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Somewhere in the Shattered Star Ring, many streams of light hyperdrive dashed across the silent universe.

This was an enormous fleet, formed by metal, beast-like Crimson Dynasty ships.

This was a logistics team that the Crimson Dynasty had dispatched to the Shattered Star Ring. Other than transporting resources, they also had the ability to build assembly and military factories.

This logistics team had two main goals—provide the Shattered Star Ring garrison with logistics backup and enhance their military power, and head toward the Flickering World's Dawn Star Cluster to build the dynasty exploration team's main base on the spot.

As for transporting some resources to the Black Star Army, it was just a small matter.

The three Universal Civilizations had many inter-Star Field quick military passages made of enormous stargates that connected the Star Fields. They could also build small to medium-sized stargates between the desolate universe belt to carry out continuous teleportation.

This logistics team spent quite some time gathering the people, but the time taken to travel was not long in comparison. They arrived at the Shattered Star Ring very soon.

On the path of the enormous logistics team, a small recon fleet was leading the way. There were only twelve light recon ships.

Under the 3D map on the radar of the main recon ship, a middle-aged man stood firmly with his hands behind his back, looking up at the map.

Teny Amenos, 0014855 term outstanding graduate of the Dynasty's 'Journey' High-Level Military School. Averaged first among all graduates of the same term in all sixty-two subjects including Strategy, Tactics, and Combat.

Joined the dynasty military after graduation, dispatched into multiple military operations. Galactic wars experienced: more than 1,000. Independent commanding record: 170 times. Promoted multiple times due to exceptional achievements.

Now the colonel of the dynasty's 33rd army, an important person among the dynasty's younger generation. He was also one of the elites going to accept modification from the Evolution Cube.

Being in charge of the recon task for the transport team was his own request.

Teny looked energetic and admirable. The air around him was like a burning flame, bright and tough. His back was straight like a flagpole.

He had one semi-arc shaped alloy ring on each of his two ears. This was an advanced multifunctional analysis device built by the dynasty. It had functions such as communication, detection, analysis, tactical imaging, and so on.

He wore a high-grade officer uniform of the Crimson Dynasty. It was black and decorated with red and gold patterns, and it had the dynasty's national emblem on the chest.

All the high-grade officer uniforms of the Crimson Dynasty were made from nano-cloth. They were light, tough, and had excellent defense capabilities. It was also equipped with many combat and survival functions.

"Colonel Teny, the radar has received a distress signal. The coordinates are T406.B189.K22, right on our path. According to long-range observation, a group of galactic travelers is being attacked by a galactic pirate group. The pirates have thirty low-grade battleships."

The exclusive deputy, Corbus, bowed and reported the situation.

"Send an area announcement. Warn them and tell them to leave our route immediately," Teny quickly said.

"… The announcement has been made. They have not responded."

Corbus looked at the image detected and said, "They have strengthened their attacks, intending to quickly finish the galactic traveling group."

"Report the situation to the main team. The rest of you… switch to combat formation. Level two alert. Initiate the long-range kiting strategy," Teny ordered calmly.

His mission was to scout the route and eliminate unstable factors. As an elite officer of the dynasty, he did not like to be involved in matters of the others. The galactic traveling group's rescue request was not within his consideration. However, these people happened to be blocking the hyperdrive route of the main team, which was why he commanded the fleet to engage.

The twelve recon battleships formed a fan shape and headed toward the galactic pirate. They started to fire as soon as they were in range.

Those galactic pirates attempted to fight back but to no avail. They could hardly land any attacks on the recon team. Under Teny's command, the recon team maintained their maximum attack range, which was far superior to the galactic pirates'.

Destroying a few enemy ships with ease, Teny switched strategy. He commanded the recon fleet to swiftly surround them while maintaining their distance.

Although he had fewer than half of the battleships the enemies had, Teny could always create opportunities where they outnumbered the enemy in partial battles.

Under his command, it was as if these galactic pirates were slowly being chipped away despite having the advantage in numbers.

Teny was used to fighting in large armies; commanding a small group in combat was not his strength, but he was still amazing at it.

His strategic style was as firm as a mountain, calm and slow like an adult toying with a child. No matter what those galactic pirates did, he countered them with ease.

The galactic pirate could not even find the opportunity to escape with hyperdrive. They were overwhelmingly beaten.

With the immeasurable difference in strategic capabilities and the large difference in spaceship performance, this battle lasted barely a moment before the galactic pirates were wiped out without surprise. Teny suffered basically zero damage, only some energy used to maintain shields.

"Tell the main team that the problem is solved," Teny said with a calm tone. Having witnessed so many large galactic battles, the battle earlier was not even a warmup.

"Colonel, the spaceships of this galactic traveling group are heavily damaged and can't support long-range travel. They have asked to board our ship." Corbus' voice was thunderous.

"Refuse them," Teny said without changing his expression. "Activate scanning probe and detect the individual energy level of the people inside this traveling group. If no abnormalities are found, release small cabins for them as carriers."

Teny was experienced in this. There were way too many examples of using distress signals as a trap in history. He was used to being alert against traps.

Even if no abnormality was found, he would not let outsiders board his battleship but would give the unoccupied small cabins to throw these stranded passengers to the nearest colonial planet. He would not waste time guarding and giving them a ride.

Corbus suddenly received a message. "Colonel, a person in these passengers wishes to speak to you. There's information about him in the database. He's the leader of a small financial group in the Shattered Star Ring. His history is clean. He said he knows Black Star."

"How does he know that we're going to meet with Black Star? This feels like a poorly planned trap." Teny raised his brows.

"That might be easily explainable." Corbus looked at the data, shaking his head. "The news about the dynasty forming an alliance with Black Star has spread widely in the Shattered Star Ring."

Teny thought for a moment and said, "Pick up the communication. I'll speak with him."

Usually, he would not bother about a request from an irrelevant person like this. However, that person had mentioned Black Star, which was a topic he had recently been very curious about.

Black Star was the dynasty's new ally, and Teny knew that he was on this trip to meet Black Star and accept modification from the Evolution Cube.

Be it friend or foe, he always would find out as much as he could about the person he would come in contact with.

This came from his military habit. He had already finished reading through Black Star's data on paper. More information about Han Xiao was exactly what he needed.


The communication connected. This leader of the financial group's face was filled with excitement and nervousness.

When attacked by the galactic pirate, he had thought that misfortune was about to fall. To his surprise, they were saved by the Crimson Dynasty. Having seen an opportunity to contact a Universal Civilization, he tried his luck to attract their attention and mentioned Black Star's name.

"How do you know Black Star?"

This person could not wait to reply. "More than ten years ago, I hired Black Star's mercenary group and had close contact with Black Star. This is all recorded."

"Okay, tell me from the start." Teny narrowed his eyes.

Even over there in the Central Galaxy, there was no example of such a quick rise. It could be said that Black Star had broken the record for the shortest time an ordinary person had become a Beyond Grade A Super.

Teny was very curious about this legendary person.

Furthermore, Black Star was a Mechanic just like him. Teny even had some thoughts about seeking guidance.

As Han Xiao returned from Planet Heber, he brought back the partnership intention of a ton of organizations. Sylvia became busy, negotiating and dealing with different organizations every day.

Luckily, she had the physique of a Calamity Grade. If it were an ordinary person, that person would probably pass away from overworking.

Sylvia was exceptionally hardworking, which Han Xiao was glad about. If his Managing Director was Jenny, she would probably sacrifice her own life to kill him by running into him carrying a psionic bomb.

Ames did not return to Floating Dragon but actively looked to walk along with Han Xiao.

It did not matter where they were going—it was mainly because she would have an old friend who was on her level to chat with. Furthermore, she felt that interesting things would always happen around Han Xiao.

The dynasty's elites were still on the way. Han Xiao decided to complete the evolution for Planet Aquamarine and the Black Spirit Race first.

Planet Aquamarine would need time to gather its citizens, which he had Bennett take care of. Han Xiao went to the Black Spirit Race first. The Black Spirit Race had their Mind Network, so they would be easier to gather.

Ever since the Black Spirit Race planted their roots on this unpopulated planet, the planet's name on the star map had officially changed to Planet Black Spirit.


A spaceship penetrated the atmosphere and slowly landed. The gray and green surface expanded in his sight.

The radar showed the vital signal's source location. Han Xiao piloted the spaceship and headed to the Germinal Tribe's territory cave with familiarity.

There were no clouds in the sky.

Dashing past the surface mainly made of rocks and the sparse forest, an enormous pit appeared before his eyes.

This was a large open cave, and densely packed holes filled the cave walls. This was originally an underground cave. The Black Spirit Race had taken away the ground above them and exposed it.

Han Xiao had once taken a group of Black Spirit Race to mine resource planets. Impacted by the various cultures in the galaxy, the Black Spirit Race had started to learn about intelligence and civilizations.

As their Mind Network had a highly unified group conscience, knowledge spread extremely efficiently. In the past decade, the Black Spirit Race had tried to leave their beast habits behind and started learning to use tools, building caves above the ground.

This open cave also had some messy rock piles in it, which were actually prototypes of buildings. The Black Spirit Race had gradually come up to the surface from the underground. This place could be considered the basis of a city.

An enormous Prophecy Stone totem stood at the heart of the cave. It had been carved into a strange shape.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, trying to identify it for quite some time. Only then did he confirm that this statue with pieces of carapace, spikes all over its body, and sharp teeth in its mouth was supposed to be him.

Han Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. He could somehow recognize who this statue was supposed to represent despite all the 'add-ons' it had. The Black Spirit Race's rock carving technique was really unbelievable.

But their aesthetic senses…

The spaceship hovered above the cave. The Black Spirit Race of the Germinal Tribe all climbed out from their caves and looked up at the spaceship.

Han Xiao walked out of the hatch and slowly descended from the sky. The Black Spirit Race below all lowered their bodies as if they were worshipping.

Feidin released prophecy stones energy and let Han Xiao log into the Prophecy Stone group chat server.

As soon as Han Xiao entered the Black Spirit Race's Mind Network, countless voices sounded. The internal thoughts of every Black Spirit Race member became crystal clear.

"Such a powerful aura, it's beautiful."

"Black Star God, you've come to see me again."

Countless Black Spirit Race members spoke in the Mind Network, expressing their love and admiration for Han Xiao.

The Black Spirit Race referred to him as 'God'. His relationship with them had always been [Reverence].

The voice of the Germinal Tribe's leader sounded. "Black Star God, what do you need us to do?"

"I came this time to help you people evolve…" Han Xiao talked about the use of the Evolution Cube.

The Black Spirit Race was thrilled, mumbling strange prayers and feeling like this was a blessing from their god.

Through the Mind Network, all the Black Spirit Race members in this cave received the message almost instantly. They all moved and surrounded Han Xiao, kneeling with their front limbs on the ground in a respectful position. Their gathering speed was extremely quick.

"What a highly efficient race." Han Xiao could not help feeling that way.

He had always felt that the civilization potential of the Black Spirit Race was extraordinary.

Their natural Mind Network made them extremely unified and in sync. Any group activity would be astonishingly convenient.

The Mind Network could also share their knowledge and intelligence, so spreading knowledge was almost instant. The Black Spirit Race's one-hour long communication might achieve the effects of what would take some races decades and centuries.

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