The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
208 The Overwhelming Power of the Flame Master
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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208 The Overwhelming Power of the Flame Master

Bargan lifted his hand and pointed his finger at Souta with a faint smile on his face.

Souta's body was bathed in a warm white glow. This glow was rejuvenating his body. The extreme pain in his body slowly disappeared. He wanted to close his eyes and rest but he heard Bargan say something.

"Don't sleep. I'll teach you something."

Souta forced himself to stay awake. He was wondering what Bargan was planning to teach.

Gilven and Frels just looked at Bargan with a serious expression. They couldn't imagine how this person managed to slip in their senses. Even at this moment, they don't feel anything about Bargan. They felt that he was just an ordinary person.

That feeling made it worse for them. No matter how much they think about it, a normal person wouldn't arrived in this place. They could only think of two things about this unknown man. The first one was he was wearing equipment that could hide his presence. The other one was that this man was stronger than them and have high control over his mana to the point that he could hide under the eyes of six-circle officers.

Bargan lifted his head and looked at the huge black ball with a faint smile. He slowly opened his mouth and said, "This one is a bother. Disappear."

He then pointed his finger at the huge black ball in the sky. After a few moments, crimson-colored flames started to appear on the surface of the huge black balls.

In just a few seconds, the flames swallowed the huge black balls before it dissipated in the thin air.

"...!?" Frels watched this scene in horror. [Shadow Desolation Ball] was a rare and powerful dark attribute spell. It could even annihilate a city larger than Gripin city.

"How!?" Gilven opened his eyes widely in shock. His brain started sending him danger signals. He realized that this man was much stronger than them. Seven-circle, no, even seven-circle officer couldn't easily offset Frels' powerful spell. Eight-circle officer? No, he didn't even know how powerful an eight-circle officer so he couldn't compare it.

Souta knew that Bargan was powerful but seeing it like this still shocked him. He guessed that teacher Bargan could fight him when he was still Blood.

'His title is no joke at all. The Flame Master, one of the most powerful figures in the whole Hebrei Kingdom, Bargan Hevifield.'

Bargan ignored the two six-circle officers. He turned his head to the left and right before he closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he opened his mouth and said, "The corps guardians really did their jobs. They are really the guardians. They protected every student unfortunately all of them died except for the captain."

Souta heard his words and was shocked to found that all corps guardians that arrived here sacrifice their lives just to protect the students.

"I greatly appreciated their sacrifice to protect the students. I will visit and apologized to their family later on." Bargan mumbled as he looked in the bright sky with a melancholic expression.

He could see three figures in the sky. The figures were flying towards this direction at high speed. After a few minutes, the three figures crashed in the ground creating four small craters.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thick smoke and dust covered the entire area but Bargan snapped his fingers and it dispersed the smoke and dust in the surrounding. It also revitalized the energy of every student that was affected in the battle.

Bargan then moved his eyes to the people in front of him. One of them was carrying Alex like a piece of trash.

He looked at Alex and said in an apologetic tone, "I'm sorry I'm late." His expression quickly changed as he revealed a faint smile before clapping his hands.


The sound echoed in the whole area and Bargan opened his mouth before saying, "Okay, students I'll show you something that you never saw before. Please watch carefully because I'll show you the power of a strong one."

His voice wasn't that loud but it reverberated across the whole area.

Frels and the rest of the six-circle officers frowned when they heard Bargan's words. They felt that Bargan was underestimating them.

One of the six-circle officers stepped forward. He's a tall man and had a fierce look. He lifted Alex in his hand and said, "I'll kill him if you make a single move."

The smile on Bargan's face grew wider. He opened his mouth and said, "Do you feel displeased because you felt I'm underestimating all of you? Don't get the wrong idea here, I'm not underestimating you, I'm simply stating the fact that all of you are weak. Too weak to touch a single part of my body."

The six-circle officer was furious at his words. He coated his hands with his mana and he brought it down towards Alex's neck.

"Watch this..." Bargan said as he opened his palm and waves of flames burst out of his hand.

The other six-circle officers quickly jumped to avoid getting hit by the flames. The other one just stood in his position and lifted Alex. He was going to use Alex as a shield.

But Bargan didn't stop. The waves of flames continue to move forward. It then swallowed Alex and the six-circle officer.

Frels, Gilven, and the rest of the six-circle officer looked at this scene with a gloomy expression. They felt the energy of their comrades disappeared.

"ARGH!!" A roar sounded from the waves of flames.

Frels and the rest were familiar with this voice. This was the voice of their comrades. They turned their heads and looked at Bargan. They saw that Bargan still have that smile on his face.

After a few seconds, Bargan closed his palm and the flames disappeared.


Everyone was stunned by what they saw including Souta. The scene revealed the figure of the six-circle officer. His body was burned and was slowly turning into ashes while Alex was lying on the ground as if nothing happened.

"If you continue to practice to control your mana, one day you will reach my level. My flames only burned those who I wanted to burn." Bargan paused for a moment as he pointed at the land beneath Alex. "Look at that piece of land. My flames didn't leave a single trace of it and it didn't even burn it."

'F*ck! That's insane! It feels like turning off the friendly fire in the game!' Souta was stunned as he marveled at the scene in front of him. The game didn't have a function where the players controlled their mana. That's why everyone thought that this skill was useless.

"O-One hit and that level of control over mana..." Frels was trembling when she saw the shocking scene. Her comrades felt the same. All of them realized that this man was a powerful one that stood at the top.

The body of the six-circle officer was twitching beside Alex. Alex couldn't move his body but he knew that this man was still alive but he will die within a few seconds as all of his internal organs were burned. It's hard to heal this kind of wound even for a tier 3 healing spell. It would need a tier 4 healing spell to aid this man.

"For the next lesson, I'll show you the power of those who stood at the top," Bargan said as he moved his eyes towards the remaining six-circle officer.

"Damn!" Frels quickly turned to Gilven and said, "Give me the bloodstone! I'll use it!"

Gilven quickly threw the bloodstone towards Frels. Frels stretched out her hand and took the bloodstone. She then poured her mana in it.


Powerful and dense bloody color energy erupted out of her body. A gust of wind swept out in the whole area. It blew the dust and small rocks around.

Frels squinted her eyes and said, "This person is so strong. We don't have a chance to defeat him. How the hell such a powerful person appeared in a place like this one!? Hold him and I'll leave this place."

Gilven and the rest nodded their head with a serious expression.

Bargan simply opened both of his palms and said, "All of you will fall here. Don't even dare to leave this place."

Frels quickly flew in the sky like a meteor while the remaining six-circle officers dashed towards Bargan. They didn't need to take a hostage as they knew that it was useless. Considering Bargan's control over his mana, it was useless to take baggage with them.

Flames started to appear around Bargan's body. He ignored the other six-circle officer as he focused his attention on Frels who was trying to leave.

"You won't get away." Bargan made a grabbing motion in the air.

It caused Frels to stopped in the mid-air.

"How?! HOW?!"

Frels was stunned. She couldn't believe that this man could easily stop her. She's using the bloodstone so she thought that she would be able to leave but she still underestimated the power of the Flame Master.

"Burn," Bargan said one word and everything exploded like fireworks.


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