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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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201 Six-Circle

"Can you tell me how did you modify your spell? Or maybe you found a book containing a modified [Shadow Bind] spell..." Frels asked him with an icy tone as she looked at the black spikes that were trying to pierce her body.

She raised her other hand and pinched one of the black spikes. The black spike broke into tiny pieces as soon as she pinched it.

"This one is not a modified spell. So I think that you only found a book containing a modified [Shadow Bind] spell as you are too young to modified a spell on your own." She commented and glanced at Souta.


Souta grabbed her hand and tried to push Frels away but she was too strong for him. He silently casted [Agility Boost] and [Strength Boost] spells. He also activated the [Cat's speed] and [Triple Muscle Strengthening] combat arts.

He then kneed the stomach of Frels and pushed her away. He managed to break away from her because the woman named Frels was clearly underestimating him. She was caught off guard by the sudden increase of his strength.

Souta quickly stood up and jumped away but when he looked up he saw Frels was already in front of him.

"You will not get away from me," Frels said as she stretched out her hand trying to grab Souta's neck once again.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The five guardians appeared and stopped her from grabbing Souta's neck. Two of them appeared beside Souta and pushed him away while the other two appeared beside Frels. The remaining one guardian was behind her.

"Tsk!" Frels clicked her tongue in annoyance as powerful blueish mana burst out of her body. It pushed everyone out of her.


The corps guardians were too weak in front of her. They didn't have a chance to fight her. She was a dark attribute mage but she was fighting them in close range. That's how confident she was in front of these weaklings.

If she was fighting as someone as strong as her then she would stick to the classic fighting style of a mage but unfortunately, these people couldn't make her do that.

"I'll crash everyone here..." Frels said in a cold tone. She raised her hand and opened her palm above her.

[Dark Dominance]!

A huge black ball containing enormous energy formed on top of her palm.

Frels looked at them with a grin before she closed her palm. Then, the huge black ball shoots powerful rays towards the students.

The five corps guardians turned pale at this sight. They quickly moved their bodies to block those rays.


Frels smirked as the huge black ball above her continued to shoot powerful beams one after another.

The five corps guardian blocked her attack with every bit of their powers. They used all of they've got just to protect the students from those beams. It's their job and they will do it at the cost of their lives.

That's just how the institute trained them. Dare-to-die warriors.

After a few seconds, Frels stopped attacking as she felt explosions occurred in the village. She turned her head and saw grey smoke rising from the village. She could also feel several huge mana fluctuations and the mana signature of her comrades.

"They are busy fighting..." Frels muttered and she looked at the five corps guardians before asking, "You have other comrades?"

Currently, the five corps guardians were full of wounds. They could barely move their bodies as they blocked all the attacks of Frels. They didn't let any beams harm a single hair of the students but all of it was in vain if they were going to die.

Because if they die, Frels would also kill the students.

One of them looked back and saw that the students were quite far away. But they knew that's not enough. They had to hold on for a while to secure the safety of the students. They also received a report that Alex was going to arrive soon.

Alex was one of the first-year teachers of the Ladro Institute. He possessed a power stronger than them, the corps guardian. He was their hope.

Three minutes and Alex was going to arrive.


Souta looked at the village. It seems that the comrades of Frels were fighting something there. It should be the Guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild. He could also guess that the other corps guardians were blocking Frels' comrades.

He shook his head and put those thoughts in the back of his mind. This wasn't the time to think about those things. The most important thing here was that he could leave this place alive. He didn't get any quest so he should leave this place as fast as possible.

Earlier, when the five corps guardians were blocking those powerful beams, Souta started to run away. He could only hope that Lumilia and the rest could survive. He did everything but that woman was too powerful for him.

What he didn't know was that Frels' interest was focused on him.

Suddenly, he felt a magical fluctuation behind him. He quickly jumped as a black beam flashed and caused an explosion in his position before.


"That's close..." Souta muttered while looking at the explosion. He then saw a small black ball flew out of the smoke. He widely opened his eyes and quickly turned around.

That small black ball was the [Shadow Ball] spell. It seems that the woman named Frels wanted to know the secret of his modified spell.

But then... The speed of this woman was too fast for his eyes to follow. The moment that Frels appeared in the black ball's position she disappeared.

He felt someone grabbed the side of his face. Souta could only guess that it was Frels. No, he was sure that it was Frels.

'Too fast... She already settled those corps guardians!' Souta was surprised when he thought this. Then, his body was smashed on the ground.


A black ray shoots forward and hits the position of Souta causing a loud explosion.


Frels just stood in her position and waited for the smoke to disappeared. Her beautiful smile never left her face the entire time she was fighting Souta. She was amused by the fact that Souta was like an ant in front of her. No matter how he boosted his power, he still wouldn't be able to match her.

After a few moments, the smoke disappeared along with the dust and Frels saw Souta lying on the ground.

His body was full of wounds as blood stained his clothes. Souta was breathing heavily as he felt pain all over his body.

'Ah, damn! This woman is too strong for me!' He cursed inwardly. He sat down with great effort and saw Frels looking down at him.

Souta swiftly glanced at his surrounding. He was trying to find a way to escape from this woman's hand. He wouldn't die here no matter what happened. He would do everything to survive.

'Should I call Yuko...' He immediately shook his head and put those thoughts away. Even Yuko couldn't do anything in this situation.

Souta decided to struggle till the end. If he's going to die then he wouldn't let himself to die easily. At least he would give some trouble to this woman named Frels.

"Ah, I'm sorry Yuko..." He stood up and wiped the blood on his mouth.

"If you tell me how did you modify your spell then I'll going to give you a swift death," Frels said to him with an amused expression. It seems that she liked torturing people.

"F*ck you! I did it on my own!" Souta cursed at Frels before he revealed a wide grin.

Frels' eyes turned cold. Her smile disappeared as it was replaced by her icy looked. Her aura was boiling and it's on the verge of an explosion.

'Come on, let me see the true power of a six-circle officer of the Deadly Sins.' He taunted the woman with a smirk on his face. He was ready to face everything.

Frels slowly lifted her hand and she pointed her finger at Souta. "Kill him." She said in a very cold tone that made Souta shivered. Her killing intent was thick that made everyone in the village shivered.

The huge black ball or [Dark Dominance] spell in the mid-air shoots a black beam towards Souta.


The black beam was so fast and Souta barely avoided it. He was still hit by the explosion it caused behind him.


Souta used the power of the explosion to increase the distance between him and Frels. He was tapping the ground and casting [Mud Slide]. He knew that it wouldn't do anything but he still had to try.

Once again, the huge black ball shoots a black beam.

Souta saw it and he quickly moved his body sideways. He jumped and casted [Shadow Bind] to protect him and blocked the explosions.

"That's close."

He said with a sigh of relief. If that beam directly hit his body then he wouldn't be able to stand up. This was the first time he faced this kind of situation ever since he arrived in this world.

He smirked while looking at Frels. He knew that Frels wouldn't easily kill him. She must've wanted to know how he could modify the [Shadow Bind] spell.

'You wouldn't kill me...' Souta couldn't help but revealed his white teeth to Frels. He already finished his preparations. He would show everything to this woman so that she would hesitate to kill him.

'It's time to show you the level 10 [Shadow Ball] spell.'

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》