow Souta's words. Alice and Yujin followed Lumilia.


Suddenly, Souta felt something on his side.

"Watch out! Souta!" Randolf warned Souta.

Souta turned his head and Frels grabbed his neck. She crashed him on the ground as she continued to move forward with a serious look on her beautiful face.


Souta felt extreme pain as Frels as dragged him on the ground to create a deep pit. After a few seconds, Frels stopped as she looked at Souta in the eyes.

Black spikes burst out of the ground and it tried to pierce Frels' body. But her body was covered in her mana. A level 1 [Shadow Spike] spell couldn't scratch her.

"The spell you casted before is a [Shadow Bind] spell, am I right?" Frels opened her mouth and asked him. She then looked around the black ground and black tentacles before adding, "But yours is different from mine. Yours could rival mine even though you're weak. Can you tell me how did you modify such tier 1 spell?"


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