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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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"Hex, the energy inside Bryan's body is too weak." Number seven said to Hex.

"Yeah, but that doesn't matter, he's living a peaceful life right now. If he couldn't remember what happened seven years ago then he also forgot his powers." Hex said with a serious expression.

"That's the reason of the accident seven years ago. Bryan's power is enormous that could rival the gods and deities. Below gods, no one can kill him. S-rank, SS-rank, SSS-rank, and Hero-rank are nothing to his powers." Yv said in a low voice that only the three of them could hear.

The two agreed at Yv's words. They could clearly remember what happened seven years ago. The incident where Bryan lost control of his powers. Bryan was like the leader of that place. Hex, Yv, and Seven admired Bryan more than anything.

At that time, Bryan gathered the force of everyone. He slowly became the leader of the people there, the numbers. He was silent and rarely talk to them except for important things. He was different from Bryan at present. Hex, Yv, Seven, and the people there grew closer as time passed by. They treated each other as family. No, they became a family and Bryan gave them a name. They trusted each one of them unconditionally.

Bryan planned to break free but the people in white clothes anticipated it.

That's the start of tragedy.

"God-rank...?" Hex muttered in a small voice.

The power levels of the Adventurers Guild became the power levels of the Giza continent. It was widely known around the whole continent as almost every country has Adventurers Guild in them.

"Let's change the topic." Yv smiled as he felt the gloomy atmosphere. "What do you think about Bryan's friends?"

"Too weak. Just like the current state of Bryan but... that doesn't matter as Bryan chose them as his friends. Power and status don't matter if they really treat him as their friend." Number seven replied.

"But do you really need to warn him? What if other people heard it?" Yv asked number seven.

"I don't care about that. We're strong. My senses are not wrong. You know what I've gone through. I could detect if there's a god nearby or someone is listening to us." Number seven said seriously.

"What about his friends?" Yv asked while glancing at number seven.

"They don't have any idea about it. Even if they are curious about Bryan's past they wouldn't find anything related to him. After all, we even manage to hide under the watchful eyes of the three great countries." Number seven replied.

"Seven is right. You don't need to worry about them learning Bryan's past. Bryan didn't remember his past. Even if he somehow regain it, it's up to him if he's going to involve his friends in the tragedy that happened seven years ago." Hex said with a gloomy expression. "Don't report Bryan to the higher-ups. Let him live in peace."

"They are going to find it out if Bryan's is staying here in Eternal Empire. After all, they are desperately searching for him until now."

"Bryan is an adventurer right now. There's a chance that he only came here because of his quest. If he's staying here in Eternal Empire, we would know it a long time ago."

"Hays... I still can't believe that we would meet Bryan today."

"Yes, I'm shocked too. I thought that Bryan died at that incident."

"No, do you think someone of his caliber going to die that easily? His power would help him in any kind of situation. Even if he looked like a C-rank adventurer, nothing could kill him under the level of God."

Meaning, even if they tried to kill Bryan at this moment, they wouldn't succeed because of Bryan's dormant powers.

"The Project Godslaying... The artificial... lord..." Hex muttered as his eyes narrowed and the aura around him turned cold.


"What?!" Souta was surprised when he heard Alea's words. Those three people were powerful enough to rival those of A-rank and above.

S-rank was at least level 60 in the game. They were powerful enough to before a commander of a large army and Souta was level 50 at that time when he became a commander in the Mechanic country.

"Are you sure?" Souta asked Princess Alea with a stern look.

"Yes, my butler and I couldn't sense their energy." Princess Alea glanced at her butler before she nodded at Souta.

If Alea says so, then Souta could only believe her. She had a power of B-rank and her butler was A-rank if they couldn't sense the power of those people then they would be only stronger than Alea or normal people.

They were not normal people and Souta was sure about that. One of them was an A-rank while the other two must be stronger. They were wearing like an adventurer. They can't become an adventurer if they were normal people without powers.

Hmm...? Souta was having a hard time believing it. If he was here when those three talk to Bryan, he would be able to guess their status based on how they act.

Also, Lynn said that they were strong. He trusted her senses so he was sure about it. But the problem was how powerful was the other two. S-rank? SS-rank? SSS-rank? Or maybe a Hero-rank?

Souta turned to Lynn and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes..." Lynn nodded with a pale expression.

"Can you tell me who's stronger the one we fought in the Ibish village or those three?" Souta asked her while looking at her eyes with a serious expression.

"I don't know... The people in the Ibish village were releasing their power but these people are different... Their whole body was shrouded in dense magical energy and behind it... It feels like someone was looking back at me." Lynn said with trembling. It feels like she was looking at Bargan but Bargan's energy was like a calm water.

"I see... Thank you, you can rest for now." Souta nodded at her and looked at Lumilia.

Lumilia quickly understood what his look meant. She went beside Lynn and help her sit down. She gave her a bottle of water.

Souta rubbed his chin. Lynn couldn't accurately sense a person's power level if they were trying to hide it. But it was enough to estimate a person's power level. Souta guessed that those people were stronger than the six-circle officers that they fought in the Ibish village.

As expected, Bryan was hiding some huge secret. He was involved in powerful people so it must be a huge secret.

If Bryan was to give him a quest, then Souta would help him without hesitation but looking at Bryan, he felt that he wouldn't receive a quest.

Hmm...? What should Souta do?

"Captain!!" Jagret and his group called Souta.

Souta shook his head and put those thoughts in the back of his mind. He moved his feet and approached them.

They said that they were going to clear the dungeons now. They bid farewell to Souta and the rest of the Dark Oculus before they left.

"I'll go now." Princess Alea suddenly said.

"Yes, thanks for accompanying me," Souta replied to her.

Princess Alea then bid farewell to the rest of the Dark Oculus. She just went with Souta as she heard him that he wanted the spring of life. After confirming that he wouldn't try anything wrong, she left with her butler.

She left after leaving words such as "They will meet again if fate permits it" or "They should raise the reputation of the Dark Oculus and they would be able to stand on equal grounds".


Souta glanced at Bryan. He was going to ask what happened later. He wanted to hear the story from his mouth, not another person. Maybe, he could get a hint if his story was related to any big event in the future.

He looked at Alice, Yujin, and Brando who were silently watching the things unfold in their eyes. He decided to ask their opinions later. It's important to know the opinions of different people so that Souta could guess what they were thinking. He also would be able to visualize what happened.

Souta walked beside them and said, "Be careful when you're clearing dungeons. The Forest of Eternal Light is different than the forest in the Ibish village."

"Yeah, we'll follow your words." Alice nodded.

"Also, bring the things that you will find in the dungeons. Some of them are precious and we could sell it." Souta said to them.

His words piqued Yujin's interest. Yujin glanced at Souta and asked, "How will we divide the spoils?"

"We'll gather everything first and divide it after we finished clearing the dungeons. Also, you could hire porters in the Adventurers Guild to help you." Souta explained to him. Something came to his mind so he added, "The spoils of Lanny group is different from ours. It's written in the contract that the things that they will find are them. Well, it's realistic that they should own what they found so I don't have any problem with it."

"Porters?" Alice and Yujin nodded at him.


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