The Legend of the Chaos Knight and His Elemental Girlfriend
9 “The Body Strengthening Spell“
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The Legend of the Chaos Knight and His Elemental Girlfriend
Author :Sanae_chan
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9 “The Body Strengthening Spell“

Northeast of Irynblood Magic Academy

After a couple of minutes walk,The duo of Drake and Lily has now entered the gigantic Dome.

The width and length of it can fully accommodate the students and staff.

The middle is fueled with sand copying the same from Arcadius.

A few dummy target are scattered in the battlefield which some students are practicing their spells and attacks.

Charlotte was easily spotted due to the attention she was getting from onlookers.


Like an angel raining down justice on evildoers,the Valkyrie Spirit of Charlotte sliced the dummy into countless pieces.

By looking at it,one could see the dazzling radiance emitted by the Valkyrie.

The onlookers just opened their mouths wide open and couldn't utter a word.

"To think that She has already learned how to use her Spirit,She really is the top of the class this year."

Drake said as he probed the Angel-like Spirit in front of Charlotte.

It is currently hovering in its place,seemingly waiting for its master's new orders.

It is over 3 meters high.Its armor is pure gold and in its right hand is a cross blade emitting a blue glow.It has already materialized.

Drake and Lily made their way to Charlotte.

Upon seeing the two,Charlotte confoundedly panicked making the Valkyrie disappear into thin air.


Drake waved his hand as he and Lily approached the Blondie.

"That was amazing,Charlotte."

"Hmmpp... By the way,Did you do something indecent to her?."

Charlotte stared at Drake.

"Me? How could I do something to an innocent girl like her?."

Knowing that he might die if depending his answer,He immediately explained.

Charlotte gave her a poker face look apparently not convinced.She turned to Lily.

"What did you two did earlier?."

Upon hearing the question,Lily's face lit up a brilliant smile and replied.

"Master and I slept together."

Her sentence drew attention to their direction.

Many with expressions of disgust,hate,fear and jealousy.

"Drake,You lowly bastard!!."

A magic circle immediately forms at Charlotte's hands.


A battle axe appears in her hands.She then charges and cuts down at Drake.


Sand flew everywhere.

Drake is a couple meters away from his original location.

"You could have killed me!."

Drake shouted.His face was already starting to sweat.

Retrieving her battle axe,Charlotte once again charges at Drake with a murderous glint in her eyes.

The few bystanders backed off and watched the fight.A small number of people have also started gathering around.Many with a smirk in their face.

*Peng!* *Peng!* *Peng!*

Charlotte mercilessly swinged her battle-axe towards Drake where in some occasions,She would cleaved dummies in half.

Drake was also busy dodging Charlotte's attack where he only suffered a few grazes from the blade of the axe.

"Hear me out,will ya?."

Drake pleaded once more.

"Silence,Stalwart.I'll have to teach you a lesson."

Charlotte replied and with another swing of the axe,She almost hit Drake.

"Damn it! I have to fight back or else I'll be cleaved in two." Drake screamed in his mind.

Lily was still observing in her place with the same vacant look.

Evading an downward strike,He sets a distance then forms a magic circle.



Light formed in Drake's hands and materialized into a longsword.The blade emitted a metallic glow.

Charlotte charged as once again.

Drake held the longsword tightly and positioned himself.


Drake parried the battle-axe's blade and sent out the sword to attack Charlotte.

The sword's edge just graze a bit of hair.

The both of them jumped apart from each other.

"Serious now,Are we?."

Charlotte said while arranging his bangs.

"I have no choice.I don't wanna die,you know.Could you please calm down,Charlotte?."

Drake Implored.

"Things are just heating up,Drake.This is the time to show me your improvements and I might let you off the hook."

Charlotte grabbed her battle-axe as she prepared to attack.

"OK then,Take this!!!. Mobilis Viribus!!."

Knowing that Negotiations have failed,He only needed to continue to fight.A Magic circle formed under his feet and then made the veins in his arms and legs bulge.

The two figures then clashed against each other.

This time Drake was on advantage.Using his received bonus strength and agility,He thrashed at Charlotte.

Calculating the right timing,He knocks the battle-axe out of Charlotte's hands.

Charlotte then retreated a few steps.

"I see that you have already learned that spell."

Charlotte's face was still smiling but it held the trace of seriousness.

"Of course,I can't advance my skills if I won't try hard."

Drake replied and aimed her longsword at the weaponless Charlotte.

"Too bad,Drake.I have a spell on my own."

Finishing her sentence,A magic circle lights up in her right hand and underneath her.

"Rose Thorns!!!."

"Mobilis Maximus!!!"

A Rapier with thorns and a rose embedded in it materialized in Charlotte's right hand together with a strong gale that surrounds her.

She then charges at Drake.

Her speed exceeded that of normal humans.

"There it's Charlotte's trump card.He won't stand a chance now."

A short haired girl said at the sidelines.

The crowd has now grown.

1/4 of the Dome is now filled with people watching the two.

Charlotte appeared in front of Drake in a mere second.

She was so fast that she was like teleporting.

Drake then lifted up his longsword in defence as a last struggle.

*Peng!* *Peng!* *Peng!*

Every thrust of the Rapier was filled with grace and force.All Drake could do is predict where the blade would hit.

Every second that passed,Charlotte was able to launch at least 10 strikes at Drake.


Minutes later,Charlotte then smacks Drake's hands thus making the longsword fly off in his hands.After the longsword landed,It broke into crystals that floated in the wind and disappeared.

Kneeling down,Drake lost all resistance as he was already exhausted of the match.A rapier was aimed at him.

"It's over,Drake."

Charlotte was about to beat him off his senses then sermon him but Lily walks in front of Drake.

"Step aside."

Charlotte commanded.

The Blue Haired Girl shook her head and replied with a serious face.

"I can't let Master get hurt even if it's Master's acquaintances."

Charlotte sighed and dematerialized the rapier.


Lily then helps Drake on his feet.

He then smiles and pats her head.


Staring at the surrounding,Charlotte voiced her concerns.

"I'd pretty much be sermonizing you right now but we have already gathered quite a crowd.Lets go to the cafeteria."

A thought suddenly emerges in Drake's mind.


He then grabs his stomach and laughed.

"Come to think of it,I still haven't eaten anything yet.How about you Lily?."

The latter shook her head but she was also grasping her stomach and a little redness is seen in her cute cheeks.

With a smile,Charlotte leaded the way.

"Let's us go,shall we?."

The trio made their exit as the bystanders also walked out or whispered to themselves.

A number of teachers have also witnessed their fight.

This fight will have both Negative and Positive outcomes in the following days.
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