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After completing his Race Evolution, Han Xiao's Racial Talents changed as well.

[Advanced Void Travel] was a shared talent for Void species, so it did not change. [Void Vision—Observer], [Chaos Entity - Release], and [Observer's Mark] were gone, however, replaced by Void Distorter's abilities.

The three new talents were [Void Molt], [Void Distortion], and [Void Ripple]

[Void Molt] was an enhancement ability. As his genes were enhanced by Void Energy, and he could enter a special state by burning energy with the Void attribute. In that state, all his attributes would increase, and the Void attribute of his energy would be enhanced as well.

Han Xiao's current appearance was what he would look like when activating this ability.

Void Distorter's signature talent was, of course, [Void Distortion], the ability to affect reality by pulling the Void Dimension. It was an ability with a large area of effect and a very high continuous consumption of mana. It would also send out psychic impacts to the enemies within the range.

With Han Xiao's current strength, the range and power of [Void Distortion] were both remarkable, so this ability could be used regularly against enemies of the same grade.

The enormous whirlpool at the moment had been caused by Void Distortion. It had caught Stephanie by surprise, and she was being spun around nonstop.

[Void Ripple] was a single target damage ability. Its effect was concentrating Void Energy to unleash explosive damage on the enemy. Even Han Xiao was startled when he saw the theoretical damage numbers. Most of the damage dealt by this ability was True Damage.

Chaos Observer's abilities are mainly supportive, while Void Distorter's abilities are pure combat and destruction oriented.

Most of Void Distorter's abilities were related to space. This Race Evolution gave him a total of four abilities. Furthermore, this evolution skipped an entire tier on the evolution chain, so his potential had grown a huge amount.

While still grabbing onto the Void Dimension and maintaining the gigantic whirlpool caused by Void Distortion, Han Xiao used the time to look at his attributes after the Promotion.

After calculating, the Race Evolution and fifteen-level increase had brought him a total of 132 Strength, 224 Dexterity, 220 Endurance, 507 Intelligence, 169 Mystery, 34 Charm, 5,850 Energy, and 11,300 Stamina.

It was amazing!

Han Xiao was very satisfied. He looked at his attributes on the interface.


Level: 195

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Void Distorter (Human Form)

Attributes: 468 STR, 898 DEX, 940 END, 2633 INT, 432 MYS, 139 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Points: 15

Health: 196,560

Stamina: 154,720

Energy: 25,530 [Lv.12]

[Lv.12 Energy bonus attributes: +169 STR, +239 DEX, +269 END, +336 INT, +206 MYS, +32,520 Maximum Stamina, +352% Machinery Affinity (Super Electromagnetic Sense)]

Energy Rank: 20,170

Grade: A+

[Grade A Ranked Bonus: +10 END, +8 All Resistances. +10% Highest Attribute, +5% Other Attributes, +30 Free Attribute Points, +5 Potential Points]

[You're a Grade A+ Mechanic. Sadly, your brain is filled with muscles.]


Bullsh*t! My brain is filled with intelligence!

Han Xiao curled his lips and decided not to argue with the remarks.

Level 195, I'm finally Grade A+.

Han Xiao looked at the amount of Experience he had left. At this stage, the Experience cost of every level was extremely high, so leveling up fifteen times consecutively had cost him a lot of Experience.

He estimated that the remaining Experience should be able to level up ten or so times.

Upon arriving at Grade A+, he was now much stronger. Before his Promotion, he could defeat about ninety percent of all Calamity Grades, but now, Han Xiao felt that not many people in the same grade as him would be able to pose a threat.

He was now a top Calamity Grade!

However, knowing his limits, Han Xiao did not intend to mess with any Beyond Grade As.

At level 195, he was already a top Calamity Grade. However, he would only be able to reach Beyond Grade A at around level 240. Just this level difference was already enough to warn Han Xiao against doing anything.

After all, that was tens of levels of difference at the late stage. The strength difference between levels was much more significant than the earlier stages.

With my current strength, the most I can do is not be afraid of anyone in the same grade. Han Xiao was not going to get arrogant.

Having already spent more than half of his energy, Han Xiao stopped the Void Distortion. The enormous whirlpool was still there, but it gradually spun slowly. Without Han Xiao's Void Distortion, Stephanie regained control of her body, immediately escaping the whirlpool and instantly shooting up to the ocean's surface.

Han Xiao followed her and slowly flew up to the sky.

Wilton and the others saw that the two of them had finally come out of the ocean. They all looked over and were all shocked. Being covered in burning silver flames, Han Xiao looked just like a Pugilist. While Stephanie was wet, wounded everywhere, and had a fearful expression on her face.

The others realized what had happened. Clearly, the two of them had gotten into a huge fight under the sea, and Black Star had used some kind of ability and created this enormous whirlpool, which had wounded Stephanie badly.

"Advance!" Han Xiao led the mechanical army and charged forward, not giving Stephanie any time to rest.

His strength rocketed. Plus, he had recovered to his peak with the Promotion. This had instantly shattered the fragile balance between the two sides!

With his increased Intelligence, his mechanical army had become stronger.


The battle started again. The moment Han Xiao entered the battle, the stalemate situation was broken.

After his Promotion, he completely suppressed Stephanie while still being able to assist his teammates. He controlled the tempo of the battle alone.

Stephanie felt a huge increase in pressure and was completely stuck on the passive side of the battle. She could not understand how Black Star had been on par with her moments ago, yet now he had suddenly become so much stronger. Could this be a trump card of his‽

Could it be that he could grow quickly during battle?

She remembered that there were this kind of battle race in the universe. Not killing them would make them stronger.

Could Black Star be one of them?

If he was, it would make sense. No wonder Black Star had risen so quickly in such a short time. He might really be one of those talented battle races!

Many guesses flashed through Stephanie's mind. She looked around at her wounded teammates and was shaken.

Including her, everyone was already at their limit. However, Black Star was still very much at his peak, and his helpers were very tough as well. After fighting for so long, Stephanie could not see any hope of capturing Black Star.


Realizing that the situation was getting worse, Stephanie decided to retreat and leave the battlefield.

After fighting for so many hours, Stephanie and the others were all exhausted, but if they continued to fight head-on, they would still be able to last much longer. However, once they decided to retreat, their spirit broke, and they lost all their advantages. They were all held back by Han Xiao, who was at his peak after the Promotion.

Stephanie and the others fought while retreating, causing them to enter a vicious cycle—the more they wanted to retreat, the worse the situation became.

However, if they fought head on, it would just be delaying their inevitable death. Stephanie had no choice but to retreat. Only now did she realize that she was in a tough spot. Within the few hours that they were in a stalemate, they spent way too much energy and now could not escape.

If the enemies had retreated from the beginning, Han Xiao and the others would really not have been able to stop them. However, they only thought about retreating now. It was too late!

He did not want those dangerous people to escape. Who knew what trouble they would cause next time?

When Stephanie realized the situation, they had nowhere to run.

The battlefield gradually shifted to land. Stephanie and the others were finally at their limits.

Han Xiao started his slaughter!


A punch landed on the heavily injured enemy Mage, and Void Ripple flew into the target's body. This person's entire body trembled, and his body started to scrunch up like a cloth. However, instead of water being squeezed out, it was blood. His health became zero, and he fell from the sky.


A Psionic Impact entered right into the body of an enemy Esper. Dark blue light exploded from within. With a loud band, this person exploded from within!


A heavy knee kick landed on the lower body of a Pugilist. A large amount of nanotechnology particles suddenly appeared on Han Xiao's knee, which turned into a sharp blade, stabbing right into the body of this Pugilist. The moment it stabbed in, the nanotechnology blade shapeshifted. The next moment, countless alloy spikes extended from within the muscles, as if spikes had suddenly grown out from this person's body.

As Han Xiao backed away, the nanotechnology particles returned as well. The spikes on this person's body all 'retracted'. Blood shot out from the countless holes on his body as he fell from the sky.

Han Xiao killed one Calamity Grade after another, leaving only Stephanie still resisting. She was indeed very strong. Just Stephanie alone was able to cause quite a lot of trouble.

However, she was too outnumbered.

Stephanie heavily injured three of Han Xiao's helpers. This was the last trouble she caused. Then, she was defeated by Han Xiao as well.

Ignoring their injuries, Han Xiao's helpers immobilized her and prevented her from escaping.

Han Xiao pressed Stephanie on the ground, and Psionic Impact shot right in her face time after time without stopping, creating a several-hundred-meter-deep crater on the ground. Stephanie was restrained by Wilton and the rest, so she could not resist.

In the end, Stephanie was so heavily injured that she was unable to move. She only had the energy to breath.

Han Xiao did not kill her. He felt that it would be useful to not kill all of them. Plus, Stephanie was a boss-level character, so she would definitely produce great potions.

All Stephanie could feel was how heavy her eyelids were. Before falling unconscious, she squeezed out his last bit of energy to glare at Han Xiao.

When setting the ambush, she had never even considered the possibility that she would be defeated there.

"Black Star…"

Stephanie glared at Han Xiao, engraving his appearance deep into her heart before falling unconscious.

The place became quiet.

"We finally won." Han Xiao took a deep breath. Only then did he feel the tiredness in his body. All he wanted to do was have a good sleep.

Honestly, Stephanie's trap had indeed been very threatening. If he did not call for help beforehand, he might really have fallen into the trap. If he had undergone his Promotion earlier, without the Observer's Marks aiding him in picking the battlefield, Black Star City would have been destroyed.

However, the battle had now ended, and the result was determined.

Stephanie's team had been completely eliminated!

"Thanks for your help." Han Xiao turned around and nodded at Wilton and the others.

"You're welcome." Wilton swallowed his saliva and spoke respectfully. He did have some thoughts earlier but now all he had for Han Xiao was respect and fear.

This fight might not have been as astonishing as his fight with the eight Vanguard Officials, but how many Calamity Grades did Black Star kill today‽

Last time, Black Star had proved his defense; today, Wilton had witnessed Han Xiao's attack for the first time.

Just thinking about it sent shivers down Wilton's spine.

Luckily, Black Star is our ally… Wilton was internally relieved.

Meanwhile, Nagakin was sorrowful. A comrade of his had been killed. Han Xiao had no way to comfort him; all he could do was give him a pat on the back.

Godora had sent those people to help him. Losing a Calamity Grade was no small loss to Godora. Han Xiao felt rather sorry and remembered this favor, considering how he could make it up to Godora.

He was not someone that took the help from others for granted.

To maintain a relationship, it took effort from both sides.

At this time, Han Xiao suddenly thought of something, and his expression changed.

"Wait, we can't rest yet. Phillip, gather the disaster reports and tell me the locations."

Forcing energy out of himself, Han Xiao turned into a stream of light and quickly left.

He could not rest yet. He had to deal with the disasters brought by the battle. If they were not stopped in time, Planet Aquamarine would suffer a lot of damage.

Wilton and the others were willing to help. They split up and headed to different disaster locations.

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