The Journey of the Ero-Summoner
1 Prologue + Chapter 1 The end and Start of a Heroic Genius
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The Journey of the Ero-Summoner
Author :Marduko
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1 Prologue + Chapter 1 The end and Start of a Heroic Genius

At a Mansion located in a manmade island hidden from civilian eyes stayed a 24 year old man who is renowned to the world as the Sand Castle Prodigy, a genius who once created solutions to various illnesses and food issues only to threaten every country in the world with a biological nuclear weapons in order to forcibly stopping world war 4 by acting as a Tyrant. Just like building his reputation like a sand castle only to have it destroyed by a wave.

Jay: [Jay Raymond is my name an prodigy in biotechnology, chemistry, etc. Today I'm sitting at my lawn looking in the sky waiting for my inevitable death but I have no regrets at all. It was necessary. My mother was the only one I truly loved from the bottom of my heart since she would always protect me from the violence of my father, she was truly too kind for her own good. She died when I was 10 years old due to overwork, Father never really cared for her because right after the funeral he came home with a new wife, apparently they married at the court since they wanted to get it over and done with. Almost consumed by rage I secretly started to learn hacking skills when they weren't watching me, picking up all the dirt and corruption this father of mine got on him. Heh, it sure was something watching the look on his face how the army arrived instead of the police to collect him for treason of national security. After that due to my strong thirst of knowledge to make money in order to help orphans to have a better life I started my path as a prodigy, Finishing school by age of 12, college at 14 and university at 16, afterwards joined the research and development department breaking through problems most scientists could not solve. At the age of 23 I finished developing my manmade island by using robotic and AI technology to prevent others from picking up my plans to run away ever since I started gathering information of the pending. *Sigh* and here I am waiting for a Nuke already heading my way, guess I really had to become a "Kaguya Otsutsuki" existence to push the world back to peace even if its only temporary. Oh well I done what I could, rest is up to you, humanity]

Jay: "Wonder if I could have some sort of ability to travel around worlds like those fan-fictions, bloody MC's always having adultery fun or becoming super OP in 20 chapters or less"

Later it was reported on the news signs of a tsunami wave heading towards the coast of California, and the report from White House that the terrorist Prodigy Jay Raymond has been apprehended. Little did the world know that their government killed him instead.

Jay {PoV}

After I died O felt nothing but emptiness for a long while which felt like a couple of days, until suddenly I felt like I was dragged into a barren world devoid of life yet filled with swords. On a hill stood a Man wearing a Black suit with neatly combed red hair, looking at the world as if trying to comprehend about how this world came to be like this.

{POV end}

Stranger: "Oh welcome young lad, I'm sure you have already noticed but you died in that explosion. Your heroic act in saving the world by acting like a villain has saved billions of lives through this act. Although it only extended the peace for a few generations its still an astounding amount of karma you accumulated"

Jay: "Guess those fan-fictions really got ingrained into my mind to the point I'm crazy or is this for real…" looking at the man who looks like Emiya Shirou with a dead pan face.

Stranger=> God "Bwahahaha, although those fanfictions and novels seem imaginary, I can tell you it's all real. I'm God and I'm here to give you chance at a better second life to rise in strength but also amongst friends and families. By the amount of Karma you have I can grant you a choice of world travel along with 1 Ultra, 2 Mega, 3 Large, 1 Medium and 1 Small wish"

Jay: "Hehehehe, Well its only obvious that I will go to Pokemon World and collect all those beauties idiot Ash left aside like some left over food, the fool never had any idea what kind of beautiful girls he left behind but don't worry I will take them in your place for my Harem ofcourse bwahahahaahaha" He laughs lecherously while imagining his Crystal palace filled with various delicacies of bodies.

God [Who would have thought that the world saviour turned out to be this lecherous, I'm sure he would give Jiraya from Narutoverse a run for his book] he thought having a cold sweat at the face the man in front of him was making.

Jay: "*Cough Cough* ahem, Well for my Ultra wish I would like to have a system but I want you to seal the system to only provide items on each world to avoid too much of a interference with the laws of each world. For my Mega Wishes I want the Library of heavens path with the same restrictions as the system, no point in knowing other knowledge if you can't even implement it there. The other would be Divine Grimoire (LLS) with a lottery summon function in it BUT make it to summon ONLY females. For my Three Large wishes I want a Monster amongst prodigies talent, Adaptable/Fast growth body and the Gate of Babylon with each and every Noble Phantasm along with Gilgamesh's treasures he has collected. For my Medium wish I want the Unlimited Blade works skill and I want you to unlock 100% of my brain's potential, I have no need to wish for IQ 300 or the psychic powers if I can use 100% of the brain as my research theories has proven. Finally my small wish I want to look like Kakashi with blue eyes (God any guy want to be a chick magnet at least unless they have other preferences)

God: "Hmmm…. I can grant those wishes and those restrictions you mentioned also made it easier to grant since it will be more entertaining to watch you, although it may sound selfish but we gods enjoy watching the struggles of humans to see whether or not a Hero can emerge amongst them or someone who can defy their fate. As for your Grimoire I have to place a restriction on it as well, I will allow you to summon at least 1 female companion who will follow you in your first world only when you ascend will this restriction be lifted"

Jay: "That's understandable [Damn, almost thought I could have a orgy-birthday every year], although I am already too OP, this kind of restriction does bring in a balance. I hope to be born as the son of Blaine, the ex-gym leader who became the scientist of the Team Rocket criminal group" [I'm going to blackmail that arrogant Giovanni, steal his Mewtwo and his assets. Hope I can atleast provide a decent life for it as my trump card partner.]

God: [His thoughts is kind of scary to look at but atleast within reasonable range, Thank Morgan Freeman I'm not his enemy] "Yes I can do that for you, well take care boy and remember my words boy. 'Even if your life is full of hypocrisy, keep on striving for to be a hero of justice' "

*Woosh* and the man vanished in front of God, traveling to the world he would final start his new life.

God: "Hmph! Who does he think he is that Kakashi looks better than me, BAH! I will never understand those mortals… hooo!!! Mirajane Straus latest micro-bikini magazine just came, hehehehe"
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    《The Journey of the Ero-Summoner》