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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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215 Dark Oculus

"I'm just joking but I accept your condition," Souta said as he waved his hands. He then turned his attention to Yujin.

Yujin looked around and found that everyone was gazing at him. Oh right? Every person here was a member of Souta's party except the child. 

He shrugged his shoulders and sighed deeply. "Fine, I'll join your party with the same condition as Alice. I'm a busy person after all and I couldn't always join you in your quest."

"Good. I have no problem with it." Souta smiled and nodded with a satisfied expression on his face. Taking Alice and Yujin to his party was a good choice and he knew that he won't regret it. Their power was no joke at all.

"Me too! I wanted to join your party, Brother Souta!" Cluster raised her hand while jumping.

"Okay, but not now." Souta nodded at her before he stretched out his hand and patted Cluster's head.

"Ehhh!? Why!?" Cluster cried out. She doesn't want to be left out by her brother and sister. She doesn't want to stay in Lumilia's room alone for a whole week. It feels as if she was in jail or a hostage.

Yuko slightly opened her eyes as she felt that Souta's hand left her head. She looked up and saw Souta was patting Cluster.

"Mu." She raised her hand and wrapped it around Souta's hand.

"Oh...?" Souta looked at Yuko and he smiled gently. He used his other hand to pet her.

"Souta, I've been wondering this for a while..." Bryan said as he placed his finger on his lower lips while glancing at the ceiling.

Souta raised his eyebrows as he focused his attention on Bryan. He didn't expect much since this was Bryan. He naturally lowered his expectation to prepare himself.

"What's the name of our party? The other parties in the Adventurers Guild have their own names like Gale Group or Twisting Sand Group, so I've been wondering why don't we have the same cool name." Bryan said with an innocent smile.

Now that Bryan mentioned it, everyone stopped and gazed at him. All of them realized that they didn't have a name for their party. They only called it Souta's party. Even those people from the guild also called them Souta's party.

"Nice, Bryan!" Brando raised a thumbs up towards Bryan. He also wanted to have a name for their party other than Souta's party.

"Bryan is right. I think that we should name our party." Lumilia said while looking at Souta. She wanted to know his opinion about this.

Lynn, Alice, and Yujin didn't join their discussion. They were new members of the party so they thought that they shouldn't join a meeting as important as this one. They didn't know that Souta didn't care about whether they just join the group or not.

"Okay, I'm fine with naming our party." Souta shrugged his shoulder. He didn't care about the name of his party. In the game, his IGN was a simple word "Blood". It was not good nor a bad IGN. It was an average IGN that a lot of people used but he used the authority of his grandpa to make it his own. Of course, Souta couldn't remember it.

He used this word as his IGN because of the time when he fought in the game and saw the realistic scene of blood figures of people.

That's the same when he first arrived here in this world. If he wanted a cool name, he wouldn't use his name when naming himself in the system.

"So what should we name our party? Do you have something in your mind?" Lumilia asked him. She was acting as if she was his assistant or secretary.

"Nothing, I'll leave it to you." Souta shook his head as he didn't want to bother himself from naming his party.

"Okay, I have something in my mind," Bryan said and everyone looked at him. He then smiled and said, "What about The Greatest Fighting Group?"

"Oi! That's not good Bryan, Lumilia is a mage, and almost everyone here!" Brando said to Bryan.

"Oh, you're right! Then, what about you?" Bryan nodded as he looked at Brando.

"Hmm... Then... Dark Oculus. Well, I based it on Souta's element. As he is our leader I think it fits the name of our party." Brando said as he turned to Souta.

"Don't ask me. Ask class rep, I'm fine with anything." Souta simply shrugged his shoulders before he went back to parting Yuko's head.

"Oh? I like it. It sounds cool. It feels like we're a group of villains." Bryan said with a satisfied look on his face.

"I'm fine with it but how about you three. Are you fine with that name?" Lumilia nodded and asked Lynn, Alice, and Yujin who were staying silent on the side.

"I don't have a problem with it so why not," Yujin replied to her.

Alice and Lynn also agreed with the name of the party.


Souta clapped and gathered everyone's attention. He swept his eyes across the member of his party before he opened his mouth and said, "From now on, our party will be called Dark Oculus. Thanks to Brando's insight, we all agreed to the name that he bestowed on our party."

"It's nothing... I'm just thinking about the reputation of our party if Bryan named our party." Brando said with a smile.

"I guess it's time to tell you our next quest." Souta nodded before he looked at Lumilia and said, "Class rep, no, I will call you Lumilia from now on. It's unbefitting for me, the leader, to call you class rep."

"I understand." Lumilia agreed to him. Also, she always wanted him to change what he called her. Souta calling her name directly wasn't a problem.

"Good. Lumilia, fill them up about our next quest." Souta said to her. He already explained to her his plan after Jimmy's call so he will leave the explanation to her.

Before Lumilia could say anything, Cluster complained.

"Brother Souta! You're going to leave me again here!? I don't want that! I want to join your party!" Cluster complained at him.

Souta looked at her and assured her, "Don't worry, we'll bring you."

"Really?" Cluster looked at him with stars in her eyes.

"Yes, I promise that we'll bring you." Souta nodded at her.

"Yay!" Cluster jumped around in happiness. She doesn't want to stay here alone so she was happy that she could join their group.

"Is that really okay?" Lumilia asked Souta with concern looked on her face.

"Yes, don't worry about it," Souta spoke with a serious tone.

After saying those words, Lumilia didn't ask anything when she heard his tone. She thought that Souta had a plan to keep Cluster safe in their journey.

Souta could understand Cluster. He knew that she was bored staying here alone while they were out completing a quest. If he let it be then there will be a time when she was going to leave them without saying anything.

Also, he doesn't plan to bring her to the dungeon. He was only going to bring her to the Eternal Empire while his party was completing the dungeon in the Forest of Eternal Light. Well, he didn't say anything about bringing her into the dungeon.

Lumilia explained about the expedition to the Forest of Eternal Light to Bryan, Brando, Alice, Lynn, and Yujin. She didn't forget to tell them about Souta's contract with the Lanny corp.


Lumilia and the rest left Souta's house after staying for a few hours. Souta told Lumilia to submit the report in the Adventurers Guild about their party so that the guild could update the information of their party.

With that, Alice and the rest were officially a member of his party. And his party's official name was Dark Oculus that Brando came up.

After they left, Souta went to the storage room, the room where he stocked all the potions that he bought outside. This room was full of different kinds of potions.

He went to the row where he placed all the blue potions also called mana potions. One by one, he removed the cap of the mana potions.

He drunk it until there's no mana potion in this room. He even consumed his reserved mid-grade mana potions.

Since there's nothing to do, Souta exited the room and locked the door. He always locked because he doesn't want Yuko to enter this room and shattered the bottles of potion.

He then called Jimmy and asked him to deliver boxes of mana potions to his house. Souta included the mid-grade mana potions in his order. He had a lot of money in his pocket so he doesn't need to worry about his bill.


Two days had passed quickly while Souta was trying to recover his mana but he found that two days weren't enough to completely recover his mana.

"Hu~ it's time to meet those people from Lanny corp. The expedition into the Forest of Eternal Light will start... I can't wait to complete my universal grade earring." Souta said with a smirk while stretching his body.


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