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In the Black Star City government building, Bennett was walking back and forth anxiously. Most of his people had been sent out to deal with the disasters, so only a few officials were in the room, looking at Bennett. Every one of them looked nervous and hesitant.

Other than the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing, there were no other sounds in the room.

Bennett clenched his fists. He felt a deep sense of powerlessness. Ever since Planet Aquamarine started to connect with the universe, he had been feeling this way. In battles of this level, he realized that all he could do was wait for the results.

Although Bennett trusted Han Xiao, he still planned for the worst. He had already ordered some people to start preparing to evacuate. He could not bet all his people on it.

This time, the official responsible for observing the battle hastily ran in and said with an overjoyed tone, "Your Excellency, the battle ended! Black Star won!"

Bennett's tightened body finally relaxed, and his fists curled open.

The people in the room were surprised and could not help but cheer softly.

"I got it… Step up the disaster relief measures and reduce the damage caused as much as possible.

Bennett suppressed his excitement and issued several orders. This world shaking battle had brought disaster to the planet. They had to minimize the damage caused.

"By the way, have you been able to contact Black Star yet?"

"His Excellency Black Star sent a message earlier, saying he is taking his people to deal with the disasters and needs our cooperation."

"That's great. Cooperate with him fully and follow any order he gives."

Bennett was thrilled.

The fallout of the battle caused earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, and other disasters to occur in many areas of the planet. Fortunately, Han Xiao ended the battle quickly, so the disasters did not exceed the critical level.

The tornados were easiest to deal with. Calamity Grades could extinguish the storm eye and make them disappear. Contrary to that, the earthquakes were irreversible, so they could only save the affected cities to reduce the damage.

In twenty-four hours, Han Xiao, Wilton, and the rest dealt with around a hundred disasters, big and small. In the next few months, there would still be more chain disasters, but they would all be detectable.

There were still some matters on Planet Aquamarine that needed Han Xiao to sort out, such as what to do with the Six Nations.

However, Han Xiao was exhausted and planned to rest for one day first, at the same time familiarizing himself with the changes brought by the Promotion.

Han Xiao brought the captive back to Bennett. Bennett was busy doing disaster relief, but he still squeezed out the time to thank Han Xiao.

Although the enemies came because of Han Xiao and Planet Aquamarine was sort of dragged into it, Bennett was not an idiot. He knew that Planet Aquamarine was only thriving because of Black Star, so it was only natural that they were on the same boat. Of course, he would not blame this protector. If there was anyone that he was angry at, it would be the enemies who used such a despicable strategy.

Wilton and the others left and rushed back to report what they had seen on this mission.

Han Xiao thanked them again for their help and contacted Godora's Serbia the Fifth to discuss the compensation for the Calamity Grade that they had lost. Technically, he did not have to compensate them, but Han Xiao would not be that stupid.

Godora only had around twenty Calamity Grades, and every one they lost was a very big deal. Serbia the Fifth felt heartache too. When he heard that Han Xiao was going to compensate for it, he did feel a little better.

The Purple Crystal Civilization knew about this from Wilton. They contacted the Godoran Civilization and expressed their intent of paying some of the compensation for Han Xiao. Han Xiao's record of killing many Calamity Grades increased his position once again. Purple Crystal was now even more interested in him. This act was to clearly express their intent of trying to build a relationship with Han Xiao.

When Han Xiao returned to his room, Stephanie was still unconscious. Han Xiao extracted potions from her till she was extremely weak.

Stephanie was strong, so Han Xiao would only not be worried about imprisoning her when she did not have the strength to resist.

Round three of [Prey] was completed. Han Xiao did not claim the reward immediately. One of the rewards was to draw a random ability from the ten enemies, including Stephanie.

As Feidin was not there, the Great Mechanic Han was unconfident about these luck related things. He planned to return to the headquarters and touch Feidin before claiming it.

During the battle, he rocketed to level 195, reaching the limit of [Truth Mechanic] and triggering the requirement for the next Class Advancement.

This time, it was a common Mechanic Class Advancement mission—to build one machine that matched the requirement. Han Xiao had triggered this kind of mission before, but this Class Advancement mission matched up to his level, so it was extremely difficult.

The grade of most equipment and items could be classified as one of the following: Poor Gray, Fair White, Good Green, Great Blue, Exceptional Purple, Rare Pink, and Epic Orange. Orange equipment was the top grade.

However, other than these usual grades, there were two special grades—silver and gold.

Gold was the most special grade. It was extremely rare, and it represented that the item was at the 'Universal Treasure' level. There were only a few in the entire universe.

Silver represented the 'Legacy' attribute. If an item had a famous history or signified some kind of honor to be passed on, it would become a silver grade item and receive bonuses.

Legacy could stack with the usual grades. For example, an item could both be at orange grade and silver grade.

This Class Advancement mission was to build legacy-level orange equipment or 'Legendary' equipment!

What determined if a machinery had the legacy attribute depended on the blueprint. This meant that he had to find a special character to learn a silver legacy blueprint from, build it, and reach the orange grade. At the same time, the Class Advancement also had a requirement for the level of the equipment—it had to have a minimum level of level 180.

Therefore, I have to find a legacy level 180 mechanical equipment blueprint, then build it to reach the orange grade…

Han Xiao's mouth twitched. Even the requirement for the Mountain Ape mechanical suit did not reach level 180.

Damn it, you're making this difficult for me!

Han Xiao could remember quite a few methods to obtain a silver legacy blueprint, but only a very few legacy equipment reached level 180. Those were also extremely complex and difficult to obtain.

Furthermore, the higher the blueprint's level, the more difficult it was to build a high-grade product out of it. Han Xiao performed some mental calculations, and with his current Intelligence and Machinery Affinity, the absolute highest he could reach was just a level 180 pink equipment.

Han Xiao shook his head.

Although this mission was difficult, it was not completely impossible. Furthermore, there was no risk in it since he just had to build one piece of equipment. Thus, there was no need to depend on luck and find a Mission Completion Card for it.

The legacy blueprint isn't a problem, but my attributes aren't enough to build a level 180 orange equipment. Hmm… do I have to learn new subclasses to increase my attributes?

Without much consideration, Han Xiao denied this solution.

In the later stages, leveling up would become harder and harder. The benefits of the main class were much higher than any subclass. Furthermore, there was still a Promotion mission waiting for him at level 200. It was not worth obtaining a subclass.

He did not want to waste his Experience on subclasses; it was best to spend it on his main class. After all, there was still a very long time until the players logged in again, so he had to reduce his expenditure.

Besides, there were not many subclasses that he needed at the moment, and Han Xiao had a better choice.

If I'm not going to increase my attributes, I will need to find some Mechanic talents…

Han Xiao pondered. Every time he thought about Reynold's talent, he would be tempted.

If he could obtain [Perfect Mechanical Sense], he would be able to complete the requirement right away. Unfortunately, he had yet to trigger a mission from Reynold.

I need to get some Mechanic talents. I'm still a Mechanic after all.

Glancing at the unconscious Stephanie, Han Xiao felt pressured.

The surprising outcome of this incident was that he now knew that the master behind those hunters was Thousand Shadows. The threat of a Beyond Grade A made Han Xiao feel like there was a stone on his heart. Compared to the Tyrant, Thousand Shadows was more fearsome.

Eliminating Stephanie's team did not mean it was the end—he had barely earned the time to rest. Who knew who Thousand Shadows would send next time? The next round of the mission would definitely be more dangerous.

I need to get stronger.

Han Xiao felt a burning desire for strength.

Over the following few days, Han Xiao stayed on Planet Aquamarine and helped control the disasters.

Stephanie stayed silent after waking up. Han Xiao had yet to decide on what to do with her, so he just locked her up.

As Stephanie's team had been eliminated, no one was there to maintain the fake memories of the Six Nations' leaders. They all recovered as if they had woken up from a dream.

From the records, they discovered what they had done after 'losing their memories'. Everyone's face turned pale in horror.

Oh my god, what did we do‽

They were terrified. Luckily, Black Star had eliminated the mastermind, or they still would have been controlled.

The Six Nations were worried that Black Star had misunderstood them, so they quickly explained that the declaration of war was a misunderstanding, as were the missiles.

At the same time, the leaders of the Six Nations quickly contacted Bennett to explain what had happened and ask for forgiveness.

Bennett did not reply but only invited them to a meeting, saying that this planet had just survived a disaster and they had to discuss the future development plans.

It seemed like Bennett was not planning to hold them accountable for what they had done when their memories were modified. In the Six Nations' eyes, this represented what Han Xiao meant as well.

The upper echelons of the Six Nations were relieved. They quickly rushed to Black Star City for the meeting, memorized their apology scripts, and planned to explain what had happened.

However, what happened was completely different from what they had imagined!

To Black Star, the Planet Aquamarine armies were meaningless, so the upper echelons of the Six Nations did not take any defensive measures. However, to their shock, as soon as they alighted the plane, Bennett captured all of them.

All the upper echelons of the Six Nations were escorted to the conference room where they met Han Xiao, who was waiting here.

They saw that Han Xiao had an expressionless face and hastily explained themselves.

"Your Excellency Black Star, what is the meaning of this?"

"You must have misunderstood us. Please let me explain."

Han Xiao waved his hands, signaling for them to shut up. "If not for me, you all would have died during the Mutation Disaster. Yet, you declared war against me, betraying our agreement. I'm very disappointed."

"B—but we were controlled by someone," one of them said anxiously. "You know that!"

"Yes, you were controlled…" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. "Does that mean I should act as if nothing happened? What if the Black Star City's protective shield could not stop your missiles?"

They had nothing to say to this.

Many people noticed what Han Xiao meant, and their expression changed.

Han Xiao tapped the table and said, "You guys are victims, too, so I won't kill you, but I can't just let it be."

"You mean…" someone said apprehensively.

"Disband your governments and give control to Bennett. This civilization does not need this many governments—one is enough."

From the aspect of a civilization developing as a whole, uniting everyone was very important. Too many governments would only cause resources to be wasted. The governments of the Six Nations had become unnecessary—they were a waste of talents and resources. They were almost a burden to Planet Aquamarine.

As there was no government that ruled over everyone, the Planet Aquamarine civilization had been divided for a very long time. This incident had made Han Xiao feel that it was time. Plus, with the negative effect of the Six Nations' declaration of war against him, this would minimize the objection of the civilians.

Even though this meant that they would have to go through some short term of pain, in the long term, the civilization would become much healthier. Furthermore, there were many benefits to taking over a civilization. As long as Planet Aquamarine's technology could catch up to the galactic level, it could become a great logistics base for the Black Star Army.

Like a bolt of lightning, Han Xiao's words petrified the upper echelons of the Six Nations.

"Yo—you're eliminating the Six Nations?" a leader said with a shivering tone. He was angry and afraid. If Black Star was planning to eliminate their nations, they would not have the slightest chance of surviving.

"Eliminate your nations?"

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. He stood up, walked to the window, and opened the curtains. Many areas could be seen from there—people were crossing by, and magnetic suspended trains shuttled continuously.

"That's a nation."

Han Xiao pointed outside the window before pointing at the officials of the Six Nations in the room.

"You guys are not."

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