The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
226 Mid-level Dungeon
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The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak
Author :DonnEll
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226 Mid-level Dungeon

"Yeah, if you want help you can hire porters in the Adventurers Guild." Souta explained to them. He also explained the porter's job in the dungeons.

"I see... I'll keep that in mind." Yujin nodded and went into deep thought. After a while, he looked at Souta and asked, "What if I found something that I like inside the dungeon?"

"Bring it back and we'll talk about it later," Souta said. They were part of the same group called Dark Oculus and he was the leader of this group. His words carried meaning in their group. Their policy was different even though they were moving separately.

Before dividing the spoils, they will gather it first and let everyone take a look at it. If someone took an interest in some of the spoils, they could pick it but Souta will deduct what they will get after they sell all the spoils. It all depends on how precious the object.

Also, the group decided that they will not sell any potions that they will find in the dungeons. Potions were important so they will not sell it just like how he stock up potions in one of the rooms in his house.

They talked for a while until Lynn recovered. They checked their things and found that everything's fine. They didn't forget anything. They have all the basic needs in clearing the dungeons.

"Alright! I guess it's time to show how powerful I am!" Bryan said enthusiastically. He was excited to raid a dungeon and fight the monster there.

"Don't be that excited. We're just clearing low-level dungeons today. If you want to fight a strong monster then wait until we go to mid-level dungeons." Brando said to Bryan. He too was excited to see what they will find in the dungeons.

"Yujin, Alice, I'll leave Lynn to you." Souta looked at the two and said.

"Yeah, you can leave it to us," Yujin said while Alice just nodded her head. The three of them were in the second group while Lumilia, Bryan, and Brando were in the first group. They were the ones who decided on these pairings.

Lumilia, Bryan, and Brando were part of Souta's party's first members. They already knew the fighting style of each other well so they could create a combination of attacks and defense without planning.

Lynn, Alice, and Yujin were in the second group. Their cooperation was not as good as the first group but they have decent power and skills that could fill up what they lack. Besides, Souta trusted Yujin's spirit power.

He was sure that Yujin could defeat him easily with spirit power when his class was just a simple mage. It was undoubtedly that Yujin had the power of a B-rank adventurer if he utilized the power of his spirit.

"Okay, I'll go now. Don't forget to prioritize your safety. I don't want to bring back a corpse in the Ladros City." Souta said with a laugh.

"Don't worry Souta, we won't die in low-level dungeons," Bryan said confidently.

"That's right, we won't die easily. You can leave those low-level dungeons to us." Brando smiled as he patted Bryan's shoulder.

Alice, Lumilia, Yujin, and Lynn smiled from the side. They were assuring Souta to leave the low-level dungeons to them.

"Fine..." Souta sighed and he looked at Lumilia. "About Cluster..."

"I understand." Lumilia quickly said as she knew what he was going to say to her.

"Good luck," Souta said as he turned around and left.

Lumilia and the rest looked at his back until they couldn't see him.


Souta gave his ID to the guards of the gate as he wanted to leave the empire. The guards were listing everyone that enter and exit the Eternal Empire. This was one of their duty as the guards of the empire.

While waiting, Souta was listening to the conversation of the elves near him.

"The Founding Festival is coming soon! I can't wait for it!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm excited!"

"We would see the royal family at that time! I can't wait to see the princess!"

"Me too!"

'Founding Festival? Oh, the day that the Eternal Empire was founded. I should let Cluster celebrate the festival here. This is a rare occasion so I should let her have some fun.' Souta thought as he smiled.

Cluster was always staying in Lumilia's house and Souta felt bad about it. She doesn't have that much freedom luckily Bryan and Brando always visited her to play. They sometimes brought her to Souta's house for her to play with Yuko.

After waiting for a few minutes, Souta managed to exit the empire. He walked into the forest before he summoned Yuko at his side.

"Mu." Yuko hugged and licked his cheeks as soon as she appeared.

"Stop!" Souta patted her head to stop her from hugging him. A huge bear was hugging an evolved goblin that wasn't even a five feet tall.

"In this week, we'll gather the needs for your evolution and mine," Souta said while looking at Yuko. He already decided what path Yuko would take in the future. He recalled the fearsome bear monster in his memory.

For Souta's evolution...

He would take the path of the strongest goblin that he knew. His first evolution was the High End Goblin. His second evolution was Goblin Corruptor but he mutated. He lost the [Corruption] trait skill but he gained another trait skill. His stats also increased greatly because of his mutation.

As for his third evolution... What traits would be suitable for his combat style? He preferred evolution that could increase his mage power but the shaman powers of goblin required him to chant. He doesn't want to chant while fighting so that leaves him to close combat prowess.

Goblin Executioner. A goblin who could rival the dragons. Of course, if the dragon were at monster lord level then it could easily kill the goblin executioner. Dragons were monster too so it undergoes evolution just like any other monster. The only difference was that a dragon already have a monster orb the moment it was born. Adult dragons were at the level of fifth evolution. That's why dragons were one of the powerful monsters in the whole world.

What evolution would lead him to Goblin Executioner? Hmm... Souta closed his eyes and only to open it after a while.

"Okay, I've decided..." Souta's mouth curved into a smile. He patted Yuko's head and started to walk. "Let's go, Yuko."


Five hours had passed since Souta and Yuko departed to clear the dungeons. The two of them clear several dungeons easily. Low-level dungeons weren't a problem to Souta and Yuko. Even Yuko could solo low-level dungeons easily.

They hunted all the monsters that were living inside the dungeons and traps of the low-level dungeons couldn't even damage Souta and Yuko.

A simple arrow made of wood wouldn't be able to pierce Souta's defense and Yuko's thick hide.

Even the spikes on the ground didn't have an effect on their bodies.

Yuko and Souta could easily crush the rolling boulder of rock.

In short, nothing could stop them in low-level dungeons. Even the monster here couldn't do anything to them as the strongest monster here was just a first evolution monster. He could already clear the low-level dungeons when he was just a High End Goblin back in the Undead Sanctuary.

Souta burrowed all the loots that he gained in the dungeons. He will take it back later. The reason why he didn't hire a porter was that a porter could slow him down. Their speed in clearing dungeons was fast.

Souta was standing in front of a dungeon with Yuko. Both of them were looking at the dungeon with a serious expression.

The dungeon in front of them was a mid-level dungeon.

"Huff..." Souta took a breath and said, "Yuko, let's go."

"Mu." Yuko nodded and she followed Souta.

Both of them entered the mid-level dungeon.

Ever since he came into this world, this was the first time that Souta entered a mid-level dungeon. He never dared to go inside the mid-level dungeons in the Undead Sanctuary as he knew that a single monster there could kill him at that time. But it was different now, his class was already a Battle Mage and he was at his second evolution. In addition, he had the cards in his arsenal. He could use it in an emergency situation.

He was sure that he had the power to clear a mid-level dungeon on his own.


The cold wind of the dungeons blew softly and Souta felt a chilly sensation all over the place.

"I only know that this is a mid-level dungeon but I don't have any idea what type of monster inhabited this place," Souta muttered as he strode forward and Yuko followed him from behind.

The path was dark but Souta didn't have a problem with it as he had night vision. He could clearly see what's in front of him.

"Well, well, well, I'm excited to see what will I find here."

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    《The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak》