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Han Xiao felt his body become heavier and slower. A ton of debuffs were applied to him in the blink of an eye.

It's really still the same. Han Xiao's mouth twitched, and he was not surprised at all.

Having completed Stephanie's dungeon a few hundred times, he was extremely familiar with Stephanie. Even though the Stephanie inside the dungeon was a weaker version, her abilities did not change. Han Xiao knew her combat style like the back of his hand. Giving the enemies a bunch of debuffs at the start was exactly the same as what she would do in the dungeon.

Without hesitation, Han Xiao backed away with Void Travel. Stephanie was stronger in close range battles and had bonus damage against metal. He did not want his mechanical suit to be destroyed so quickly.

Luckily, I got rid of that Psychic called Zeglin, or things would be even tougher now.

Not stopping at all, Han Xiao controlled the mechanical army to execute the stalling strategy in Phillip's database, preventing Stephanie and the others' momentum of rushing toward him. Meanwhile, he used the army as a barrier and moved within, approaching the Mage and two Mechanic enemies occasionally, trying to deal some damage.

In front of nine experienced Calamity Grade, the mechanical army was under a great deal of pressure. It became a tough fight very quickly. Machines fell broken one after another and flew back up after Han Xiao used [Waste Modification] on them, returning to the battlefield.

The battlefield was chaotic. The tactical screen in Han Xiao's helmet displayed the various data as Han Xiao calmly analyzed the situation.

Stephanie disrupted the electromagnetic waves over a large area, so Han Xiao could not contact Wilton and the others. Out of caution, the Phillip sub-program that he had left for Wilton came in handy. Although he could not receive the location information of the reinforcements, he was certain that they were heading over. His current mission was not to fight them head-on but stall them and wait for the reinforcements to arrive.


The impact from ten Calamity Grades fighting shook the mountains and the ground.

Even the weather changed. It was initially bright and clear, but the sky was filled with dark clouds and lightning bolts.

Han Xiao kept shifting the battlefield away from the populated areas on the Northern Continent and toward unpopulated glaciers. Everywhere they passed, ice that had formed over millions of years cracked open, mountains shook, avalanches occurred, and the landscape was in a mess.

The impacts of the fight between Calamity Grades were bringing disasters to this planet. With the battlefield as the center, earthquakes spread out to the entire Northern Continent. Near sea areas far from the battlefield, the sky darkened, and the sea was filled with violent waves. Tsunamis and tornados collided with cities near the sea.

"It's a tsunami, run!"

"Wh—What's going on‽"

The residents of the cities near the sea on the Northern Continent were horrified by the natural disasters and ran for their lives.

Of course, Han Xiao could not see the reactions of those people. However, he did not need to see to know that the aftershock of their battle was already creating disasters on Planet Aquamarine.

"This is why they purposely chose here to be the battlefield." Han Xiao's expression was hostile. He dodged an invisible tornado-shaped impact wave from Stephanie once again, and the mechanical soldiers behind him were broken into pieces.

They had shifted the battlefields many times, and the battle was reaching the climax.

The blue light in the sky started burning again. It was another Psionic Sky Cannon attack controlled by Phillip!


The mechanical army quickly avoided the bombardment area. Stephanie and the others did, too, but the fortress of that enemy Mechanic moved very slowly and could not get out of the attack range. Its shield shattered, and the fortress turned into broken pieces.

This was the enemy's second fortress that had been destroyed.

Using this opportunity, Han Xiao retreated slowly while fighting. They were already at the edge of the north side, and he started to shift toward the sea.

"Problematic Sky Cannons." Stephanie frowned. She looked up, pointed at one of the Pugilists, and said, "You, go up there and destroy Black Star's Sky Cannons."

The Pugilist nodded. Flames shot out from under his feet as he rose up like a rocket, turning into a black dot in an instant and heading toward outer space.

"Don't waste time. Long duration battles are Black Star's strength. Quickly restrain him."

Stephanie's tone was impatient. She led the other teammates and dashed toward Han Xiao once again.

She knew that Black Star was difficult to kill, but her plan was not to kill him but capture him. However, Han Xiao was too swift. She did not have a chance to close the distance on Han Xiao. Only close-range combat would maximize the power of her Esper ability.

After chasing for a while, they clashed once again above the sea. The impact created waves thousands of feet high. Energy waves shot into the sea and formed enormous vortexes.

As the mechanical army's numbers kept decreasing. Han Xiao started to show signs of fatigue. Suddenly, Han Xiao showed a flaw in his defenses. Stephanie's eyes sparkled. She caught the opportunity and turned into a black shadow, appearing behind Han Xiao instantly as if she had teleported, then pressed her palm toward Han Xiao's back.

This was the first time that she had used this ability in this battle. It was so she could surprise Black Star. As long as she managed to hit Black Star, his strength would decrease by at least ten percent temporarily!

However, the next moment, as if Han Xiao had expected this, he avoided her palm with a weird movement. Then, psionic energy appeared between his hands as he patted her chest.


The light blue Psionic Impact ring exploded. Stephanie was blown close to one thousand meters away. She rubbed her hurting chest and frowned, surprised by Han Xiao's reaction speed.

This sudden attack had no signs at all, so Black Star only had microseconds to react.

On the other side, Han Xiao was secretly relieved. Stephanie was a boss-type character. Just like him, she had many abilities other than her Esper abilities. If one was unfamiliar with her, it would be very easy to be tricked. However, he knew Stephanie's abilities all too well, so there was no chance that he would be tricked. He did not farm that dungeon hundreds of times for nothing.

He's stronger than I thought. Stephanie squinted. Just as she was about to attack again, she suddenly noticed that there were a few high energy individuals approaching very quickly. Her expression changed as she stopped in place and did not act recklessly.

Han Xiao's eyes sparkled. He looked up and saw six shooting stars landing from the sky, hovering above.

The flames extinguished, revealing Wilton and the others. Looking at the shocked and confused expressions on Stephanie and the others' faces, Wilton snorted. He raised his hand, and the others finally realized that he was holding a person.

Stephanie looked closer, and her face suddenly changed.

The person that Wilton was holding was the Pugilist whom she had sent to destroy the Sky Cannons. He now had no signs of life at all. It was clear that he had been beaten to death.

These six people are enemies… The expressions of Stephanie and the other six Calamity Grades all turned bitter.

Wilton let go of the corpse, letting it fall into the sea and get swept away by the waves, disappearing.

"Black Star, we're late." Wilton nodded.

Han Xiao smirked.

The reinforcements had arrived!

He looked at Stephanie, shrugged, and chuckled.

"Are you surprised? Are you shocked?"

Seeing that Black Star looked like this was completely expected, Stephanie could not remain calm. She was completely dumbfounded.

He sought help long ago?

And he called six Calamity Grades‽

Why would he ask so many Calamity Grades to settle a surface civilization internal matter‽


Stephanie's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Black Star knew that we were planning to ambush him?

How is that possible‽

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